Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weirded out!

Wow! Found out today something weird. Ko ingat tak aku cakap pasal oramng berkumpul masa kat Sungai Wang tu? Turns out ada orang terbunuh siot. Tak perasan lak! Came out in the papers today that this woman was on the handphone while sitting on the railings (stupid!) and then started kicking about (mega stupid!) before she tumbled down six floors to the concourse stage below (ouch!)

I mean seriously... guys, don't ever sit on railings. I thought that should be common sense.Or are we looking at an episode of Final Destination here that it's so unavoidable...erm... entahlah. Whatever it is, hope the woman's in a better place now - with no railings to be sitting on and waving her feet about.

Anyway, nak sambung share pasal yesterday, Ni ada satu pic aku lupa post.

Now only is that a ...erm... unique display, tapi perasan tak the t shirt on the right tu. Have one in English - this one apparently is translated from that.

Not too cool sounding but ok ler. Heh... now it would make more sense if they made the t shirt in large sizes so that the message can get across. Heh... bodoh tul.

So.. what did I get from Sungai Wang yesterday? Here it is. Yeap... a doll! But not just any doll.

Meet Fiona Fatale! A Begoth! An a worthy addition to my office desk!

Ceria sikit hari aku! Heh!!!

Cool eh? This is the kind of doll for my table for real. A Begoth. Kalao korang nak tau lebih pasal these gothic dolls, CLICK HERE! Aku penah nampak these dolls about a year ago. But they cost over a hundred Ringgit. Ni aku beli tuk RM30 jer, ut as you can see minus the boots, the garter, and the hand socks. Takpe. Aku check website kat Internet pun da sold out da model aku.

Sesuai ngan aku. In fact, Fiona has the same number of piercings I do, with three on on side, and one on the other. Sama, cuma different sides.
She also has a tatooed head. Ok, she won on that one, but she is so cool! Siap black nail polish and all.

Eh...ok lar...hari ini memang posting pendek sebab banyak keja nak finish up before.... nanti aku cita.