Thursday, October 11, 2007

To the left... to the left

Actually had this news a couple of days now, tapi semalam baru dapat confirmation bebetul yang jadik. Which until I got it tak berani nak cakap takut jinx lak tak jadik kang.

Actually yesterday has two good news lar.

The first was the confirmation that...

I will be watching Miss Beyonce Knowles in concert in Bangkok! Happy gila! Was hoping gi Jakarta, tapi confirm ke Bangkok so ok jer lah. I'll be travelling alone, which is no big deal sebab da biasa pun ke sana sini sorang, takde ler scary Mary sangat.

Skang tunggu confirmation kalao jadik ke tak press conference ke interview ngan Beyonce. But whatever it is, memandangkan she can't even step in the country, at least watching her in concert LIVE is going to be really big for me.

The other piece of FABULOUS news I received belum confirm lagi details, but it's apparently on, so aku berani cakap.

Which is, I will be interviewing Kylie Minogue on the latest release of her new album X soon. Ni pun baru dengar the new single, 2 Hearts.

The 2 Hearts single artwork

The newest album to be released by Kylie simply titled X

The recording company is apparently going to fly us to a destination yet unknown, and we're going to go face to face with the Diva from Oz.

This is my second meeting with her sebab dulu penah jumpa dia masa ke London for her exclusive one night only Money Can't Buy show masa launching Body Language punya album.

Masa tuh, bukan je aku first time in London, but it was amazing that I was one of the 4,000 people on invite masuk the Hammersmith Apollo on November 15 2003 to get to see her show where no tickets were put on sale.

If you've seen the live concert recording, you'll agree the million pound concert was AMAZING!
Anyway, looking forward to that.

Ada yang tanya, aku layan ke Black Eyed Peas kat Genting kang. Erm... truth is, not really bothered sebab penah tengok meka live da. Nothing great. But kalau masa mengizinkan, maybe. The only reason I would want to catch them live is to meet Fergie. Heh!!!

Smalam buka puasa kat Ayurthya in Damansara. Feeling Thai jap before I head to Bangkok to get in the mood. Gituh!!

At least the interior decor and the food was nice. Bukan cam pagi sebelum tu bersahur ngan Boo dan kawan dia kat Shah Alam. I swear this is the menu for the restaurant.Amik ko!

Siap ada editorial lagik.

Mee Sup - MSG ZERO dalam sup... jadi... tidak menghauskan dan tak payah bimbang gugur rambut lah!


And I swear, on random items on the menu, they had all sorts of commentary on the food and drinks, which was actually quite disturbing because you'd think they'd spend more time getting the taste of the food right more than anything else.

Start hari ni bosan sikit kot sebab Boo da balik kampung, so I'm left here all on my own *cue music from Celine Dion - All By Myself*. Tapi I guess I get to have some alone time seeing that we had a serious talk last night.

Relationships are such a mystery, so we'll just see how things go. I don't know. Maybe I'm just a hardened old b***h right now and am so cynical of things that I really can make it on my own.

Still, Boo... when you read this, know that I am trying ok.

Hugs to you, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and Maaf Zahir Batin.

Pada sapa yang jemput rumah terbuka, silakan. Right now takde plan. Maybe first Raya gerak ke Melaka ziarah kubur an old friend, and then drop by lawat adik angkat. Kalau takde aral melintang, singgah Kulai lawat beraya rumah dak botak.

Nak ke rumah kuarga angkat kat Parit Buntar malas lak.

Still, we'll see how things go.

Apapun, gotta scoot now. A little bit more work to settle, then petang ni ada phone interview with Shane Filan of Westlife. Lama tak dengar khabar meka. Last few times met and lepak with them was I think in 2002 or so when they frequently dropped by KL and Singapore.

Ok lar...until the next entry... take care people, dan jangan tinggalkan puasa. Nak raya dah...