Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shocking or boring?

Delayed America's Next Top Model cycle nine, episode six review!

Of course the topic is going to be about Ebony's withdrawal. Was it shocking? Honestly not. Would have figured it out by the way things were going. Ebony made it pre-tty clear she didn't want to be there, after the challenge after showing some initial doubts earlier. And you could tell she was just hoping to bugger off.

Even Tyson Beckford popping in didn't inspire her to better herself dan cuba untuk nak perbaiki dia. And she just... gave up!

Sad... still in a way, I think it's pretty obvious that she just gave up on herself, so bagus gak dia tak buang masa orang dan tarik diri.

You can tell that Tyra was pissed too, dissing Ebony as a quitter.

And she is pathetic too (Ebony I mean) cause she made the cut miraculously despite the ugliest picture, and STILL she quit. Bodoh ke apa???

Camna aku da mula suka dia, I think it's better she go anyway.

Tapi aku tak puas hati tol sebab Tyra didn't proceed with the elimination.

Ok, so they have a production schedule, but since Ebony was on the chopping block, it means Ambreal STILL should have been cut.

Oh well...

Stupid judges leh kata Ambreal patut kena kick. Ok so she has had a bad run, but lain pun teruk gak. Padan muka, wat malu yang meka pilih to stay on, quit. Just shows for the last few seasons, they've kind of lost the plot, being unable to spot real model material.

She really needed to go - to the loo!

Her casting video which got her in

I agree it was kind of sad to see her casting video of how she begged Tyra to take her in the show - very Akademi Fantasia. Good for a sob or two...

Oh well. On with the competition. For this show, the challenge of the spokesperson ads by the models in groups of three were all good. Surprisingly, Heather, Jenah and Ambreal did very well, despite their lack of planning and direction - and winning the challenge. Heather in a draw won the shoot with art direction by Mary J. Blige, which made me really happy.

Suka sangat tengok dia... I think she honestly may be at least top three finishers, even if there is a surprise and she doesn't win, cause apart from Chantal, she is smoking hot. Lisa (anyone notice her hair is straightened out dah?) appears to be losing it slowly, and just hope she regains it as soon as possible.

No matter what her disadvantages and handicaps are, she is really quick on the ball when it comes to modelling - and laju je dia pick up on improving herself on the judges's criticism about her asyik amik pic profile je.

The rest?

I don't know... macam buang masa jerk. Jenah? Just still can't put up with the redneck, sebab I think the judges are just so biased for her, and even though she looks like she just emerged from a trailer!

And the other redneck-esque cunt in Sarah? Boot her already! Argh! She should never have made it in the first place.

Anyway, didn't like most of this week's pics, as there was a lot of flaws in most of them. Ada je benda aku tak suka kali ni, even though biasanya I have at least five different shots.

So here are the remaining eight girls, and here's hoping things pick up next week. Whatever it is, I see my favourites as the final three in Heather, Chantal and Lisa, most likely in that order.

Why is TV so bland this week? First the boring episode of Heroes, and then this stupid episode of America's Next Top Model?

Is it a warped sweeps week where they see who has the worst program development?

Oh whatever...