Saturday, October 20, 2007


Finally, I've got time to come about to finish my review of episode five of America's Next Top Model cycle nine episode five. Hari ni pas semalam clubbing abih, I really felt too lazy to go out, which means I'm in front of my laptop the whole day.

Of course layan gak some movies I didn't get around to watching yet, like Ratatouille apart from jazzing up my myspace page. Kalau korang lum add aku, my myspace is HERE.

Sebenarnya lagi satu sebab because since my splitting headache on Thursday, it's been recurring daily. Oh well, what to do. Popped a couple more Panadols and hoped it holds out je lah.

On with the show review.

Ok, honestly. Someone tell me they didn't suspect it would be Janet to be eliminated with all the focus on her the last episode of America's Next Top Model.

It's almost getting obvious.

Anyway, this episode, I'm just getting tired of Jenah. I mean she takes good pics, but she looks like a freaking redneck, acts like one and talks like one.

I love Heather more and more because in her analytical overview of everyone's weaknesses, she was almost spot on, even about herself. Sarah too. Both of them are such messes in real life, that you just can't help but wonder how the bejeebers Tyra and the panel picked them up.

In their training, for the trampoline poses, Ebony was just a laugh. Dia ni lama lama tambah seronok lak ada character dia. I mean after her intial b***hy streak, I really wanted her out. And even though she opted for a drastic change that really affected her performance, I'm glad to see that she finally can balance between being fun and yet bringing out the look in her shots.

Saleisha and Chantal were just fluid but Ambreal was the most amazing because of her dance background.

Heather was an absolute klutz but she did try and given her handicap, she still deserves a round of applause. Amazing, compared to Lisa yang malas gila nak try.

The challenge of posing while being held up on the ice led to another round of hate.

Sarah and Jenah played devil's advocate b***hing about the win by Lisa. As for Ambreal, she was frustrated, but she took it better than what those two stupid rednecks were going on about.

Lisa took Janet and Ebony along for her win, which was a photoshoot for an Akademiks spread in Seventeen along with cycle six winner Dani.

The rednecks along with Bianca decided to chip in hating on Lisa, and Saleisha played mediator in telling Lisa, which thankfully she didn't break down at. Credit to Ambreal - when Janet asked for help on her poses, she helped out. Now that's charitable in the face of competition.

On with the challenge, the looking like fashion gargoyles, Ebony was the most amazing in the sense that she delivered. I think she's settling in and I think that the judges were being hard on her commenting on her look going into judging. I mean, they make comments about Jenah, but they don't issue an ultimatum to the damned redneck. Kan?

America's Next Top Redneck Model!!!

The rednecks bond when Lisa complains to panel

Sarah was boring as all hell - and I think those two are just common, despite Jenah being good in shots so far.

Check out the look both of them give to each other when Tyra asks Lisa what's dulling her shine, and she replies it's because some of the girls at getting catty. Tell me you don't to b***hslap them!

Speaking of b***hes, Bianca finally took a good picture, and for her sake, let's hope that she ditched the b***h ass hoe act soon so she can compete.

I have no idea why they decided to ditch Lisa, despite her shot not being the best. Again, I think they're being hard on certain contestants for a reason.
Lisa, Bianca, Ebony, Chantal got called in the top four - with Jenah taking fifth, but despite her picture being good, just getting tired of her redneck ass.

Only Heather was not in the top five among my usual faves in her, Lisa and Chantal, but she did quite well too. Here are what I think are the best shots of the bunch this week.






Somebody please get rid of the rednecks already. Sheesh! Eh, ok lar.. nak sambung layan DVD sat. Be posting tomorrow...