Friday, October 19, 2007

Red is the new black

Today short posting gila, sebab tonight is party time-out for me. Mana taknya... seminggu dua nih kerja bagai nak rak, first with pre-Raya workload, and then masa Raya orang cuti panjang kita lak, sehari dua jer technically off, kena masuk opis tuk pastikan stok cita nak tahan sampai bebudak semua balik complete. Argh...

Stress gila!!!

Time to go totally whacked out!!!

And knowing me, better to unwind before I lose my marbles! Anyway, malam ni memang plan nak club sebab masa bulan puasa walaupun sekali dua jejak club, but it's not the same. I mean kengkawan semua takde (proving that memang setan dirantai - walaupun memang ada yang terlepas), so this is the first post-Raya weekened yang everyone will be hitting the clubs. I bet it's going to be max packed!!!

Apapun, hari ni, dapat ler rehat, off keja awal sikit sebab complete keja awal sikit (malam ni nak enjoy punya pasal, efficient terlebih lak).

Went back early - felt bored counting the hours sebelom nak go out and paint the town red.
So did something I haven't done in a long time. Sapa yang kenal aku, tau lar aku ni gila kaler rambut, kalau perhatikan pic aku kat tepi sidebar pun ada satu yang aku berambut biru.

Actually, done like all the colours in the rainbow in various patterns, and also a variety of cuts... and I actually have not done it for some time now (maintain dark brown natural aku - no one has pure black hair please, so don't laugh - it's scientifically proven).

The only colour in this year plus aku ubah pun was to go for a jet black look.

So went psycho. Memula... I went lighter shade of brown - very early millenium exaggerated natural tone.

Then flipped out cause tak puas hati and went blonde. Called Shah, member yang nak kuar clubbing sekali ngan sayang dia, and asked opinion. Should I go platinum. He said yes.

So I did... still something missing.

So anyway... pikir punya pikir - since I was going out to paint the town red... might as well be dressed up in the right colours.

So red it was. But lightened it to almost look like a deep pink (you guys call it whatever colour you want lah).


Been some time since I freaked out with this red... I kinda like it, so whoever doesn't, tough luck cause it's here to stay at least for a while.

Ok lar... two hours later - I think it's time to go out. Have a good weekend people... and time to PARTY!