Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So I know it's long overdue. And I'm like just more than a day or two late, but yes people, it's reviews day (like anyone really cares). First, let's start with the fourth episode of America's Next Top Model which I haven't gotten around to review yet. yes, I know tomorrow or the day after the next episode is out, but better late than never, right.

Yes, it's finally the makeover episode! Boring siot actually sebab takde catfight sangat akibat si Bianca had to go platinum blondem but they decided rambut dia rosak sangat so she had to have to be shaved BALD!

As a result, Bianca had all this emotional drama of coping with being skinned that she didn't have time to throw a tantrum. So we had to deal with the actual content of the show in the makeover, the challenge and the photoshoot for entertainment, which was biasa biasa saja.

Grossest scene was Ebony's makeover sebab weave dia siap dilekat with some crap and all.Eew!!!

Some of the makeovers were quite good and the transformations made the girls look obviously better. Disappointing was Lisa's sebab dia antara fave aku tapi that short poodle look didn't work. Tyra was emanating the same vibes when she said she would like to see Lisa straightened out. That girl really does look like J.Lo.

So, these were my top five favourite looks and best transformations. I included Heather's even though they didn't really do much, but toned it a little and just cleaned it up, I love her all the more! For me however, I have to say I think the best makeovers were Chantal's and Saleisha's.

The challenge this week was a lame Covergirl thing. And the winner in Sarah was biasa biasa aje.


The pity vote for the week goes to Chantal sebab dia kena put up with Jay and the photographer, getting different directions masa shoot dia.

In the end, it was Victoria, thank goodness sebab aku memang rasa dia tak kena tul for a model, but since Tyra suka muka kuda sangat. Still, seb baik si Tyra came about and decided to eliminate her ass.

Credit to Victoria though, even though she didn't admit it massively hurt, it was obvious it did, tapi she was pretty gracious admitting that the other girls fairly wanted it more than hers.

No big shakes. Maybe next episode will be better. Here are my top five pictures. Included Chantal's because apart from being a favourite, I think she did ok, though not the best to her abilities.

Didn't include Jenah, because I don't really think she's all that despite being called first twice already.

Apart from America's Next Top Model which is of course overdue, here's my Heroes, episode four review. The Kindness of Strangers was better in a way because thank God we didn't have the carp in this episode.

This week it's all about relationships.

Claire and Noah are figuring things out and lying to each other. Her, about West and him about the predictive painting of Isaac Mendez. And it goes back to square one as they return to the deceitful lives of before.

She meanwhile reevaluates her relationship with West, to try and make sense of things but agrees to him to a final date as she is wooed into the cheerleading team for speaking out to Debbie, the wannabe mean girl.

Noah shadows his daughter on her date with West, but of course his powers comes in handy by flying them off.

They end up tongue wrestling - in front of the Hollywood sign. Yuck! Cheesy!

Arghh!!! They kiss AGAIN at the end of the date. Ok this is getting way too corny! They're cheapening the show to some crappy telenovela meets a bad rehash of Beverly Hills 90210!
Noah and the Haitian plans another trip - and the mystery continues.

Matt and Mohinder and Molly (what a mouthful) are trying to work things out at home with her keep thinking about the boogeyman.

Matt meanwhile at work, is working out his relationship with his powers as Angela Petrelli confesses to the murder of Kaito Nakamura. He comes out (we wish) to Nathan when he talks about what happened. The set is remarkably familiar (just watch Adrian Pasdar's youtube - Grunny Goes Nuts).

Anyway, they come across the pic used by the killer indicating the original twelve elders.
With Bob in on it, and Matt's father!!!! So Bob is not his father as speculated.
What is true however is that Matt's father - IS the boogeyman in Molly's dreams. The cream of the crop when it comes to supervillains - bigger than ever Sylar!

Molly tracks down Matt's father - and passes out as she screams for help in her mind.
Nathan is rekindling his ties with his kids which he left behind. And avoiding any with facial hair as he shaves and tries to get back together with his mother instead. I'm still wondering the significance of Nathan's burnt reflection. Guilt over Peter? Or premonition of something's going to happen.

Maya and Alejandro as well as the stranger they picked up and are on the ride of their lives and develop a relationship with (cue suspenseful soundtrack) Sylar, who they pick up in the middle of nowhere.


How the hell did Sylar make it out of the Lost set which we last saw him in the last episode? So much for the sprawling greens and all. Du-uh.

And while we know he has ate Candice's brains or whatever, and supposed to her powers, we also know he can't use them.

So how the hell did the off white grayish shirt, and the matching slacks trade itself for a black tank top and a matching pair of denim jacket and jeans when found? Go figure! Continuity people!!! Every heard of it?

Moving on, stupidly enough, Maya reveals that they need to find Dr Chandra Suresh by showing the Spanish translation of Activating Evolution. Sylar knows he's come across a pot of gold without knowing the power of the twins and says he'll lead them to him as he takes on the names Gabriel Gray. Just like the angel...more like the angel of death.

Anyhow, Derek, the stranger's name, and Sylar come across the Wanted signs. Derek freaks out - wants to go to the police and Sylar whacks the crap out of him and disappears with the twins.
Oooh... another cockroach! Near Derek's body. What IS the significance of that???

Micah meanwhile is adjusting to his new home of Nana (who he's been dumped with probably because they can't handle the Niki character) as well as his new relatives.

Monica, his other relative is working out her future, trying out for a management position in the fast food outlet she's aiming for but surprise surprise she didn't get it. But we see a glimpse of her powers - able to learn things from TV at speed.

Micah gets on his other relatives, yet unnamed, good side by using his powers to get free pay per view wrestling.

Is Micah trying to get fresh with Monica???

Anyway, Micah gets in a little ham, and she uses that wrestling move she saw and slams the shit of this guy trying to jack the shop.


Didn't Jack Nicholson do this already for Batman?

The twelve elders.

Familiar scene?

And if the last pic rings any bells, here's the youtube video from Adrian Pasdar's youtube which was shot during a break, presumably from this scene. Amik ko! Thanks caLista, I remember you were the one yang bagik link from heroesrevealed nya site. Owe you one! If you guys haven't watching this video, please do, especially of course if you're a Heroes fan.

Anyway, since this is a two in one review, esok jer lah ek aku posting lebih.

Oh by the way, pada sapa yang tak perasan, I added something a week or so ago, which is my schedule of assignments, located below the tagboard and msjbox so you guys know where I'm heading and know what you can look forward to me posting.

So don't ask me aku ke sana ke sini lagi pasni. Now you guys know...

Ok...gotta turn in. Tired as all hell...

My head is throbbing after doing work, watching four movies on DVD, two TV shows, and reading three books, all in one day. Unbelievable? That's what boredom and waking up early will do for you. Yech!!!

Night guys... tomorrow gotta be in the office early for work, and then some engagements.