Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mrs Spawn

Weird title for the entry kan. Tapi bear with me and I'll explain a little more about it.
Actually siang, kira almost tahap pagi buta ler, aku kuar awal nak ke office. Still have a load of work to clear for Raya stockpile... time semua orang cuti, aku akan keja, and still ironically enough, I'm helping out to alleviate their responsibility. Isn't that lovely.

Never fail to note what a kind and compassionate, helpful person I am.

Humble too.

Anyway, aku gi lah settle beberapa benda, bills and stuff. Biasalah, awal bulan, masuk duit, kuar balik so to make sure if I get drop dead suddenly, I don't die in debt. Almost.
So anyhoo, it was about 10 in the morning by the time I was done, and then I happened to be near this second hand shop, which aku penah usha (won't tell the name unless they pay me to promote them)

So I popped in sebab selalu carik CD singles yang lama, old hits yang susah dapat, yang some people think it's boring or whatever and sell them off. Silly buggers... oh what to do. One's man's trash is another man's treasure kan?

Was paying for the seven CD singles at RM3 a piece (got Lisa Stansfield's Around The World, KLF's Justified and Ancient - all original single releases!) when something caught my eye.
Ok, like Afdlin Shauki, I have this thing for toys, and action figures, and occasionally, though I never owned one (not for real - but that's another story - a doll).

And I spotted this one behind the cashier. It was a Barbie collectible, in a box, never been opened. Obviously some collector sold it off.

It's sixth of six in the Romantic Interlude designer series with dress design by Ann Driskill.She's in this classic black velvet and white sating outfit, with diamante buttons down front and two in the back, a beret like hat with diamante ornament and a feather. And it was priced only at RM59.90!

I bought it without thinking twice, and when got back to the office quickly googled it. Strangely enough mine is an African American Barbie, which is not so easy to find, compared to the Caucasian version.


So Barbie has now joined the ranks of the other stuff on my desk. And she has officially been pronounced wife of Spawn (something you won't see happening in the comic books). Spawn- Dan (the name given by the guys in the office stands about the same height, and I think they make a great couple kan? (every go awwwwwwww...) So anyhoo, here are some shots of her taking her spot on my desk in the office, in a special black and white corner (with the feather boas and ostrich feather), Barbie looks... awesome! For Barbie fans, here are some detail shots.

Check out the cool, and rather kinky boots! Matilah Barbie pun leh kinky! Anyway, I thought she looked familiar, and then I compared to a pic of something more familiar. What do you guys think?

Of course the pics I'm comparing is the outfits worn by Ning, Nikki dan Yanie masa Gang Starz which I suggested be in the vein of something more Edwardian, and realised by Rizman Ruzaini. It looks like a more traditional take of all three in one. Love it!

Even the teardrop ornament on the hat is similar. Aiyo! Deja vu! Anyway since most of you guys have seen my desk, whether here or on Trek Selebriti, here's another addition since the last time you guys saw it, which I'm quite proud of.

Remember the trip to Singapore for the interview with the four members of the Heroes cast.
Well, Star World sent this down for me, a frame promo poster autographed by Masi Oka, Ali Larter, Greg Grunberg and Sendhil Ramamurthy since they knew I didn't (bother) asking for autographs. Cool! Wonder if it'll fetch a price on ebay. Cam kesial kan... nak wat duit jer.

So had to spring clean my desk to make way and move things about, and my desk looks not too cluttered as usual, so I really could get work done.

Ari ni masuk empat hari aku tak puasa, (two of which just isap rokok, but I guess still kira la kan as tak puasa). sebab I work better on a full stomach (since tak wajib pun, ok ler kan)

So on the way to the office, popped by McDonalds punya drive-in kat Shah Alam.

Now, this is strange. This is the second time aku drop by the drive-in kat Shah Alam punya McDonalds ni in bulan puasa.

Of course dalam restaurant itself kosong lah (du-uh) but for some strange reason, awal pagi to noon, beratur tuk drive-in tu tak hengat dunia!!!

Dozens of cars lining up!!!

If you guys spotted anyone you know in these pictures, apa lagik. Kenakan jer sebab take away McDonalds time puasa! Heh!

Second pic tu from my side view mirror, ada dua akak tudung chatting animatedly tak hengat. Masa aku collect order kat kaunter depan, aku perasan meka order punya lah banyak - takkan juadah berbuka kot. Kol 11 nak beli McD tuk berbuka apa kejadahnya.

So remember, next time ko pikir nak ke drive-in sana, I might be there snapping you in action. At least tunggu sampai selepas period puasa ni.

Eh...nak tidur dulu. Download America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 Episode 3 da jalan.

Hopefully I get to post a review tomorrow.

Hari ni tak larat. Tadik ada buka puasa Linda Onn pun aku tak dapat gi sebab bak keta pun da zig zagging da. Tired sangat. So headed back and tidur - tak sempat jumpa Boo pun.
Schedule for the next couple of days ada aktiviti pun. Sample sale for adidas on Saturday. Ada Marhaban punya program kat Klang on Saturday and Sunday, but hanging out with the guys on Alam and Co. punya invite on Sunday, so expect lots of pics.

Ok lar... night guys...