Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leaping lizards!

Before aku mulakan entry ini, hah... ni dia model juadah berbuka puasa, cik Fasha Sandha. Ni amik shot masa kat event Cit Cat Raya Azwan kat Holiday Villa.

Anyway, malas nak tulis much today.. sebab nak review episode two of heroes, Chapter Two - Lizards. So here's the low down of what took place and where this time.

Turns out, Isaac Mendez may have died damn early, but his paintings are still coming back, a little too late.

Turns out that Kaito Nakamura's death was predicted early on. Wonder what other paintings are around.

Wonder also what the games was when Matt Parkman made as if he didn't know Ando, or seem to know anything. Mmmm... Weird!

Anyway Matt calls Angela Petrelli in for questioning and we find out several interesting bits.
Like Angela was sleeping with Kaito before, he's a major shareholder of Yamagato Industries, and that the helix, symbol thing was the logo of the Petrelli family company.

Anyway, both Matt and Nathan manage to save Angela in time, as she's left shaken with the photo in her hand.

Meanwhile - there is a suspect case of the virus, which killer Mohinder's sister, and almost killed Molly Walker. So Mohinder goes traipsing about to Port-Au-Prince in Haiti trying to look for a cure, since he is practically a miracle worker with his blood having the right genetic make-up to heal those with the plague.

Oooh, dan teka lah siapa mamat yang dia nak rawat ni!!!!

Guess...go on.. tekalah! Heh.. The Haitian! That creepy looking guy yang makes people forget things in the first season. And the only character in Heroes without a real name.
So, the virus is real, and Mohinder saves the Haitian with his blood, and was apparently zapped of his memory.

Turns out Mohinder lied about being zapped - or did he,as the Haitian pops by to pay Noah a visit.So many questions... wonder if Noah's playing a game to double cross Mohinder and going back to his bad old ways.

OTSU, JAPAN - 1671
Best line in Heroes ever!
"You look like a fish when you talk", Kensei says to Hiro.
Second best line : "Like a giant carp!".
Before that - was the third best line ever - "Have you seen a scary white man?"

Anyway, Carp is the name Kensei decides to call Hiro, suitably.

Seriously, a lot of killer quotes this time around.

Since Kensei can't sober up, Hiro rides on with Kensei's look, his wardrobe to take his place and be a hero, which affirms rumours that the hero that is Kensei is actually - him.
Anyhoo, he saves the swordsmith's daughter, who bounces about on her jolly adventure, And the love story starts.

Hiro gets perverted to freeze time and steal a kiss.Strange thing that Hiro doesn't need his glasses. Does that mean he's not short/long sighted anymore?

Now that would be a cool power.

Speaking of cool powers, turns out Kensei has the same power Claire has and can regenerate.

Maya and Alejandro are still trying to get to the border to cross to the States. Nidia the healer, prnounces an obvious truth about Maya.

"What you carry inside you is black. Eoough to kill the devil."

When she's helping the twins cross the border, they get separated. Maya insisits on saving her brother as the border police move in.

"This is not the time for tears" says Nidia. Too late.

Apparently meka ni memang takleh dipisahkan or her powers go awry.

Nidia's pal who helps out, looking at Maya, whose eyes go all black, streaming with black tears,

Betul aku speculate that she kills people who look at her. This time however, it's apparent Alejandro has some sort of power to absorb the power, or neutralise it.

Told you to use waterproof mascara, girl!

Peter meanwhile seems to be getting stronger. While he used to be near a certain individual with a certain power, sekarang, nampaknya dia tambah kuat. He can shoot bolts, or phase (the dead DL's power) without any help. So looks like he's going to be the strongest of the bunch.
Ricky meanwhile holds Peter at ransom to help them because he holds a box with some information on who Peter is, found alongside Peter in the container.

"You know you mae a lot of assumptions. Is my hair really that blonde?"

Claire asking West is she's destined to be a typical Valley girl.

Claire loses her car in the school parking lot. Is Nissan getting pissed and taking away advertising from the show? Judging by how everything is cryptic in this show, tak mengejutkan langsung.
Stupidly it's because she leaves her doors unlocked!

Claire meanwhile doesn't want to keep her power under wraps, and flahses it about at home to retrieve her mom's ring from a boiling pot of water.

"We do have a colander, dear. No need to be flashy."

Or was that flesh? Heh!!! Hilarious!

Anyway, she cuts off a toe to test her theories of whether she'll regenarate.and it pops back up. Weird really as I thought she's pop it back ON. But I suppose they had to keep it in tandem with the episode title of Lizards.

Claire swore she's never go for a pedicure there ever again.

So that was the second episode. It was better, more fast paced, and less berserabut with too many explanations like the first one that tried to catch up on everything all at once. Niki and Mika are nowhere to be seen yet, but I think the third and fourth are going to be quite big.

Kalao nak tau, go to my last entry on Heroes masa review the first episode to catch the spoilers up to episode four.

Ok lar...that's all for thsi entry. A little lazy to write.