Monday, October 01, 2007

Hootchie horror!

Time for my review of the second episode of America's Next Top Model. I know it's bloody overdue, tapi sebab banyak benda lain nak posting (dan juga kerana Streamyx cam $%^& nak download asik sangkut jer keja), so here it finally is.

Nampaknya Cycle 9 nih will be turning out as expected after two seasons yang lawa semua kuar awal, all my faves eliminated early, sampai yang anorexic rangka lak menang musim lepas.
First, they showed the girls moving into the house and all. I think Tyra is finally reaching the stage where she needs some form of recognition. Some model longing to be just recognied beyond a pretty face.

This time, she's getting all politically correct. First, the show went green. Their lime Hummer has been substituted with some biodiesel vehicle. It was all pimped out right inside and gorgeous, tapi luar burok siot cam bas sekolah. Bulky and totally unglamourous!

The new house was actually the old house, tapi aku suka the runway this time. Awesome! With the projected screen and all. Awesome

Lain dari tuh, the green theme reverberated throughout the house. So much so, there was even a sign inside the shower saying they should shower 10 minutes max sebab nak jimat air and that they could jimat 20 gallons of water.

So the models, being model wannabes, they immediately go and try and convey the tmesage by saving water... by jumping into the tub together.

And then the action began. After a challenge, they get into the photoshoot. During which, Lisa and Bianca get into a catfight (don't we love them, makes the show so watchable!)

Bianca was simply a real c**t throughout and just hootchie trash! The first sign masa meka last week tunjukkan preview of this episode.

And this week, it just proves Bianca memang cam sial, Not that she waa actually any good. My fave three models for the moment rocked their shoot, and hey! They got top three! They were called out first. First of all was Heather, which was b****ed about throughout the show.

She was talked about the whole show behind her back, and in the shoot, she was the only one with Saleisha yang kena go at it together. The shoot's theme was the side effects of smoking.

Like I said, Tyra is trying to prove she's a model with a cause (yeah yeah world peace... we know) She even banned smoking in the house with effect after the elimination, kesian lak those models. As it is every season we see them puffing away as they b***h, cry and whatever it is they do apart from that.

Anyway, Heather was awesome, and I hope she makes it to the end. Only hopefully she keeps her act together and rocks the shoots.

Saleisha? I hardly care. Bimbo. Bianca buat muka masa they called Heather. That b***h is so cock sure of herself and thinks she's all that, but she and Saleisha just belong in the hootchie bin.
Speaking of Bianca, she was nowhere to be seen in the top places when Tyra called the names out one by one. Lisa however, who she put down, was second to be called out. And I really think she is one of the most gorgeous.

The thid to be called and another favourite, not only for being model-esque but also not having the attitude to go with it was Chantal. She is a piece of work, and can see her in the final or at least top three finishers for this cycle.

And Bianca? The hootchie from hell? She got called second last!

So much for thinking she rocked her shoot. She actually had the gall nak aplogise to Lisa andyet b***h to the cameras katakan she only did that because she didn't want that fight to come out at panel. Apa hal... cam sial. Hope she gets kicked out soon.

Can't stand her, Kimberly and Sarah. Lagak ler lebih tapi don't deliver the goods.

One scary option in Ebony was better behaved, tapi sayang dia kekok lak masa first photoshoot.
Hope she does better as that girl actually does have potential, if she doesn't act like Bianca. She's been holding back, but it's affecting her performance lak. Hope she finds a balance and is able to get her act together.

And the one eliminated? No surprise? The ugliest of the qualifiers. Mila. Aku memang tak suka muka dia dari start because she looks overpumped with collagen! Moka cam lebam semacam... entah camna she got in.

If they say personality, then that's a joke, cause her bouncy uppity behaviour was more irritating than anything.

No big surprise, but I find this ccle moving really slow. Wish it would hurry up already. They should have done it like the last cycle and got the first two episodes out of the way.
Anyway.. tengok camna la...not as good so far.