Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hither, the hootchie from hell

Finally, I get to sit down and get to review the third episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 (which you have to wait for ages before you ever see it here).

It was a little boring, and the challenges weren't as big as previous one. Wonder when the production's going to turn it up a notch.

Apapun, yang pentingnya, apart Bianca is very, very quickyly setting herself up to be the b***h of the show. You just wanna smack her sorry, ghetto ass for playing that scheming, manipulative c**t all the time.

Does Bianca look like a top model to you?

The show started off fine enough with peace reigning as Saleisha had a change of heart in being more charitable.

Some of the girls gave Heather a makeover led by Saleisha, which I thought atoned her for her earlier stupid remarks about Heather earlier, tapi si Bianca tuh memang p*****k sangat.

After they made Heather a new look, which did improve her casual daily appearance, Bianca walks in and goes "What are y'all doing to her. Now she just looks like a prostitute."

And your hootchie ass looks like? Urgh...can't stand her. You just be a cheapass trick no matter what you do with your look. And you would have the gall to be labelng people.

She then went on to say Heather got a pity call from everyone and was in doubt whether Heather deserved it. Hello? Heather is kicking butt in the competition so far, and it's not even pity. Her awkwardness actually makes her beautiful.

Kimberly who had a touch of that too by playing 'I'm better than you' got back what she deserved when she turned to Bianca for help on her walk and got bad advice.

Bianca goes on to say she did it purposely because it's a competition. I gues her insecurities would justify her sorry ass to do that.

She's so gung-ho about how fab she is and all that that in one scene, she goes on and on about her signature walk (think roadkill parade before the headlights), and blows Saleisha as showing off. Yeah..right.

"My mouth can take me anywhere," said Bianca. I'll bet, b****h but you're not walking down Hollywood Boulevard.

"I can break these bitches down one by one. I refuse to let these bitches think I'm not a real model. Don't let the red hair fool you, bitch. I can be very high fashion".

Only if the seamy, decrepit ghettoes and their tarty, unwashed inhabitants such as yourself ever come into vogue.

You guys thought I doctored last week's picture of the hootchie from hell in Bianca. I did, but not much. These are unaltered images of her doing her hootchie from hell look!

Away from the catfights, it was the first challenge of the week.

It was mental for the girls as they put the girls into straitjackets while walking. Cool!

We saw Bianca and Saleisha start having a go at each other though they hadn't confronted each other yet before the shoot.

Here we go, baru cakap je dah mula gaduh!

Ooo... a hootchie and a ho havin' a go at each other. I'm almost happy Ebony tak camtuh, and aku puas tengok Ebony observe the two fighting and realise how ridiculous being a b***h can be if you can't bring the goods along with the attitude.

They have a show with designer Colleen Quen, the winner which gets to walk in Colleen's debut of her collection in Paris.

Most of the girls azab siot! Clunky and clumsy.

Puas aku tengok Saleisha menang the challenge and Bianca tak puas hati, tetap berangan she should have won. Hands down katanya. Woo!!! You be trippin' b****h!

The next challenge was a photoshoot in couture gowns while rock climbing.

Lisa is so amazing! Her legs seem to go all the way to her neck!

Chantal pun looked totally fab even though dia cam kelam kabut sikit. Ebony aku tak puas ati cause she seems to be fading as the competition goes on.

Jenah aku tak pernah minat but have to admit she looked one of the most comfortable while

Heather brought the geek chic into full throttle action.

Sebelum elimination, Kimberly continued her whining, sick of her siot!

Yang aku suka tengok cam Heather, mind her own business and be her freaky self jer and still look awesome.

The girls who never thought of her as a threat, tak berani da nak pick on her dah. In fact, finally, they have taken her as a serious threat sampai da tak berani nak kutuk dia.

Wow! Ebony looked better than expected in her pics! Dia boleh lah, tapi cam tak yakin diri je. I really do hope she picks up the pace and gets more self confidence, as she seems ready to go, and she knows it herself. Thank good ness for her strong picture this week.

Knew Lisa's shot looked awesome! And it did! She rocks!

In the Saleisha vs Bianca department, Saleisha kick butt and Bianca looked like a not so good looking drag queen in comparison.

Seriously, she talks about being all that tapi menyampah betul sebab unlike Eva the diva dulu, or Renee even from last cycle and the other b***h characters off the show previously, Biance does not even measure up at all in terms of performance.

Who was that b***h from Cycle 7 yang mulut cam sial tu Monique who went home in the third episode (kena sumpah gila babas sebab perangai cam sial) who didn't want to do her photo shoot after dehydration and got the boot because she didn't pull it together like Danielle did in Cycle 6.

Well, seeing that Bianca's been in the bottom two twice in a row now, it's only a matter of time.
Am so happy Heather got called third after Jenah. Immediately after her were Lisa and then Chantal. Yeay! My three fave gals in a row still! And all three in the top five called. You know they be working it!


The final two was the hootchie ho-down! Oh near yet so far.

Si Kimberly was packing her bags by the end of it while b***hass Bianca is still around.

She's the next...hopefully to haul her ghetto ass back home. Here are the photos of my three favourites as well as Jenah yang kena call first minggu ni and Ebony who thankfully had at least a good photo to save her enough to be called just before the bottom two.

Jenah - first to be called! Awesome form!

Heather - the gangly, awkward and weird rocks!

Lisa - leggy, luscious and simply lovely!

Chantal - Super Model

Ebony - legs to die for

Next week is the models' traditional makeover week, so it'll be nice to see what looks are whipped up for them.

As far as my favourite goes, I want Heather and Ebony to be really lopped off short, while Chantal should go for the classic blonde mane with a fuller look while Lisa should have a shoulder length straight look.

Don't know how they're going to end up, but by the preview, drama ahead with one girl having to go under the clippers.

There's always one for that effect every season (Tyra's creativity or lack thereof)

Malas nak posting panjang sangat entry sebab nak rehat this weekend before Monday madness with tons of work to complete before Raya... to be continued with more rantings tomorrow.