Friday, October 12, 2007

Heroes - Kindred

First of all, to all my muslim friends, and family - sebab esok dah nak Raya, aku wish awal awal dulu, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Hope you guys have a happy, and safe celebration. Yang bak keta balik kampung tuh, bak elok elok, don't rush. I want you guys back in one piece ok.

To my Boo, wish I was there with you, have this time to celebrate with your family, and count the blessings you have in your life ok. I'm there for you...

To all my lovely readers yang sambut Aidilfitri, you guys remember me ok tengah sambut tuh. Kalau ada yang nak jemput ke rumah terbuka tu ke, nak bagi duit Raya ke, aku tanpa segan silu menerima saja. Leh? Heh!

Have a good one, and pada yang dicarut, tercarut, dan mencarut, mari kita saling bermaafan ek. Hidup tanpa carut, ibarat masakan tanpa garam (how about MSG free food ek?)

Apapun, love you guys to bits, and I wish you all - Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Hugs to all of you!!!Anyhoo... ni recycle video I put up a few days ago with Raya wishes from the Akademi Fantasia family, and I... apapun, watch it if you guys haven't and make your day.

Now on to the regular entry...finally last night got to see Hairspray! Supposed to watch is day before yesterday ngan Boo before some complications cropped up (nanti kita tengok sekali Boo when you get back). After work, met Vern for dinner kat MidValley, bumped into Rudy there, and we traipsed off to watch the campy musical.

Not after window shopping though. Jalan jalan, looking around, didn't buy anything pun, just nak pass time.

Went into Speedy or some music outlet near the cinema, which has a pathetic local music section (only one f**king rack!!!), when I spotted this among the displayed CDs.

I swear I didn't touch the CDs, tapi kebetulan, album Nikki dan album Best Of... Ebi tu side by side. Good karma or whatever you call it?

An omen?
Erm... anyway, nanti aku review pasal Hairspray even though it's been out ages dah, but first, on to the weekly dose of... Heroes!

Here's my review of Heroes, Chapter Three - Kindred, that I've been meaning to put out but tak sempat. This week punya, simple, but it's laying the foundation for more questions.
Obviously just like season one, the first dozen episodes are going to be quite messy with a lot of 'what ifs' happening about, and will only be answered after Christmas break over there.

Still, besh gila sebab banyak gak tunjuk bab power kali ni.

So for those who haven't caught it, let's catch up. And for those who have, here are my rantings and analysis.

Peter is still trying to work out who he is, while coming across a future double cross as a pawn in the plans of Ricky's gang to rob an armoured car, which they need him because of his powers.
Peter meanwhile has no ideas how he controls his powers but manages to use it in time to help with the raid.

His power comes into more use when he does a Sylar with the traitor Will who double crosses their heist, and being shot doesn't change anything. Cool effect on the pushing out of the bullet and healing wound!

The payback? Getting a family crest of Ricky's kin being tatooed on his wrist which disappears in a while and changes into the Godsend helix, before it disappears totally. He gets the box with his link to the past but decides not to open it being intoxicated by his new love in Caitlin.

Maya and Alejandro are still on the run, and Alejandro the idiot is caught by a policeman while tring to jack a car to make their journey faster. Maya tries to bail Alejandro out and when that doesn't work, she throws her black-eyed powers to use.

At least we learn that she doesn't have to come in contact with people in the immediate vicinity for it to take effect as the guy in the next cell to Alejandro too bleeds out gunk showing that they can survive if Aleandro comes into contact with her and does his thing.

They escape, with the cell mate providing the getaway car.

They finally show Niki and Micah in Las Vegas. And surprise, surprise, DL Hawkins is dead.Kesian mamat tuh kena kill off the show sampai tak deserve a last appearance.
Daniel Lawrence Hawkins - Husband, Father, Hero. Wowie..!!!

But 1976-2007? That puts him at 31! Shit! Same age ngan aku siot.

The indignity of having your character axed!

Niki leaves Micah in the hands of her in-laws, or so we suppose who the new character of 'Nana' played by Nichelle Nichols in New Orleans. DL's mom? Perhaps...Trivia! The actress played Uhura in the original Star Trek. remember? Anyhoo, wonder what her power is... bet grandma has a real funky one!

Yes, Captain Kirk? Grandma's back on TV!

Anyway, I think Niki has the virus, or maybe she just wants to get rid of her powers because she goes to the Company to get a 'cure'. Bob, the new character agrees on condition that she does something for the company.

He's ba-ack!!!

Sylar is back! So is Candice, the shapeshifter illusionist who now goes by the name of Michelle, who apparently was the one who rescued him. Sylar is all stitched up after eight operations, but still a nasty little f**k.

He busts Candice up when he discovers he's lost all his powers and cuts her up to restore his lost powers with hers.

Which is fine because Candice Wilmer is no longer played by Missy Peregrym as in the first season which we saw. So bye bye...

With a body like that - she needed the powers more than Sylar.

We finally got to see Candice's real fat ass look without the illusions - which is a throwback to what she told Micah in season one when she was playing his captor. Remember when she was stuffing herself and Micah questioned how she didn't gain weight?

By the way - rumours are Sylar is actually in a mind-trap thing. I doubt he's going to be in the middle of a Survivor meets lost jungle kan?

Besides, Candice wouldn't just be that easily outwitted kan?

Claire is coming to terms with Noah's request and also trying to throw West off the scent of her powers West meanwhile plays Clark Kent turned Superman when he takes Claire on a trip to the big blue skies to show off his boy wonder powers of flight.

He's a good one at picking up chicks - and flying them about. So Smallville...

Soap opera twist, West has been tagged by Noah before. Bet West turns evil or something since he's got this obsession with his and Claire's powers, almost like Sylar, though his is leaning more to curiosity.

Mohinder is back in his apartment in Brooklyn and Matt play My Two Dads to Molly.

Domestic dispute! They make a queer couple.

He moves into Isaac Mendez's loft which is taken overby the Company to run his experiments and such.

Mohinder continues looking for the remainder of the eight paintaings.

It begins with Kaito's death as the first Noah has. He discovers the eighth, which is of Noah having his specs busted and dead, with blood spattered all over while Claire is making out, with whom I believe is West.

The eighth of eight, and only second in the series to be discovered.More shocking is the choice of shirt Noah appears to be wearing.

Don't worry... doubt the painting will be realised just like the bomb one.

Ando has an office now???It used to be a cubicle, with Hiro. Dia naik pangkat ke apa? Ando fiddles with the Kensei sword and sees an inscription. from it, left by Hiro in the past.
It's the book reading club for Ando as he finds out what's going on in the past.

Masi Oka belies his American accent when he was b***hing and goes "Kensei, you have to stop walking away from your destiny."

Erm..someone take care of continuity here please.

Anyway, Kensei is forced on his mission to get the scroll and then gets the girl,kind of, to the horror of Hiro who's lusting after the swordsmith's daughter.

So despite helping out Kensei realise himself of the hero potential,done, Hiro decides to stay on still. Until when, who knows.

Question - is Kensei alive? After all, he can't die like Claire. So can they live forever or do they age? While that thought was playing in my mind about Claire before this in season one, when she survived accidental death and woke up in the morgue, spoilers have it that Kensei will be going to the future - 400 years later, not by Hiro means of blinking himself into it, but by LIVING until then.

Eh ok lar...panjang siot! Apapun, it was still agood episode. Can't wait for next week.

Ok ler...nak sign out dulu. Ta all.