Monday, October 22, 2007

Copperfield bummer and more Hairspray!

There was this piece of news flashed by the wire services today. It said the David Copperfield tour is cancelled. So to all my magic friends, sorry dudes, cause it is NOT happening. Doesn't bug me though sebab I was going to be in Bangkok anyway during the time he was scheduled to perform here anyway.

Heh... anyway, apparently while some news services didn't say much except that the shows were cancelled as the FBI had raided his warehouse in connection with investigations and sought his help, it didn't state much. But... found this piece by the Associated Press. So much for the whole truth eh?

Magician David Copperfield cancels Southeast Asia shows following sex allegations
The Associated Press
BANGKOK, Thailand: American magician David Copperfield has canceled his upcoming shows in Southeast Asia following allegations of sexual misconduct in the United States, a Thai organizer said Monday.
"His management sent an e-mail to organizers Sunday to inform that his shows will be postponed indefinitely," said Kittiyong Achawaphong, a public relations official of RSi Dream Entertainment, which organized his shows in Thailand.
Copperfield was scheduled to perform in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand in coming weeks.
The cancellations come days after FBI agents searched his warehouse and a casino hotel in Las Vegas, where the magician regularly performs, following charges that he "forced himself" on an unidentified woman.
Details about the allegations have not been revealed but Copperfield's lawyer, David Chesnoff, has said "we know these allegations are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone."
Reached Monday, Chesnoff insisted the shows were canceled because tour operators in Asia default on their contract, not in connection to Copperfield's legal problems. "Those are serious allegations," Chesnoff said.
"But there's no truth to them." Promoters of some of the Asian shows are trying to negotiate with Copperfield's management to reschedule the performances or recoup some of the losses incurred from the cancellations.
"We are told by Copperfield management that David's show had been canceled by the artist," said Peter Basuki, whose company was organizing the Jakarta show.
He said they would like to file a complaint with Copperfield management, but did not elaborate.
"They said they would like to find any other available time to perform in Jakarta," Basuki said. "With this cancellation, we have lost more than US$1 million (euro700,000) for advertising and other preparations. Business is business. We want to make a profit. But this is making us lose money."


So they claim it's the Asean organisers' fault, tapi meka sendiri call it off. Camna tuh? Erm... well honestly, the PR spin is a little hard to believe lah. Apapun, for magic enthusiasts, there's the Genting International Magic Festival (I'll probably spend a week there to check it out kalau jadik)

For more info, check CLICK HERE!

Oh anyway, my entry today is actually about...

Yes, what else but Hairspray. My obsession of the moment when it comes to movies. Honesly, I can't get enough of this, despite geli nak abih ngan gi Zac Efron sebab aku nyampah High School Musical (sorry those who liked it)

But this is really a good translation of the actual Broadway production to the big screen.

Pada sapa lum tengok, rugi siot kalau tak. The songs are FABULOUS! My favourites are Good Morning Baltimore, The Legend of Miss Baltimore Crabs (performed by Michelle Pfeiffer!!!!), I Can Hear The Bells, The New Girl In Town, Welcome To The 60s, I Know Where I've Been, Without Love and the finally You Can't Stop The Beat.

Awmigawsh!! Seriously! Watch it once to familiarise yourself with the songs and story and even the dance.

Then watch it again to sing-a-long and move to it cause trust me, it is freaking addictive!
It's got an all star cast and the pacing of the movie is quite good, takkan bosan sikit pun.

Queen Latifah as Big Mama Morton.. I mean Motormouth Maybelle...

My favourite line - DEVIL CHILD!

Tomorrow, I'm going to watch it in the cinema for a THIRD time bila Boo Boo sampai balik dari kampung. I've already gotten the soundtrack, and it's my CD of the moment, being on permanent play in my laptop at home and in the office. Amik ko!

Hey... for RM10 for this or for the cheapest ticket to P. Ramlee The Musical...which cost RM30 (tu pun da abih), I'd rather watch Hairspray three times!

Ok... time for Panadol and sleep... post tomorrow guys...