Sunday, October 14, 2007

Colour codes, dollhouses and weird festive nostalgia

Semalam baik sekali nih. Tak kuar memana. Actually haven't really been going out pun for the few days. Tapi early afternoon gituh, drove up to the Bangsar house.

My parents had left earlier from our home there sebab we were to have lunch together memandangkan kakak aku punya 4WD kena smack from the back. Strangely enough, you'd think bak keta besar gedabak camtuh selamat, and then POW! you get smacked behind by another 4WD.

Heh...that's almost a metaphor for life.

So after lunch, hung about and raided my sister's 'library' and pulled out more books to read to pass time nak tunggu kawan dia kuar sekali nak go out shopping.

Ransacked, and found four books to add to my reading list. Remember I was reading this chick-lit (more like bimbo lit) book called Undead and Unpopular by Mary Janice Davidson?
Amik ko... like the 'shopaholic' books which I love so much (it's so me!), here's the remaining titles in the series, Undead and Unemplyed, Undead and Unappreciated, Undead and Unreturnable and Undead and Unpopular.

Not exactly brain surgery manuals, but me likey!

Read halfway through one, when fell asleep in my room sebab masa tuh memang ujan cam kiamat gituh in Bangsar. My sister woke me up to tell me her friend dah sampai, and we went traipsing about for lots of shopping. Start kul 2pm, kawan dia buggered off for an appointment at about 5-ish, and we continued on another round before ending at about 9pm. Psycho....

The shop kat atas in that pic must be the most colourful I've seen in a very long time! Apapun, da pusing sana sini, at last we head home. Managed to check our acquisitions for the day (three pairs of jeans - one Levis and a denim jacket, Nautica), before aku ciao dari sana to join Vern, Audi and Nikki who were heading to Aidit Alfian's place in Ampang nak beraya. We were joined by Vern's friend, Andrew.

The food was delicious, though I have to admit I hogged my favourite which was the rendang. Aidit and his wife Zaza were the perfect hosts as we gorged ourselves.

As usual when two producers get together, Audi and Aidit had their little moments of disappearing in their own world lah.

Which was fine by us. Erm, Aidit's pic is a little blurred because he was practically bouncing off the walls. Heh! Anyway, their house was fab, very the early 80s architecture, reminded me of my old family house I grew up in.

Anyhoo, we polised off most of the food, I even had seconds! Notice the dishs on the table look quite empty by the time were were done with it.

Being a glutton, I had to punish myself my already swollen tummy with pineapple tarts lagik. Aduh...time for a smoke. Tapi yang best thing about open house Aidit ni, kat luar where the 'menfolk' were gathered, siap ada jamming session. Throw in three guitars, two producers and one singer (Andy dari Flop Poppy pun ada masa kita sampai) and what do you get?

Impromptu jamming session lah. But anyway, I would have taken a video of them performing but stupidly for once didn't haul my laptop along. Didn't bother with doing it with my phone for the dodgy quality.

But there was one song Aidit and Andy did together which was awesome. First time I'd heard it, though my ex loves him. The guy's name is Damien Rice, and the song I heard and immediately fell in love with is called Cannonball. Kalao korang nak layan, take a listen at the youtube bit I found of his quite strange video.

Cool song abih! And the lyrics memang moving gila. Trauma queen punya choice of songs la. Anyway, bumped the ciggy, and went back in the house, and there was Nikki, playing with anak Aidit dan Zaza punya dollhouse.

Yes, the girl still loves dolls, which I didn't find anything wrong with, unlike her manager yang dok teasing dia.

I know I'm in my second childhood because I'm buying toys too like my old MASK action figures from the 80s and all, but that's because our parents couldn't give us everything we wanted as kids, and now that we earn our own living, it's not too late to relive memories we wanted to have as part of our childhood kan?

Heh...merasalah profound. NOT!

Anyhoo, headed back after we spent a couple of hours there. Headed home, aku stayed up a while to read, but because itw as raining, and it was nice and cold, and I've finished updating, think I'll turn in for the night.

Apapun, before I end this entry, wanted to share these pics I took masa on the Federal Highway heading back to the Bangsar home. I think it was taken malam Raya (my time line is so warped)
There was this car, a classic Mini (a Clubman?) in front of me on the Federal Highway. Aku siap terkejut tengok.. because it was seriously decked out to celebrate Hari Raya! Not only was the car green and yellow (which would already be a major no no), there were lights (I think ada lampu lip lap skali kat dalam keta dia!)

But to make matters weirder... there were LIGHTED KETUPATS hanging in the read, and front windscreen!!!! Yes... plastic, hanging ketupats... lighted!

Aku siap amik all angles, kejau ni nak amik pic.

Luckily he took the Bangsar exit as well, so I got these pics. Heh...sorry pada tuan punya keta, but at least a few more people have gotten to enjoy the erm..'beauty' of your festive decor.

Do you see what I saw??? Erm... apapun, kalau mamat nih punya keta camni, his house is one place I don't want to beraya without sunglasses!

Eh ok la...nak tido..night...