Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The busy bee anthem

Macam kesial. Aku da susah susah panjang panjang wat entry, lupa lak enter title, and then because I have a script going on, enter je nak publish the whole body of tect disappeared. Motherf**king hell!!! Curse you blogdrive for being un-user friendly at times!!!

Anyway today sibuk. First ke Duyung nya press conference. Maya Karin as a mermaid.

Interesting premise on paper, and judging by the visuals menarik gak. But we'll see. Don't blame me for being skeptical ok. Razak Mohaideen is involved.

Pastu balik office nak sort out my schedule sebab packed gila!!! Esok ada interview ngan Black Eyed Peas, well actually more of a prss conference. My one on one interview is with will.i.am.Pas habis lak, kena rush dari Genting turun balik to the city nak ke KLCC for a cocktail reception and the premiere of Stardust, the movie. Merasalah aku ada dua open house invite for today tak dapat penuhi. Sorry Bob, and also to keluarga mHZ yang sudi jemput. Apapun... cantik tak invite Stardust? merasalah shallow and frivolous benda camni pun suka!

Invite cam event Jimmy Choo sebab ada tie-in with Stardust.

Tuh dia limited edition Jimmy Choos ntah apa kena mengena movie ni. And the back of the invite baru pic movie tuh.

Then it's on to the busiest day in Thursday, which is my column deadline day.Belah malam lak ada akad nikah Erra Fazira dan Engku Emran. Wanna see the invites? Tuh dia...

The other invites tuh tuk majlis perkahwinan pada 3 November. Cantik and simple. Anyhoo...Friday lak naik balik Genting to watch the Black Eyed Peas concert. Kira Saturday je aku free (tu pun kalau betul free takde last minute program)Sunday ada event Mawi, and Monday it's HELLO BANGKOK as I fly there for Beyonce. Merasa!!!! Me likey! A few days in Bangkok will be good for me for sure. Maybe I can rest and get over this deep funk I'm in. I dunno... masa solo problem.

Ni da sayang dan disayangi kepala dibelenggu seribu masaalah lain. Oh well, whoever said it was easy kan?

Boo - sorry if I'm being difficult. Just need to know this is for real. Am feeling horrible because I'm trying, but can't seem to make anyone happy.

Apapun, believe that aku sayang gila kat ko ok. Semalam Boo aku balik dari kampung.
Dalam nunggu lepak ngan member dia semua makan kat Shah Alam. Then jemput dia, ke Hartamas lak for supper. Dah abih berejma gossip sana, beredar pulang, tapi sempat detour one more round kat mamak kat Seksyen 18. Matilah camni...mana tak tambah sihat?

Eh ok la...time to retire. Night...