Friday, October 05, 2007

Boredom and the magic of it

Ok so I seriously need some new skills kan? Boredom has led me to improve my little magic skills, which aren't much sebab malas nak practise. So I finally got about to making a video of one trick which is relatively simple, and yet quite visual.

Am not going to tell how it's done, obviously, and if you guys know, lantak lah. Heh!
Am not going to spoil it for other who don't.

Apapun, hope you guys like this little effort.Lots more coming, kalau aku berani nak tunjuk muka berkali kali kat sini dan tak malu lagik. Heh!

Enjoy guys... this is called, the coin bite.

Oh by the way, walaupun ramai pakai duit props yang beli kedai magic, aku pakai 50 sen ori ek!