Friday, October 26, 2007

Black Eyed PLEASE!!!

Awmigawd awmigawd awmigawddddddd!!!! The concert just ended tadik, and it was FANTASTIC!!!!

I've seen the Peas live before, but nothing could have prepared me for the show just now. It was amazing with the list of the Peas' songs, as well as solos from all of them.

Besh gila!!! And they improved so much through the years, that they kept everyone partying for two hours.

Yang paling besh, to see the whol arena of over 6,000 people get up off their rears, and party like there was no tomorrow. Tak pernah concert kat KL penah camni sebab biasanya, ramai yang dok terbodoh.

Ni cam dok concert bebetul! Here are some pics.

Stage simple je sebelum start...

The song list - before some alterations and reshuffles for the KL show, though they did almost everything on it.

During Where Is The Love?...

They got everyone to wave their mobile phones! Cantik siot!

Memang tak jangka la concert besh camni. Pas abih, ni kat Starbuck ni, nak minum minum, nampak lak si Taboo lalu. Fergie and pun. Si Raden suka lah...nak kejau jadik stalker. Aku berat nak ikut sebab kami berenam. We would look a little freaky, tapi dia nak punya pasal...aduh.

Heh..sorry Raden...pecah lobang lak ko groupie. Merasalah. besides, aku da amik pic ngan meka semua perlu ke?

Eh ok la...esok posting agik... tanak go on and on. Still reeling from the show. Sapa tak gi, memang rugi. Till tomorrow...