Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Beyonce Experience

So how was the Beyonce concert semalam? Erm... susah nak describe. I mean... it's Beyonce! And she sang all her hits - and her Destiny Child tunes in a medley, and she changed outfits half a dozen times, and had the most lighting and amazing set which was minimal and yet flashy and not to mention of course she's not going to Kuala Lumpur. Tapi somehow, there was magic missing - it was fabulous, but not excellent.

My ticket - cool! That's 4,000 Baht, people.

Check out the backdrop kat Impact Arena.

How many concert venues you know ada smoking lounge.

Check out the crowd!

Freaky! The ushers semua lined up after the concert and waved everyone and said bye. Scary!

My souvenirs. The tour t shirt and tour programme book.

Aku tak amik banyak pics - and aku tak dapat jumpa Beyonce. Bummer. Nak wat camna. Oh well - I have meeting Kylie Minogue to look forward to. Another one of my divas, so not a loss.
So lepas habis concert actually, aku dan si Fairoz carik cab. We saw shuttle bus nak ke MRT, but somehow the feeder transport jap je. First we thought packed sangat tunggu jelah. Then tiba tiba takde lak. Keji.

So we flagged down cabs, along with 20,000 people or so. Needless to say tak dapat ler. Then it started to rain. So went for shelter, and smoked our brains out as cabs didn't stop.

Finally, one cab stopped. Baik gila mamat nih. Aku tanya how much, dia bagitau pakai meter. And he tried to keep conversation even though we had difficulties with language.

The trip to the Impact Arena cost us 400 Baht. Initially 350 Baht tapi mamat tu insist that we pay 400 Baht to compensate for the jam as well as kerana nak naik highway.

I set a challenge, kalau dia sampai Impact before 8.30pm by when the concert would start, he gets the 400 Baht. If not we stick to 350.

We got in the cab about 6.45pm. At 7.15pm, we were about 2 km ahead of where we were. It was supposed to take an hour and a half nak sampai in the worst of jams, so we were cutting it close, sebab kami dapat cab pun lambat sangat.

Surprise surprise. We reached there 8.07pm. Mamat ni memang nak that extra RM5 tuh.
Anyway masa balik mamat ni ikut meter, including 50 Baht for toll, dia cuma caj kita 200 Baht! Half the price!

So kami hung about and freshened up and then traipsed back downstairs nak sambung shopping. Found this nice stall near the Nana side - and this is Wan (I think that's how you spell it - he told us it means buncit or chubby or something because he rubbed his tummy)

Wan is a street magician and jual these little magic games and gadgets. Bought two amazing tricks yang aku tak penah nampak lagik kat Malaysia. Besh!

Tak sabar nak buat youtube of the tricks... thanks Wan!

Masa jalan nak balik hotel guess what I saw! Area tuh memang ramai 'career girls' yang male dan female so this was one of the most profitable businesses. It was a sidewalk saloon. Leh?
Kelas! It was part of a restaurant - boleh? That was unique. Gawd... nak packing nak check out.

Be posting back in Kuala Lumpur. Home sweet home.

PS - Happy Halloweeen guys...