Monday, October 29, 2007


Yeay! I'm in Bangkok already! Lama tak mai sini dah. And yes, yes, yes, I am here to watch Beyonce. To be part of the Beyonce Experience World Tour which didn't make it to Kuala Lumpur (we are always SO deprived!).

Anyway, sebab malas nak tulis panjang panjang, enjoy several pics I've been snapping. No comments pasal aku malas nak update, sebab technically I'm trying to enjoy my time as a little time away from everything. A holiday if you must while I'm away on a job.

I touched down at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok at about 5pm, or about 4 in the evening, local time.

Excited sebab been some time since my last visit to Bangkok. I think the last time was the Jay Z concert, where I also got a one on one interview with Rihanna. Kind of ironic that I'm here next for Beyonce kan?

Completes the 'family' eh?

Remember the writing of the language of the robots in Transformers? Why does it look like Thai?

I am a camera. Look at me please. Erm... ok then. The cam thingie at airport immigration.

Anyway, here's a little tip that I want to share with anyone who's flying out to Bangkok, and needs to catch a cab from the airport to your hotel to whatever destination of choice into town. It's something I learnt dari berkali datang sini.

It'll save you a little money and we all love that don't we.

Taking a taxi into Bangkok is cheaper than you think, and more convenient than the bus for sure, especially if you're not familiar with the public transport system here. Well, easier, even if you are familiar with the public transport system here.

Tapi apapun, ingat sikit, that not very much unlike any airport (termasuk KLIA), the moment sampai je kat the arrival hall, ada jer taxi 'haram' dan kutu yang akan muncul offering berkali kali mahal punya harga untuk their service.

So here's what you do to avoid wasting money taking a limo taxi which can cost anywhere 800 (RM84) Baht and above, more than double of what you could be paying.

The trick?

Jangan layan these people who approach you and walk out of the arrival hall out into the open.

You'll notice signs outside which read 'public taxi'. There will be small desks about, with people issuing receipts. Tell them your destination, they'll scribble it down, and then you proceed to get a cab. Very fast.

Some drivers will choose not to use their meter (surprise, surprise) and will ask you how much you are willing to pay.

The standard rate is about 300 to 400 Baht (RM31 to RM42) if you take the expressway. To make sure a smoother journey, ask the driver to take the expressway.

Aku ke Sukhumvit, until Soi 15 area for 400 Baht, with an additional 60 Baht for taking the expressway, which is a little on the high side, but I was too lazy to haggle the price which is still decent.

Anyway, first time aku dok area Sukhumvit so not very familiar with the area, though it's only 10 minutes walk away with the district I am familiar with, near the immediate area of where I resided before at Grand Hyatt Erawan. Shopping paradise!

Tomorrow mesti aku jenjalan. Stay tuned for my shopaholics guide!

S15 - simple, classy and comfortable, not to mention chic.

My king sized bed.

Check out the necessities in the room! Booze and condoms! Everything you need for a good time.

The hotel I'm staying in is the S15 - short form for the street, or Soi 15. It's a boutique hotel, which I would quite recommend. Prices start for the deluxe room at about 3,050 Baht or RM322 onwards, but check their site to see if they have ongoing promotions.

I love this place, cause it's smack int he center of town, and is within walking distance, as well as being situated int he heart of Bangkok's shopping district.

There are street bazaars the moment you walk outside the lobby, and if you don't want the immediate area, the sex trade area, and less popular attraction - for no reason - and alternative to Patpong is just five minutes walk away in the Nana district.

About ten minutes away by walk along the straight road starts all the mall, but I'll share more on that tomorrow, while the hotel is two minutes walk away from the Asok MRT station, meaning you're mobile and non dependant on cabs or suicidal tuk tuks.

I tried walking around about 8pm and found it quite comfortable about the bazaars, tapi sebab letih, I retired to my room and enjoyed the speedy Internet broadband connection - which applies to my torrent downloads as well (kat Malaysia cam sial sikit line sebab tmnet sibuk nak cap off our bandwidth so line cam $%^& kalau ko kaki download)

Still, managed to take in sights when I went for my little night stroll of the immediate Sukhumvit area.

Kelas! Siap ada orang bak anak gajah. I feel like I'm in a living circus. Matilah sidewalk attraction. Eh... nak plan my shopping trip for tomorrow. Will post more tomorrow...

By the way, if you guys want to see more pics of where I'm staying, CLICK HERE for the S15 website. Cantik ok tempat ni, walaupun kecik.Ok guys... nak offline so my downloads jalan lebih laju. Heh...