Saturday, October 13, 2007


Sebenarnya the whole day seribu satu planning nak ke sana nak ke sini, nak menyambut Syawal gituh ngan kengkawan, but malas teramat! In the end, met up with Vern, Nikki dan Audi untuk meredah hutan belantara (matilah aku kena carut pasnih) untuk ke Semenyih untuk melawat Rudy nak makan his mom's and sisters' cooking. Yummy!

We went in one car, and spent hours (ok, so maybe just over an hour - I'm exagerrating, but Rudy said it would take only 15 minutes!) to get there. I swear, you feel like dah sampai Bukit Kayu Hitam siot!

Stared out of the window and saw views like this. Are we even in the same state???

Ampun yer sesapa dok kat Semenyih! Heh... Audi kept the useless trivia going by telling us that Semenyih was enjoying a growth rate of 22% (or something, I wasn't willfully listening), how it's population has grown to 450,000 and how a RM1.5 controversial incinerator project was being built. More torture for the already taxing journey.

We passed no less than four cemeteries (three Muslim, one Christian), no less than four mosques, two suraus, two temples, and lots of hypermarkets, malls and supermarkets (Tesco, Giant, Econsave and Jusco - just missing a Carrefour to complete the list), which led me to assume people in Semenyih are deeply religious, shop a lot (my kind of folks) and then drop dead in huge numbers (er...not meant to be offensive...ampun!!!)

Lots of directions, numerous phone calls and several u-turns later, we reach Rudy's place.

Ok, wrong house again. This one was across the road from Rudy's place, yang ala set cita hantu lak. Creepy!!!

Anyway, we had our fill, couple of laughs (thanks to Omar - when him and Ning joined up as we were halfway stuffing ourselves). Thanks so much Rudy for.. erm.. a very memorable meal (merasalah kuih simen!)

Apapun, memang meriah la kat rumah dia, rindu lak nak balik kampung ke rumah kuarga angkat camnih. Hish... aduh....

Ni one for the album of Rudy dan family together with Ning and Chris.

The rest of us were doing the following activities - Vern taking the pic, me taking a pic of Vern taking the pic, while Nikki and Audi were gawking at the jambu air growing right in front of his house (weirdos!) We then made our way back to civilsation.

It crapped out n us midway, pouring cats and dogs. Check this out.

Yes, isn't that a lovely seafood restaurant? Unique Fisherman katanya. No, this isn't a seaside eatery. Notice the car? This was located along Jalan Cheras, which was freaking flooded!!!

Cruelly laughed at rempits in baju Raya weaving in and out of traffic and getting wet (hate rempits) as we made our way at a snail's pace nak ke rumah Ning lak nak beraya ngan her mom, Auntie Stella.

Finally got there, eons later where we had lovely vegetarian Raya fare. It was very different.
Spent quite some time playing with Teddy, si Ning punya pet cat, which bears a striking resembilance to Garfield (if it fell into a vat of orange paint). Teddy's favourite hobby? Jumping into paper bags and curling up in them? Erm... tapi siap pilih ok. Nak yang kelas je.... Zara! Leh?

Headed home past 8, tak tahan, tapi fiddled a bit online before crashing. Ngantuk siot. Beberapa hari ni, bagus tol. Tidur awal jerk. Heh... cam tak caya pun ada.

Esok takde planning sangat. Nak ke rumah kakak bersama with my parents nak lunch kat sana, pastuh mungkin merambu ramba gituh, gi jenjalan area KL.,

Bukan tanak visit rumah orang, tapi tengok angin. Kalau ujan cam semalam, prefer to be curled up in my room, all comfy, layan online. Heh...ok ler. Until the next entry.

Again, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all. Huggies!!!