Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Beyonce Experience

So how was the Beyonce concert semalam? Erm... susah nak describe. I mean... it's Beyonce! And she sang all her hits - and her Destiny Child tunes in a medley, and she changed outfits half a dozen times, and had the most lighting and amazing set which was minimal and yet flashy and not to mention of course she's not going to Kuala Lumpur. Tapi somehow, there was magic missing - it was fabulous, but not excellent.

My ticket - cool! That's 4,000 Baht, people.

Check out the backdrop kat Impact Arena.

How many concert venues you know ada smoking lounge.

Check out the crowd!

Freaky! The ushers semua lined up after the concert and waved everyone and said bye. Scary!

My souvenirs. The tour t shirt and tour programme book.

Aku tak amik banyak pics - and aku tak dapat jumpa Beyonce. Bummer. Nak wat camna. Oh well - I have meeting Kylie Minogue to look forward to. Another one of my divas, so not a loss.
So lepas habis concert actually, aku dan si Fairoz carik cab. We saw shuttle bus nak ke MRT, but somehow the feeder transport jap je. First we thought packed sangat tunggu jelah. Then tiba tiba takde lak. Keji.

So we flagged down cabs, along with 20,000 people or so. Needless to say tak dapat ler. Then it started to rain. So went for shelter, and smoked our brains out as cabs didn't stop.

Finally, one cab stopped. Baik gila mamat nih. Aku tanya how much, dia bagitau pakai meter. And he tried to keep conversation even though we had difficulties with language.

The trip to the Impact Arena cost us 400 Baht. Initially 350 Baht tapi mamat tu insist that we pay 400 Baht to compensate for the jam as well as kerana nak naik highway.

I set a challenge, kalau dia sampai Impact before 8.30pm by when the concert would start, he gets the 400 Baht. If not we stick to 350.

We got in the cab about 6.45pm. At 7.15pm, we were about 2 km ahead of where we were. It was supposed to take an hour and a half nak sampai in the worst of jams, so we were cutting it close, sebab kami dapat cab pun lambat sangat.

Surprise surprise. We reached there 8.07pm. Mamat ni memang nak that extra RM5 tuh.
Anyway masa balik mamat ni ikut meter, including 50 Baht for toll, dia cuma caj kita 200 Baht! Half the price!

So kami hung about and freshened up and then traipsed back downstairs nak sambung shopping. Found this nice stall near the Nana side - and this is Wan (I think that's how you spell it - he told us it means buncit or chubby or something because he rubbed his tummy)

Wan is a street magician and jual these little magic games and gadgets. Bought two amazing tricks yang aku tak penah nampak lagik kat Malaysia. Besh!

Tak sabar nak buat youtube of the tricks... thanks Wan!

Masa jalan nak balik hotel guess what I saw! Area tuh memang ramai 'career girls' yang male dan female so this was one of the most profitable businesses. It was a sidewalk saloon. Leh?
Kelas! It was part of a restaurant - boleh? That was unique. Gawd... nak packing nak check out.

Be posting back in Kuala Lumpur. Home sweet home.

PS - Happy Halloweeen guys...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sawadee Krap!

Yes, it's shopping day! I have the whole day and have to head back to the hotel only by 6pm to leave for Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani for the concert at 8.30pm (just in case of Bangkok's notorious traffic jam), so that gave me a solid eight hours, which is more than enough for a shopaholic.

Today aku tested several places I don't normally venture on my trips here - malls! Now I really don't like malls, but sometimes you come across something that is worth your time and money, so don't write them off totally. Especially for that little something yang you can't get back home.

I left the hotel just before 10am, when the shops would open, and started walking towards the Asok MRT station nearby. Caught a train to Chit Lom for 20 Baht or about RM2 to Chit Lom, which is after the Phloen Cit and Nana stops.

The moment you get off, start walking a little.

Erm...maybe not. Gaysorn? Sounds a little strange for a choice of a name. Heh...keep walking for my first recommendation, which is CentralWorld - the BIGGEST mall in South East Asia.

The place is HUGE! Bayangkan size KLIA, but packed with thousands of retail outlets. Kalau nak bayangkan how this place is, erm... I would imagine Lot 10 meets Starhill meets KLCC. A lot of upscale brands.

Zen is part of it, which is everything a rich fashionista needs because there is almost every designer you can think of, available here.

Isetan is the main tenant, but trust me, there are A LOT of shops here. Note that the prices here are quite steep in comparison to KL standards, tapi you will come across lots of interesting things. So if you have that extra cash, it's worth it. Either that or if you need motivation to exercise...cause walking for hours, I didn't even cover a portion of the whole mall.

Just used the handy mall guide and shot to several places I was looking for.

The Thai version of Monopoly I found in Toys 'R Us.

The infamous Bangkok traffic.

Though of walking to Prathunam but decided to keep it for later and continue my mall adventure so wait for the description of that place which is MY favourite shopping destination in Bangkok.

Next stop is a three in one stop. Right behind CentralWorld is Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery. Fashionistas - note some edgy fashion is avaiable here. Prices? Bolehlah...

After a while, bored, kept walking along the main road, and less than five minutes later, aku da sampai MBK Center, or Mah Boon Krong, if you want the full name. hat to look for here... anything and everything. Not everything is decently priced, so be smart.

Mobile phone and techie geeks - check out the sixth floor. People who are too fat (or horizontally challenged, check out the sixth floor as well, cause there is a shop there for erm... plus sized fashion. Make it plus plus plus plus size. We're talking about for waistlines anywhere from 28 to 60 inches! Amik ko!

The food court sedap as well as is a safe alternative to check out local fare. The rest? You got to check out for yourself.

By the way kalau korang nak dok dekat sikit sini, check in at the Pathuwan Princess rattached to MBK for convenience. Pernah dok sana, and used to turun and terus shopping bila bosan, leh?

Lepak MBK until member dari northern bureau New StraIt Time mai join aku sebab dia baru sampai kat airport dia buzz aku, so asked him to join me in MBK being an easier meeting point. When he arrived, he joined me on my need for shopping. We buggered off to Prathunam by cab sebab malas jalan since I'd been walking for hours and dah lenguh kaki aku.

Check out the surname of my cab driver. So this is...erm... Mr Tina.

So what do you have in Prathunam? Clothes, accessories, shoes, souvenirs and a lot more, basically anything fashion related. Textiles and costumes are quite the attraction here, including make up.

Ni a sample of what you can find.

Of course there are a lot more things but aku sibuk grabbing things to actually amik gambar.

Note for sapa yang minat make-up, don't knock it cause these are not MAC or Makeup Forever. Some of the makeup here is actually better.

Lain dari tuh, if you happen to be a showgirl, or just a flashy dresser, sequins and beads are CHEAP here. And of good quality too. And kalau you wanna make a dress or suit (even with sequins and beads), then this is the place for you. Custom tailored outfits can be ready in about two days even, and some places even deliver to your hotel.

Memang besh gila tempat nih and no trip to Bangkok should be without this in the list of destinations. Jalan about three hours, letih dah, decide to grab a bite, so went to what could possibly be the world's smallest McDonalds. Aku penah letak pic ni kat blog dah, but I just love it cause it's so cute! Kecik jerk.

We have double cheeseburger - but they have double fillet as well as double Big Mac!!! Gila siot!

Jalan jalan part of the way back to the MRT to avoid the jam sebab nak amik tuk tuk balik pun dah about RM8... bazir jerk. Sedangkan RM2 by MRT though kena jalan for about 10 minutes. Nevermind... seronok. Banyak lagi tempat nak jalan and on the way sempat shopping lagik. Not to mention the sights.

Sexiest police uniform in the world. Did you know they had a debate in parliament about it sebab their headquarters were inundated with calls from men and women sebab ramai tergoda ngan pakaian seragam ketat abih meka.

Their rivers are not perfect, but cleaner sebab they still use them.

The horrible Bangkok traffic - and cute pink taxis.

On the Sukhumvit line back to the hotel towards On Nut. Wonder if they could turn off the nut..

Sampai balik hotel memang letih gila. Sempat rehat just about an hour before got ready to go out. Back in the room, lantak my burger. Check out their packing. Kelas! Siap pastikan burger tu tak smashed up, they had this cardboard holder thingie to make sure that it holds the shape of the Big Mac. Simple but cool.

Eh... esok continue the next part of my Bangkok trip. Baru balik nih dari concert. To be continued ek...nak kuar jalan jalan jap.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Yeay! I'm in Bangkok already! Lama tak mai sini dah. And yes, yes, yes, I am here to watch Beyonce. To be part of the Beyonce Experience World Tour which didn't make it to Kuala Lumpur (we are always SO deprived!).

Anyway, sebab malas nak tulis panjang panjang, enjoy several pics I've been snapping. No comments pasal aku malas nak update, sebab technically I'm trying to enjoy my time as a little time away from everything. A holiday if you must while I'm away on a job.

I touched down at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok at about 5pm, or about 4 in the evening, local time.

Excited sebab been some time since my last visit to Bangkok. I think the last time was the Jay Z concert, where I also got a one on one interview with Rihanna. Kind of ironic that I'm here next for Beyonce kan?

Completes the 'family' eh?

Remember the writing of the language of the robots in Transformers? Why does it look like Thai?

I am a camera. Look at me please. Erm... ok then. The cam thingie at airport immigration.

Anyway, here's a little tip that I want to share with anyone who's flying out to Bangkok, and needs to catch a cab from the airport to your hotel to whatever destination of choice into town. It's something I learnt dari berkali datang sini.

It'll save you a little money and we all love that don't we.

Taking a taxi into Bangkok is cheaper than you think, and more convenient than the bus for sure, especially if you're not familiar with the public transport system here. Well, easier, even if you are familiar with the public transport system here.

Tapi apapun, ingat sikit, that not very much unlike any airport (termasuk KLIA), the moment sampai je kat the arrival hall, ada jer taxi 'haram' dan kutu yang akan muncul offering berkali kali mahal punya harga untuk their service.

So here's what you do to avoid wasting money taking a limo taxi which can cost anywhere 800 (RM84) Baht and above, more than double of what you could be paying.

The trick?

Jangan layan these people who approach you and walk out of the arrival hall out into the open.

You'll notice signs outside which read 'public taxi'. There will be small desks about, with people issuing receipts. Tell them your destination, they'll scribble it down, and then you proceed to get a cab. Very fast.

Some drivers will choose not to use their meter (surprise, surprise) and will ask you how much you are willing to pay.

The standard rate is about 300 to 400 Baht (RM31 to RM42) if you take the expressway. To make sure a smoother journey, ask the driver to take the expressway.

Aku ke Sukhumvit, until Soi 15 area for 400 Baht, with an additional 60 Baht for taking the expressway, which is a little on the high side, but I was too lazy to haggle the price which is still decent.

Anyway, first time aku dok area Sukhumvit so not very familiar with the area, though it's only 10 minutes walk away with the district I am familiar with, near the immediate area of where I resided before at Grand Hyatt Erawan. Shopping paradise!

Tomorrow mesti aku jenjalan. Stay tuned for my shopaholics guide!

S15 - simple, classy and comfortable, not to mention chic.

My king sized bed.

Check out the necessities in the room! Booze and condoms! Everything you need for a good time.

The hotel I'm staying in is the S15 - short form for the street, or Soi 15. It's a boutique hotel, which I would quite recommend. Prices start for the deluxe room at about 3,050 Baht or RM322 onwards, but check their site to see if they have ongoing promotions.

I love this place, cause it's smack int he center of town, and is within walking distance, as well as being situated int he heart of Bangkok's shopping district.

There are street bazaars the moment you walk outside the lobby, and if you don't want the immediate area, the sex trade area, and less popular attraction - for no reason - and alternative to Patpong is just five minutes walk away in the Nana district.

About ten minutes away by walk along the straight road starts all the mall, but I'll share more on that tomorrow, while the hotel is two minutes walk away from the Asok MRT station, meaning you're mobile and non dependant on cabs or suicidal tuk tuks.

I tried walking around about 8pm and found it quite comfortable about the bazaars, tapi sebab letih, I retired to my room and enjoyed the speedy Internet broadband connection - which applies to my torrent downloads as well (kat Malaysia cam sial sikit line sebab tmnet sibuk nak cap off our bandwidth so line cam $%^& kalau ko kaki download)

Still, managed to take in sights when I went for my little night stroll of the immediate Sukhumvit area.

Kelas! Siap ada orang bak anak gajah. I feel like I'm in a living circus. Matilah sidewalk attraction. Eh... nak plan my shopping trip for tomorrow. Will post more tomorrow...

By the way, if you guys want to see more pics of where I'm staying, CLICK HERE for the S15 website. Cantik ok tempat ni, walaupun kecik.Ok guys... nak offline so my downloads jalan lebih laju. Heh...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shocking or boring?

Delayed America's Next Top Model cycle nine, episode six review!

Of course the topic is going to be about Ebony's withdrawal. Was it shocking? Honestly not. Would have figured it out by the way things were going. Ebony made it pre-tty clear she didn't want to be there, after the challenge after showing some initial doubts earlier. And you could tell she was just hoping to bugger off.

Even Tyson Beckford popping in didn't inspire her to better herself dan cuba untuk nak perbaiki dia. And she just... gave up!

Sad... still in a way, I think it's pretty obvious that she just gave up on herself, so bagus gak dia tak buang masa orang dan tarik diri.

You can tell that Tyra was pissed too, dissing Ebony as a quitter.

And she is pathetic too (Ebony I mean) cause she made the cut miraculously despite the ugliest picture, and STILL she quit. Bodoh ke apa???

Camna aku da mula suka dia, I think it's better she go anyway.

Tapi aku tak puas hati tol sebab Tyra didn't proceed with the elimination.

Ok, so they have a production schedule, but since Ebony was on the chopping block, it means Ambreal STILL should have been cut.

Oh well...

Stupid judges leh kata Ambreal patut kena kick. Ok so she has had a bad run, but lain pun teruk gak. Padan muka, wat malu yang meka pilih to stay on, quit. Just shows for the last few seasons, they've kind of lost the plot, being unable to spot real model material.

She really needed to go - to the loo!

Her casting video which got her in

I agree it was kind of sad to see her casting video of how she begged Tyra to take her in the show - very Akademi Fantasia. Good for a sob or two...

Oh well. On with the competition. For this show, the challenge of the spokesperson ads by the models in groups of three were all good. Surprisingly, Heather, Jenah and Ambreal did very well, despite their lack of planning and direction - and winning the challenge. Heather in a draw won the shoot with art direction by Mary J. Blige, which made me really happy.

Suka sangat tengok dia... I think she honestly may be at least top three finishers, even if there is a surprise and she doesn't win, cause apart from Chantal, she is smoking hot. Lisa (anyone notice her hair is straightened out dah?) appears to be losing it slowly, and just hope she regains it as soon as possible.

No matter what her disadvantages and handicaps are, she is really quick on the ball when it comes to modelling - and laju je dia pick up on improving herself on the judges's criticism about her asyik amik pic profile je.

The rest?

I don't know... macam buang masa jerk. Jenah? Just still can't put up with the redneck, sebab I think the judges are just so biased for her, and even though she looks like she just emerged from a trailer!

And the other redneck-esque cunt in Sarah? Boot her already! Argh! She should never have made it in the first place.

Anyway, didn't like most of this week's pics, as there was a lot of flaws in most of them. Ada je benda aku tak suka kali ni, even though biasanya I have at least five different shots.

So here are the remaining eight girls, and here's hoping things pick up next week. Whatever it is, I see my favourites as the final three in Heather, Chantal and Lisa, most likely in that order.

Why is TV so bland this week? First the boring episode of Heroes, and then this stupid episode of America's Next Top Model?

Is it a warped sweeps week where they see who has the worst program development?

Oh whatever...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What the...

Here is my delayed Heroes review with the fifth episode titled Fight or Flight. Going character by character and more or less what happened. Wasn't the best episode, in fact, it was really slow moving, and left me feeling like it really just was all hung.

I think they've seriously introduced too many characters (there's another new one this week) - and it's becoming confusing with too many people to keep track off.

Start downing these people down, and let the body count rise for the sake of the show, please!

Oh well, going by spoilers, things are SUPPOSED to pick up soon, but that is left to be seen as things have been draggy lately with stupid love stories (Peter-Caitlin, West-Claire, Hiro-Kensei-Yaeko) as well as too much emphasis (even a second is too much for these charafcters) for the likes of Ando, Niki/Jessica, the twins (they didn't appear this week), West and so many more. I mean, they might figure significantly in later episodes, but if they do, it's simply taking too long.

Which leads to the problem of the writers having too much to explain that they're rambling.

Anyway.. on to the most recent episode.

Elle Promos - With Kristen Bell joining the cast, we find out she can zap people with electrical sparks and later fries Ricky who resists telling her where Peter is. She's the daughter of someone big in the Company judging by the call. Wonder what the significance of that is? Who is he?
Bob with the Midas Touch?

Ooh, and the Valley Girl wannabe has a nasty temper and kills easily.

Peter Petrelli - Being the most undersexed loser, all anal to lose his virginity, decides to finally open his box and doesn't discover much.
Shows off his painting skill, and comes up with an Isaac premonition in paint.

Caitlin - Snogs and cries. Kill her off already. Apart from being a teary tramp, what else can she do?
And just when you're happy we don't have to put up with the sloppy lips of Claire and West...

Monica Dawson - Develops her powers further of imitating, being explained more and more of having 'copycat' powers, with the ability to repeat whatever she sees. Yeay! A black girl can play the piano and skip rope. Amazing!
We wonder why she passed up on skateboarding and basketball.

Matt Parkman - Ditches Mohinder for Nathan and tracks down Molly's boogeyman, his father. Discover daddy has more problem that the obvious lack of hygiene and shaving abilities. Also finds out daddy has interesting mind control powers too.

Matt's dad - Supposedly really, really bad, worse than Sylar. Turns out he just looks bad. But his character offers an insight that the powers of the Heroes, may be open to development. Perhaps he's just pissed the writers didn't give him a first name yet.

When he asks Matt, "you can read minds too" it was obvious he meant that he had it, but his ability to manipulate and trap both Matt and Nathan in those freaky illusions just mean there is a possibility that it can grow into something else.

Matt delivers the next round when he breaks the spell - without knowing how. A lot of potential there.

Back to daddy, apparently, before he goes on psycho mind warp spree, Matt and Nathan do find out he's been marked too. Cue suspence music!

Nathan Petrelli - Weak-assed white dude finds out he still has problems with his scarred image - which are rumoured by spoilers as his post-explosive period which he healed from in the months since he and Peter had their own fireworks display in the season one finale.

Mohinder Suresh - Decides to take Molly to the Company to get her treatment after she goes loco with the boogeyman encounter. Bumps into Niki, actually Jessica first who makes a quick return, and tries to help her escape. Turns out she turned herself in.

Niki/Jessica Sanders- Enters into the plotline via Jessica pissed off, probably over the fact that Ali Larter is not getting much airtime. Wish the writers would kill her off already. She's the biggest waste of time, among all the Heroes.

Ando Masahashi- As usual he doesn't have a life and is busy following Hiro's story. Kill him off!!!! Please!!! He is possibly the most hopeless of them all. He exists only to fill in the holes in the script.

Hiro Nakamura/Takezo Kensei - Still traipsing about with their love triangle with Yaeko. BORING!!!

Ricky - Dies! Why??? Couldn't they have worked out a way for Caitlin to be buzzed to death instead by Elle?

If this continues, I don't know... maybe I'm just going to lose my interest in Heroes altogether. It really is starting to get tedious trying to follow the plot with the slow pace they're developing everything, being too busy adding new characters to the line-up.
Oh well.. we'll see.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Black Eyed PLEASE!!!

Awmigawd awmigawd awmigawddddddd!!!! The concert just ended tadik, and it was FANTASTIC!!!!

I've seen the Peas live before, but nothing could have prepared me for the show just now. It was amazing with the list of the Peas' songs, as well as solos from all of them.

Besh gila!!! And they improved so much through the years, that they kept everyone partying for two hours.

Yang paling besh, to see the whol arena of over 6,000 people get up off their rears, and party like there was no tomorrow. Tak pernah concert kat KL penah camni sebab biasanya, ramai yang dok terbodoh.

Ni cam dok concert bebetul! Here are some pics.

Stage simple je sebelum start...

The song list - before some alterations and reshuffles for the KL show, though they did almost everything on it.

During Where Is The Love?...

They got everyone to wave their mobile phones! Cantik siot!

Memang tak jangka la concert besh camni. Pas abih, ni kat Starbuck ni, nak minum minum, nampak lak si Taboo lalu. Fergie and pun. Si Raden suka lah...nak kejau jadik stalker. Aku berat nak ikut sebab kami berenam. We would look a little freaky, tapi dia nak punya pasal...aduh.

Heh..sorry Raden...pecah lobang lak ko groupie. Merasalah. besides, aku da amik pic ngan meka semua perlu ke?

Eh ok la...esok posting agik... tanak go on and on. Still reeling from the show. Sapa tak gi, memang rugi. Till tomorrow...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Selamat pengantin baru Erra and Emran

Firstly. let's kick off this lengthy entry with Stardust. Short review jer. WATCH IT!

Kalau korang suka filem yang fantasy yang berunsurkan fantasy like The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Or Kisah Narnia - Sang Singa, Ahli Sihir dan Gobok - matilah translation!), you'll love this.

Malas nak review lelebih. It's jenis movie yang not very MTV-esque like most movies now, but still it's quite a traditional popcorn movie. Would I pay to watch it? Hell yeah!

Anyway, the premiere aku gi malam semalam was a tie-in event with Jimmy Choo where a specially designed shoe was also previewed. Supposedly ada 200 pasang jer yang available worldwide. There was no price tag on it, but I didn't dare ask takut pengsan.

Here's the shoe, and here's fashionista Sasha Basir taking a pic of it too for her blog. Over tau baju... you could take someone's eye out with that top.

Anyway... moving on malam tadik... akad nikah Erra Fazira dan Engku Emran. Aw...isn't it sweet. Don't marriages just make you wanna cry?

Especially when it's hot, stuffy, sweaty, and you're surrounded by hundreds of loud, jostling, sweating types who drech themselves in cheap deodorant or whatever fragrances they splash on. Dare we mention their underage spawns who wail at every opportunity, or the elder ones who run about getting tangled up in your feet while you rush about?

Yeap. Weddings make me cry. And tadi kat wedding Erra pun aku memang nak nangis for all those reasons katanya.

Still, it was a nice and simple akad nikah, if you ignore the 500 other guests. Seriously... a 'small' affair? Such an abused term these days.

Apapun, sebenarnya letih gila pas semalam rushing about. As usual lack of sleep, pastu bangun jer da kena up and about.

In the office, column, then out again for the wedding, almost getting lost on the way, tapi managed to brave the unknown gituh nak meredah hutan belantara. Nama je kat Taman Tun Dr Ismail lokasi akad nikah tuh. I would prefer to say it's meredah hutan belantara ke Sundai Penchala dah.

Sampai je, da pening da. The number of cars told me how simple the affair was going to be.
Erm...seb baik aku turn in jer ada one spot, terus leh parking masuk.

At about 9pm, they were married when Emran dengan sekali lafaz je menjadi Erra isterinya. Selepas sembahyang sunat, they had the upacara menyarungkan cincin.

Time makan, aku dok tepi isap rokok. Sempat ler merasa satay tuh yang ok ok, tapi cam tension abih sebab too packed, not enough places to seat. In fact we had to play musical chairs nak dok bergilir, well, sapa yang nak makan that is.

So chomped down on ciggys jer la.

Pas dinner, meka ada acara potong kek pulut kuning and a fireworks display. Matilah... tempted nak carut tapi biar aku kunci mulut for once for this joyous occasion. Then it was a press conference.

You know... it's kind of amazing. Time headline event camni kan, tetiba ramai 'wartawan' yang freelance yang muncul. Time Siti kahwin pun camni. Kalau event biasa biasa, aiyo...haram! Kalau sedozen muncul pun da kira meriah. So where do all these people come from????


Nak interview dah la organise kelam kabut sikit, sound system dum dam sana sini, pastuh ngan entah sapa sibuk nak posing diri dalam bilik tuh, dah ler berpuluh yang PC sekali. Geram tak tahan, menjerit aku tiba tiba... DIAM!!!!

Ngan muka tak bersalah, pandang pasangan pengantin, " you were saying". Leh? Memang muka Tembok Besar China la kiranya aku ni, but what to do. Dari diamkan diri, haram nak dengar apa pun in those conditions and screw up my story for the paper, lagik rela aku memalukan diri.

It was ok after that...for about 30 seconds. Then start balik sound effect kambing penyibuk mengembek in the background.


Senyap balik... for a minute then it started again.

Tak paham orang nak wat press conference tak reti nak adjust kan. Tak reti lagik bangsa tak reti nak diam kalao nak masuk menyibuk sekali.

Arghhh!! Geram!

Still, I don't know why, it was nice to see Erra and Emran together. I think they make a cute couple. They seem to feed off each other's energy and all in all, I really do wish them all the best and hope they can build a beautiful family together.

Wasn't the best of weddings I've been to in terms of organisation, but seeing the two of them in white, was touching enough to make me forget all that had happened. Sentimental kan aku ni... ke mental jerk kot.

Finished, back to the office, finished there, lepak kat KL minum minum before Boo, Moszack and I ke Shah Alam menyibuk kaco Anas yang tengah blind date. Merasalah zaman skang bebudak nak date tengok Otai (merasalah aku tergolek gelak on my own as I type this)

Slept late... pala berat tapi badan sakit. Erm... Esok tengok Black Eyed Peas so need to rest.

Enjoy the piccies. Ta...

Kek pulut kuning gituh

The happy couple

I bet Erra saw fireworks too tonight... much later. Matilah aku kena carut Syed pasnih...

Selamat pengantin baru

Hantaran...tujuh berbalas sembilan

Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Prada...

Dua naskah al-Quran, satu sebahagian hantaran, dan satu lagi sebgai ganti wang hantaran seperti diminta Erra

Overdose tau diamante kat hantaran tuh. Everything dripping with it, sampai kek pun ada butterfly besau!

The most beautiful gift ever from a wedding. Book of prayers - or more accurately a translation of the Holy Book