Sunday, September 16, 2007

Xanax is my best friend

Yeap. You got that right. Xanax is my best friend. It doesn't fail me. The little pink pill just sends you off to sleep faster than even the most boring of lectures. Semalam popped over late noon to send food to my sis in the Bangsar house sebab dia tak sihat. So jenguk jenguk.

On the way, sempat ler pick up some fresh flowers tuk rumah dia. Memang aku jer rajin nak sumbat bunga kat rumah tuh considering dia ni memanjang busy schedule je

My destination? Floristika, dekat je ngan rumah kita, sebelah opis aku jerk. The best selection, and quite good prices when it comes to flowers.

Picked up a bunch of mixed carnations and dianthius sebab suka the mix of white, purple and pink in various hues. They always brighten up with their hues. Second time I've bought them sebab memang unik gila their combo of colours.

Anyway, aku tak wat per pon semalam, so sorry ler kalao update ni pendek.

I actually spent a good couple of hours tweaking my player which didn't have problems before this. Tapi some people who have no lives decided to message me to wake me up from the effects of Xanax, to disturb my sleep at 5am just to bitch that they couldn't.

Big f***ing deal lah! So what if it doesn't play. I need my damn beauty sleep.

Strangely though, some people had no problems but some did, I suppose due to the fact that traffic was getting high and sooner or later they'd, meaning imeem, the player and multimedia host would blackball me for possible copyright infringement etc by not airing licensed material ke haper.

So am looking for another player, rest assured that'll be soon. Until then, the ten songs available tuh buat sementara.

I'm going along with the decision handed out by the poll, dan aku akan fokus lebih pada lagu lagu dalam carta sekarang, with a few international hits and one or two new songs lom masuk carta.
Ok lar... calling it quits for now. Pada sapa yang minat Mawi SAHAJA, this one's for you, a VERY short video of Mawi, and his wish pada semua yang menjalani ibadah puasa.