Friday, September 21, 2007

Undead and Unwed

Today, thankfully, there will not be a million pics in my blog, so hopefully, korang leh baca cepat sikit ler dari nak tunggu satu satu gambar nak load.

Kepada sesapa yang tak nampak any of the pics, all I can say is, keep hitting refresh, and pray that the pictures eventually show up, and that's the only helpful hint I can offer in making sure you guys dapat share the pics.

Hari ni was all about work... work... and more work. Sampai berbuka kat office. Ni second day aku kantoi dalam minggu pertama berpuasa ni. Mana tak nya... dah asyik sangat wat keja, tangan automatically reached for the Twisties dekat ngan aku.. and before I knew it.. *krookkkk*...I started crunching away.

Erm... so, two days tak puasa. Still not too bad. Sorry Boo Boo.

Apapon, today was not that event filled kecuali gi location scouting for one of my projects, which was actually quite fun. Got the place, confirmed it... and am ecstatic because I know it's going to look oh-so-fabulous!

Went back early today, and popped a Xanax before continuing the current book I was reading which is Undead and Unwed. I know... I know... it sounds weird.

I've always been into bimbo reading material, and I think this is as close as you get to the actual definition, apart from the Shopaholic books (you should read those too if you're like me).
Anyway, the book is the first of six I think in the genre of 'paranormal chick lit', and simply bloody amusing.

Summary? Elizabeth Taylor (yes, that's the character's name) comes from a broken home, is gorgeous, but bored of it, takes a low end job as a secretary, loves shoes, and on the samed day she gets fired, she gets bitten and infected.

She turns all vampire-like, but can actually hold crosses, stand garlic, take a Holy Water shower and yes, she still loves her shoes!

Turns out, she is the much awaited chosen one, who is to be the queen of the undead!!!

Beat that!

The whole book is a riot and you guys will love it, if you bother to take a read. Yeap... I finished it today, and am planning to scour for the other five soon (along with the new Shopaholic one which I have yet to get)

So this weekend is going to be book reviews, unless I can finish downloading the premiere episode of America's Next Top Model cycle 9 which is bloody slow on torrent.

Ok... Xanax taking effect...zzz