Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shoot 'em up!

Tadi ada event Mawi World bersama ngan anak yatim and all. Picked up Boo Boo and headed to Rebung nak berbuka sekali, tapi because of commitments, sampai pun dah lambat. Berbuka je dalam keta. Boo Boo pandai sikit, minum. Aku berbuka ngan sebatang rokok jer seperti biasa.

Makan asap lagik dihargai katanya selepas sehari tak merasa four minutes of my life subtracted away. Or six... whatever.

By the time we got there, it was about 7.45pm, da orang tinggal yang last last je tengah makan.

Aku lak da masuk angin, so didn't have the appetite nak makan. Boo Boo melayan line, which I joined some time later.

Pas abih, jumpa Mawi sat ngan kengkawan lain tuk interview, sambil lepak borak borak pasal shooting progress tuk Aduh Saliha. Botak ni semakin sibuk nampaknya. Da lama tak dapat sit down and talk to him. And you'd think over two years later pas kuar Akademi dia akan slow down.

Anyway, sapa minat dak botak ni, here are some pics dari semalam.

Yang spoil tuk aku, mood aku rosak when I saw an ex. Alamak... dia pun ada. To make matters worse, I saw an ex scandal dari ramai ramai kat gathering tuh. Alamak... potong terus. Ok... maybe I should really slow down. Meeting two former flings in one night at the same event is

NOT a good thing. Shoot!

Mood aku better sikit bila Farihad ajak tengok movie kat MidValley. So kami pon ke sana... me, Boo Boo, Fariah, Serimah, Zie, 'kawan' dia, and Rafaie (how the hell do you spell his name)

Ingat nak tengok Hairspray, tapi Farihad da tengok da. Nak tengok The Black Sheep or something like that, tapi Serimah kata cam bodoh. So debate punya debate, we settled for The Brave One, a new film starring Jodie Foster and directed by Neil Jordan (aku suka sangat masa dia wat indie bigie dia The Crying Game).

It's been a long time since I saw a real movie with substance, thyat stirred me up, and I think The Brave One is it.

Simple premise. Jodie plays Erica who's about to get married. She and her hubby to be walk through a park, get mugged, he dies, she comes out of it after weeks.
She struggles like all hell, but in the end, feeling unsafe she gets a gun to protect herself, and eventually turns vigilante, ridding the earth of scum gituh.

Me likey!

In fact, while there are many subtext available, aku bayangkan the main moral of the story is, if someone pulls one on you, get a gun and blow their brains out in the name of justice and speed up karma katanya. Heh... but good one. A good movie to watch, with the right mix of drama and visuals to entice.

Yang aku pelik, movie baguih camni, dalam panggung, selain kami bertujuh, I think tak sampai sepuluh orang lain yang nonton sekali. You got to be kidding right?

Good movies like this takde orang. Cait...

Semua nak tunggu blockbuster movie baru nak tengok ke??? Yang pentingnya I noticed they're STILL showing Transformers. Ok I loved it too, but wasn't it decades ago since they first premiered it??? A little too long kan? And then movie movie yang besh, meka seminggu dua da pull out.

Oh well, suppose it's a case of supply and demand so camna.

But if any of you out there, want a decent thriller, with a little action and suspence but a whole lot of drama thrown in the mix, catch The Brave One. Memang worth the ticket.

And trust me, for some reason, you'll leave the theatre satisfied, especially being cotent with violent images of blowing out the brains of idiots who plague your life. Gituh...
I give it a three and a half stars. Would watch it again. But not awesome. Just quite good. Straightforward fare.

Pas kami abih wayang tuh, we were debating where to go for supper. In the end, Boo Boo and I though nak gerak jumpa member lain yang melepak.

But nore before we had to see this! Yes, ingat tak siri perosak selera aku? Pics ngan orang takde keja nak feeling stylo showing off their butt cracks and underwear and all in public?

Well, this was the sight we got bila salah sorang minah jaga this candy punya gerai dekat panggung decided to share her rear cleavage with us.

I really have no idea why people still dress like this.

Don't they know it's a major fashion faux pas to show your butt crack in public? And we always thought only mechanic and plumbers did it.

Please people, for the last time, don't show your ass off, and kalao nak pakai suar yang ala ala mendedah apa yang tak patut, get some nice sexy underwear to not spoil the view for the rest of us.

Mesti tumbuh ketumbit sekor sekor kang terlihat adengan ni...

Eewwww!!!! What the... anyways Boo and I hung out with some friends, and it wasn't as boring as last night when no one was out.

Nampaknya walaupon baru first weekend, statement setan di rantai kena diubah sikit kerana ramai da tumbuh tanduk kuar lepak balik.

So setan setan dirantai.. tapi rantai ala ala panjang gituh bukan terlepas tapi ada la movement sikit sikit. Heh...

Hung out the whole night iuntil sahur. Sahur was fun though cause it was kami ramai ramai gi makan kat Cheras.

I really have to find a new routine, sebab aku rasa cam I'm putting on weight walaopon puasa baru berapa hari. It's not healthy at all to gorge myself then go to sleep (like it's ever been any different)

Ok... I promise to myself, beginning Monday, aku nak spend evenings working out in the gym at the office. Nak wat schedule at all.

Being 31 is no joke, and I hereby declare as of Monday, I will work out at least three times a week to maintain my physical appearance and also my health.

And if you believe that, you'll believe that I'm the Queen of England katanya...

Well, wish me well anyway.

And to those of you who haven't voted, please, again, let me know what songs you guys wanna listen to on my imeem player ok so I can change the line up of songs for something yang korang feel better.

Makes it easier to get through the day kalao something interesting is playing in the background that's easy on your ears and musical preference.

Ciao for now...

PS - Boo, sorry ek aku tak dapat bagitau pasal ex aku kat sana awal awal. Tak kuasa masa tuh.