Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Selamat berpuasa

Sebelom apa apa, I would like to wish everyone, selamat berpuasa. Oooo... it's going to be an exciting time again. Paling suka pas puasa sehari (yer... aku posa gak), berbuka bersama yang tersayang ke... kengkawan paling rapat ke... besh besh besh.

So tomorrow, the first day. Merasalah....tapi yang I'm not looking forward to is gaining more weight, which is always what happens.

Yerla... akibat asik 'exercise' jalan ke pasar Ramadhan, sahur pastu KO, angkat berat pinggang hulu hilir buffet line bila kena gi event buka puasa... so many reasons. Sabau jer la... Aduh...I need a post puasa to work off the weight I eventually gain from puasa.

Anyway, smalam was a messed up day for me. Work work work... then pastuh, malam gi dinner ngan si Vern and Audi. Dengan eye for detailnya, si Audi perasan lak sign ni which was right behind me,

Well, alrighty then! Another reason not to want to have crabs (apart from the obvious reasons why you don't want to have the other varierty that you generally get in bed)

Anyway, short posting hari ni, kang aku update per per. Oh by the way, the so-called Heroes I downloaded, kononnya first episode of season two, takleh bukak. Kononnya perlu password, and the site it originated from, masa aku nak sign up stated membership berbayar. So I deleted the damned torrent. Siot jer... still I bet it's just Euro porn or something.

Anyway, apart from Heroes, I'm firing my torrent up for America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 which starts in less than a week.

I don't know why, but all the girls for the new season look stick thin. Maybe it's just the effect of photoshop or something, but most of them, including Tyra herself (wonder if she's finally lost weight after the pudginess of Cycle 8). Are they going for the Jaslene look that had the semblance of a malnourished, anorexic twat?

Eeww.... hope not. But no plus sized models this time.

Ok... gotta go for now, got a little video editing to do. Ciao.