Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm worried. I'm very worried. Betul... risau sangat nih! Korang ada beli album Amy yang paling recent tak? Ikon : A Rockstar Chronicle was released last year in case you guys didn't know.

Banyak lagu best! My favourite, being Tiada Lagi. Eh jap... tu lagu originally Indonesian ke? Don't know for sure. But it was written by a Koha Kahler (sounds German). Googled for him, or her, but no info.

All I know is the song was originally released in the similarly titled album belonging to Mayangsari in 1998. Erm... rasa Koha dapat royalti dari MACP tak tiap kali lagu tu dimainkan? Alah... tak elok lar camtuh kan? Camtuh, album Amy pun patut kena sekat lar terus because I guess that would be tantamount to supporting Indonesian-related talent.

Too bad.. good album, but I hardly recommend you guys buying it. Patriotic la sikit. Buy strictly Made in Malaysia products yer. Anything with Indonesian talents is a no-no.

Thank you Amy for opening our eyes.

I know a lot of people are going to hate me for saying this. But personally, I still see all this as hypocrisy.

Erm. If you guys ever thought of me as a sarcastic b****h... geez.. I think you got it right. At the end of the day, I am as passionate as the next person for the future of our local music industry. And I too have the right to say what I feel, and point out what I think is wrong with it.

Personally, I love it too much to see it destroyed because of personal interests. More observations on the whole issue to follow. Don't mind me.

Berapa hari ni aku obsessed sikit issue ni selepas banyak discussion with friends in the industry to get opinions, walau sokong ataupun bantah tindakan pihak pihak yang nak 'kurangkan' influence' of Indo rock in Malaysia.

I respect others for their view. And I listen. Here however, is my time to write what I feel, and I think there are a lot of points and angles we have to think of.

Nothing is black and white, and it's never that simple.

Kurangkan Indo rock artis kita laku? That seems to be the kesimpulan of the whole kekecohan kan?

Is it that easy? You'd be a fool to think so.

Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, would love to promote Amy punya website. Tamau lar orang kang kata aku tak support made in Malaysia products. Unfortunately, apparently doesn't exist.

Erm... so much for making the effort eh?

If you've been following my points on the issue, maybe you should read Audi Mok's (not to be mistaken with Karen Mok, Ken Mok, or Mindy and Mork) comment on it too. A talented composer, I think Audi is one of the few who dared speak honestly f the issue. Until the next entry...