Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Record breaker!

I thought it would be impossible, but I have broken my record of writing an article that exceeds the length of my usual rantings! Yes, I was really inspired... to b***h!

It was obviously on the Heroes gig, which I didn't want to yap how horrible it was, because I am after a Heroes fan. But I thought at the end of the day it was just crap that they had two meet the fans sessions, which lasted about 20 minutes in total spread out over four days.

And you thought the Heroes World Tour was supposed to be a fan event (apart from shameless promotion of the DVD box set of Volume One and also promotion for Season Two - Volume Two)
From the required no more than 2,000 words, I gasped in horror that I had ranted and raved for my article for a grand total of something like 4,793 words or something like that. Matilah aku!!!!!

Tried cutting it down, but didn't want to lose the essence of it. We have a saying in this business.

"When the going gets tough, the sub starts editing". Leh?

Busy busy busy... selain tuh, abih keja jer wat kali pertama, ada orang beriya nak dating sangat ngan aku. Sapa lagi kalao bukan my Boo-Boo tuh.

Erm... malas sebenarnya nak tulis. I don't know why but with the ton of work I have, with events piling up, and with sorting out my personal life (not to mention trying to make time to finish off the remaining Queer As Folk episodes)

So sorry guys, looks like the past few and the enxt onme or two entries are going to be very personal ones. Ujung minggu ni ada Anugerah ERA, so expect that at least to be fun.