Friday, September 14, 2007

Quiet day

The past few days has been relatively relaxed, which is thankful cause I feel the need to slow down the pace of things. Semalam, being Friday, had little to do, thankfully, and pas abih, gerak ke Shah Alam jumpa Boo Boo tuk ajak dia berbuka sekali.

Atas ajakan kak Shida, kita gerak ke Kerinchi nak buka posa sekali ngan Juan, Julia dan laki dia. Disebabkan traffic jam seperti biasa dari area PJ sampai ke susur keluar ke Pantai Dalam along the Federal Highway, biasa lar.... sampai pun about 7.30pm.

So by the time we got a parking spot, and ordered our food which thankfully took quite fast, kami pun berbuka. Aku break fast first with rokok sebatang. Cara paling senang katanya. Tiga kali they had to clear our table with all sorts of dishes we ordered.

After we were done, we all hung out for a drink, then me and Boo Boo gerak ke Cheras Downtown, saja jalan jalan.

It was SO PACKED that we just hung out a while and bought some things before scooting off. Went to Pandan Indah for a drink with Ted, just to wish him a happy birthday (stpp playing Brian Kinney, testicular cancer or not) and then hopped back to KL where we met up some friends, I think kita stop minum pun tiga empat kali semalam. Oh well... abih nak wat apa. Ingat nak tengok wayang, tapi I looked at the time, and thought better of it as it was too late by then.

It looked like it was going to rain, and boy, was it blowing then. The sky looked a little freaky. I don't know, it looked a little out of a horror movie like it was opening up for something to just shoot out a creature or something or similarly horrific in nature.

Boo Boo was feeling really tired, so since we last had a bit of keropok lekor, both of us thought that would suffice for sahur, and aku drop dia balik rumah. Aku sampai rumah sempat online jap....

I was uploading several songs to my imeem bank, you know, the song playing thingamajig on the left. Nak tanya... korang suka ke tak music of my choice.

So, aku letak poll ni, korang pilih ek.

Whether you still want club music, my songs of the moment, lagu lagu dari carta carta tempatan, or international chart music. Add your suggestions and let me know, sebab I know a lot of you, like me, kat opis bukak natang tuh nak layan something you like kan. Think of it as your request for your own online radio station kind of thing ok. Let me know, and by Monday, I;ll have the winning choice making up the playlist.

Let me know any suggestions you have too, so I can consider it. Gonna sleep for now.

PS - Esok ada buka posa ngan Mawi.

PS II - Happy birthday Ted!