Saturday, September 01, 2007

More Heroes

Ok, this posting comes a late compared to the previous one yang lajus je aku posting, walaopon ngan seribu satu typo dan sebagainya. Malas nak betulkan. Capture the moment gituh when you read it.

Anyways, after popped out for a spot of shopping along Orchard Road ( three bags - Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Guess, one towel, Giorgio Armani) and three bottles of perfume later (including another Versace to add to my collection), aku make my way along with my colleagues in Shuib dari New Straits Times and si Faizal dari Kosmo! to make way to the hotel nak gerak ke Vivo City.

We were told to gather at the lobby by 1.45pm. Our watches showed that it was 2.40pm. Erm... oops?

Kami memang cam malas nak gi pon mula mula sebab tak wajib kami hadirkan diri pun.

But in the end, after putting aside our shopping bags dalam bilik, kami pun gerak ke sana by cab memandangkan nak control kami shopping sakan.

The event pun scheduled start lambat by 3,30pm so we had lots of time... which was taken up by the horrendous traffic jam.

Arrived at Vivo City. Aiyo... amik ko!

It was bloody packed! I think more than 5,000 people were huddled together in the mall, to get a glimpse of Masi, Ali, Sendhil and of course, Greg.

Oh well, we made our way to the front.

Alamak... siap ada red carpet ok! Malu siot nak jalan... but tebalkan muka, dan clutch harder at my All Access pass and made my way to the front of the stage are.

Seriously, the number of people who turned up, I think signals the popularity of the show, which is nothing short of phenomenal.

We hung out, watched the same promo clips being played over and over again, as Samsons' For You, which is the theme of the Heroes World Tour 2007, the Asian leg Singapore stopover promo tune was played over and over again for a million times.

It was tiring waiting and to keep hearing the 'I hear they're here and will be joining us soon'.
In the ends, screams rang out which marked that the four of them dah pun sampai. Oh well.

Here we go.

Everyone started screaming out like it was some boyband concert.

The most popular? Masi, of course.

The Asian thing.

Next on the popularity chart would be Greg, which is so right, considering he was the only one who seemed really genuinely excited about being there.

Ni some pics of the crowd and the situation there just now. Love the effort by the fans to come up with the humourous lines for their banners and signs they brought along.

The funniest is one girl, who I think had the best idea, by drawing a dotted line on her forehead with a little scissors icon, and wrote below it, 'cut here', Hilarious!

You judge some of the other favourites to see who had the best sign.

The crazy crowd that turned up at Vivo City.

Cute and awesome signs spotted. Were you there?

Joey and Marion handling the event.

You can't really see it, but I think is the best example of a Heroes fan. She had a dotted line on her forehead with a 'cut here' tagged. Cute idea!

The gang arrives.

Messing about...

Greg was the most fun...

More pics of the Heroes.

Greg and Masi having fun with the crowd

Greg taking time to sign an autograph for my friend. So cool!

Leaving... and being followed by everyone

One for the album - with my Topshop shades. Hiding my eyebags of course. Heh!

Wow... just realised I posted that many pictures. Ok lar... it was fun, walaupon lasted about only 15 minutes. Ridiculous, considering some spent hours getting there, let alone camping out there to meet their favourites.

Holler out to my friends from my blog who flagged me down. Tak sangka you ladies leh come all the way kan. Sorry didn't have time to spend chatting with you girls. Another time ek! Kita jumpa lagik lain kali.

Headed back to the hotel, then popped out with a friend of mine. Headed to The Magic Hall and picked up some stuff.

Headed back to the hotel, and slept a little and just messed about.

Then got some news which just totally screwed me up. Oh well... despite being happy (sort of) the past few days, looks like I've hit another low. Don't understand it.... but my mood is so shot.

So spent the remaining few hours until sunrise packing my stuff and staring into space.

I so hate going back because of this, but at the same time, I can't stay here another minute longer being so far away. Talk about being f***ed up!

Oh well... que sera sera.
Out for now.