Monday, September 17, 2007

Kurma dan kuih bulan

First things first, don't mind the player, cause I tweaked it again. And will probably continue until I find the best. Kalao dulu aku ada radioblog yang leh muat apa saja, sorry guys but this time sebab budget gituh, aku kena carik yang free provider. Yer ler.. dulu zaman Akademi Fantasia musim ketiga, ada sponsor dari Brunei yang upkan server tuk aku. Skang kena self sufficient sikit. Tuh pun kos beribu Ringgit sebulan kalao nak ikutkan sebab ada bangang yang tak reti wat radioblog sendiri nak curi coding dan abihkan bandwidth.

Anyway, hope you guys like this one, though it's a little limited, I promise I will continue improving it, so korang kat opis leh lar layan gak lagu lagu korang suka.

Anyhoo, hari ni sibuk sikit, biasa la beginning of the week. Not too... but with no mood to work (as expected of a Monday), you just grit your teeth and get through it.

So pas abih keja, which was quite late already, dan dah pun berbuka puasa ngan makanan cafeteria (seriously, I think my stomach upset berapa hari ni has something to do with it), jumpa Ben dan Shah yang baru balik dari kampung. Avid pon join, so we went for a drink and just hung out.

Can't tell what transpired, but just some stuff pasal Dia yang aku memang dari dulu penah sayang, skang da meluat. I don't know. Sometimes, there's a think line between love and hate, and though you know the boundaries in your self, some people don't, and they just push you to the other side.

Oh well.. as I always say. Leave it to karma to determine what's best.

Moving on...

Besides, I have my Boo Boo now to think of. Boo... ko jangan perasan sangat, since ko baca nih. Kita kena slow slow ok sayang... kalao ada jodoh tak ke mana kan?

Apapon, tadik sahur ngan Boo walaopon awal (sori babe... letih dan ngantuk)

That's when me and Boo spotted this cat masa makan kat mamak kat Shah Alam.

What's so unusual? Well, technically it's a normal stray cat. Nothing pelik ke apa.
Tapi kalao ko teliti pic ni bebetul, you'll notice something that's kind of erm.. well... eye catching!
Pic ni Boo amik (aku kredit ko ek yang...), tapi dari angle ni tak nampak sangat kot. Ok, the first clue is you don't see the hind legs.

Kaki belakang cam terselit. No.... no... the cat ada keempat empat kakinya. It's not some weird mutated thing... too science fiction even for my blog.

That's not the thing.

If you said the cat has a huge ass, that's almost true, cause it does look like that from this angle. In other words, this cat looks like it's got ghetto booty!!!

Maybe it can star in a rap video then if it's female. Owh.. it is female. Heh...

Ok... so anyone can get it yet?

Kalao korang masih tak dapat tangkap what I'm getting at, here's a clearer picture of things, selepas berbelas pic kami snap nak carik angle baik tuk tunjukkan what had us gawking at the cat.

There, that's your answer. Yeap... the damn thing's pregnant. What caught our eye was the fact that it was so damn huge and bloated (feel that way pas buka), and it looked like it was carrying twins! Nay! Triple! Quadruplets!!!!

Wonder how the poor thing moves about (though I know some people like that too, so it should hardly be surprising)

Ok lar.. nak tido. Esok nak ke opis awal. Siang tak banyak keja. Just hope no one distracts me away from the little bit I have left though to finish up.

Hope especially I don't have to deal with anyone who decides to send anymore kurma.

Not only I don't eat dates, people (not on the first one - lame joke!), I think I have more than enough to last me a lifetime. In fact, I think I still have lots from last year no one bothered to eat!

Ni, tengok la... ari ni je. The two bags, gold and silver tuh, buah tangan kengkawan kat Hot and Fly FM yang hantar... you guessed it... kurma inside those erm.. lovely... carrier bags.
Then that box lak, came in a huge box, with many many boxes of dates. Aiyo...

The two mooncakes were what's left after kami berbuka kat opis tadik, ada lagik yang tak de orang larat nak makan da.

Erm... anyone considering sending kuih Raya tak? That would be nice to receive (demand lak)
My favourite's pineapple tarts yeah... pastikan it's soft and crumbly and just nice, not too moist and not too crunch. Heh...

Ok guys... really got to get some shut eye. Esok like I said banyak aktiviti. Most of them berbuka puasa though. Esok ada event yang ada Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa and Erra Fazira (buka puasa SRC), then ada buka puasa Suria FM (ada Erra Fazira and Engku Emran - please don't ask me how she's going to run from one venue to another), and finally as buka puasa Astro (don't know who's going to be there though).

Which one am I heading too? Entah lagik.. besok lar decide.

Ok la... ciao guys.