Monday, September 03, 2007

I dread Mondays!

Yes.. another freakin' Monday. I move so slow at the beginning of the week. Dahlar aku bukan a morning person. Honestly just feel like staying in bed.

Oh well... too tired to blog, especially since I got a million things to do. Blog tomorrow.

Besides, I'm still trying to finish the remaining episodes of the five seasons of Queer As Folk.
It's my new form of theraphy. After this going to get started on The L Word, which is the lesbian version of Queer As Folk... sort of.

PS - My date here on known as Boo-Boo is totally amazing, and while I don't feel it's a love at first sight thing (plus I can't my mind off Dia still), I appreciate how hard Boo-Boo is trying to win me over.