Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Semalam ada member, si Izad bagitau that there was a Heroes torrent out. And I'm not talking about the 23 episodes which have been out from the first season.

The tag on the torrent claims it to be episode one from season two and is supposedly a pre-air issue, though I doubt the validity of it. Even Izad said that there might be a possibility of if being fake. Which doesn't surprise me, because mungkin it ends up some stupid porn crap. Like the last time pas aku gi tengok Transformers, went on torrent and downloaded it which claimed to be a very clear copy. The tag sounded authentic and all, tapi when I previewed it after downloading it midway it ended up to be some Euro crap porn. Leh tak? Cam kesial...

So is this torrent real? Hope so... kalao betol aku update kat sini and gloat (for those like Izad to makan hati like hell) and will put up screenshots and all. Yer yer je... still have a suspicion that it's some Euro porn.

Tapi line slow gila... seharian download baru 24%. Don't know whether to blame it on the lack of seeders ke line Streamyx yang begitu hampeh skali.

Away from my laptop, semalam was a little slow paced with only one assignment. Tuh pun lewat petang, ada event ngan Siti Nurhaliza. Launching product Olay. So anyway popped into it, passing up n the cocktail. Ni kalao nak pics, here it is.

Didn't bother snapping more sebab felt lethargic. After I was done, had drinks with a couple of friends, and since it was already late, dropped by to see Boo Boo before balik rumah to get some sleep.

In more ways than one, I am starting to feel my age. Don't know how to describe it, but in a lot of ways I am feeling apathetic about a lot of things now. Perhaps my OCD is almost gone cause I don't care about much anymore. People can sort out their lives on their own now, cause I'm starting to realise that it's a lot more than about other people.

Usually it's always the other way around, and people realise they have to stop being selfish and start caring about everyone around them, Me? I'm realising at 31, it's got to be a little bit more about me and not about playing charity for basket cases. Not that I'm going to be a hard, cold b***h. Just that I'm going to be a little more non chalant about idiots who don't deserve it.

Yawn...so going to pop a Xanax and drifting off to a better place, at least for a while.