Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heroes returns!

What can I say... I got mojo going online and finished downloading Heroes, Four Months Later, the first episode of season two.Lambat lah sikit...tapi ok lar.
Remember - for those who haven't watched - and for those of you depending on Astro, tunggu January jer lah... DON'T READ if you don't want to know what goes on.
Yes, this whole posting is about the latest episode of Heroes, so kalao tak minat, then it's going to bore you.
Here's the developement of the characters so far.

MOHINDER SURESH is in Cairo, Egypt, lecturing about the 'special' and tells of the plague that can wipe them out. He is approached by Bob, a representative of the Company, who offers him a job to achieve that. Mohinder takes up the job.

CLAIRE BENNET @ CLAIRE BUTLER is in eleventh grade in Costa Verde, California, under a new identity and struggles to fit in as she hides her intelligence and cheerleading abilities (that indeed is a superpower!). The development of her love interest in West begins this episode (read below for characters introduced to find out about West)

NOAH BENNET @ NOAH BUTLER or the Horn Rimmed Glasses Guy or HRG (miss calling him that now he has a name) is trying to get back into the boring routine of life, or in other words, being a Bennet. We're later shown, he's communicating with Mohinder. In fact, apparently he and Mohinder are planning the downfall of the Company.

Does he have any powers? Don't think so, but when he grabbed his manager's finger and got that little b***h twisted in a knot, he appears to be strong. You never know.

HIRO NAKAMURA is of course found outside Kyoto, Japan in 1671. He meets up with Takezo Kensei, the legend he often was told stories about since he was a kid. Tapi dia terkejut sebab Kensei doesn't at all fit the description of what he's been told of the hero.

We're also introduced to the swordsmith's daughter, his upcoming love interest. Yes, the nerd gets to be with a girl - only in the movies (or TV). Trying to save Kensei in an earlier scene, he changes history when the town of Otsu burns down attacked by the bandits that Kensei would have hunted down otherwise.

MATT PARKMAN finally gets to be elevated from low ranking officer to detective (no major difference is there). Since we all love Matt Parkman aka Greg Grunberg, here's a little trivia. His badge number on the New York Police Department badge is 8954.

Cepat gi beli ekor! Mesti first prize.

Heh... We find out that he's taken in Molly and putting up in Mohinder's apartment as he plays daddy after his injuries and divorce (You stupid b****h... you left him??? Are you crazy???) Anyway, both he and Mohinder have worked out a protection for Molly. Oh, and we learn he can't cook.

MOLLY WALKER, the little kid which is the human freak mapping system is facing problems staying awake due to endless nightmares. She keeps her smart ass act going, and refuses to talk of drawings she made with Matt, and even screams her ass on him to avoid talking about it.
Her drawings are mostly random pairs of creepy eyes, with the symbol, the helix.

Refresher course, the symbol is two Kanji characters: 才 (Sai) meaning "Great Talent" and 与 (Yo) meaning "Godsend" literally meaning "God sending great ability". The drawings, the Kaito ad Angela warning tells us of a bigger baddie than Sylar this time, lurking abot killing the Heroes, apparently one of the earlier Generations.

KAITO NAKAMURA, Hiro's dad is still in the same spot that Sylar got his ass whooped in final showdown with Peter and the gang where Peter ended up putting on a fireworks display with Nathan.

Kaito discovers a picture of him, ripped from a larger one or the earlier Generations with the symbol. He tells Ando that he will die in 24 hours as it's a warning from one of the earlier Generations.He later reveals in his talk to Angela that it's retribution for the sins of their past And that he sought redemption by helping Hiro save the world.

Charles Devaux, Linderman, Mr Petrelli Senior are three of the dead elders. According to Kaito, there are now nine left - and he and Angela are two of them. Who are the other seven? Have we been introduced?

Anyway, we don't get a glimpse of Kaito's power as he gets thrown off the building by the mysterious killer. Killer survives. Kaito dies - du-uh.

ANDO is still in Manhattan, and still hopeless as ever, functioning only to tie in the plot. Wish they would kill him off already.

NATHAN PETRELLI.. yes, he's alive and scruffy, drinks too much dan masih berkabung tuk Peter, whose apartment he's staying in, in New York. He still believes Peter is alive and can't get over what happened. We're told by Angela he's driven his wife Heidi and his family away but we do know he still allows for contact with Claire, who if you missed the plot, is still his biological daughter.

ANGELA PETERELLI is still an uptight b****h, she receives the same warning, with her face marked as well like Kaito.

PETER PETRELLI is back! He's found with a cooler haircut, wearing the symbol all dirty in a trailer by Ricky (read below on new characters) when the baddie and this thugs try to pull off an ipod heist. Even though Peter is alive, and back without that stupid GQ floppy hair, we don't know what happened that night four months ago, and neither does he! Amnesia is always a good device for a TV series.

NISSAN too makes a return. The major sponsors return with the Rogue model early on which strangely enough, Noah is able to afford, despite his lowly position in Copy Kingdom. That's TV and sponsors for you.

MAYA and ALEJANDRO are brother and sister and are shown running from the police in San Cristobal in Honduras for their involvement in some murders. They apparently have read the Suresh book and are on the move to the US to get help for Maya, who later is shown to wipe out a truckful of stinky people on the run, after the driver and his partner negate on a deal and dump Alejandro. How, tak pasti lagi, all we know is they bleed from the eyes which turn all blacked out. Freaky!

'BOB' will turn out to be a pretty central character, according to some spoilers I've read (scroll below kalao tak sabar nak tau what it is). He may look a sad geek anda weird pervert, but he has powers too! He can turn metal into gold! Cool gift. Talk about the Midas touch!
Oh, and remember how Claire found out she was Nathan's biological daughter. Spoiler below tells how Bob is related to the existing group of Heroes.

WEST is obviously interested in Claire and gives a clue that he's different too. And yeap, he is. He flies! And he senses Claire has a power, and is on her tail for her to admit that she's different, which she's stuggling not to even give a clue about.
The superpower couple. Nice...

TAKEZO KENSEI is white, and turns out he's a major loser. He was an English trader turned bounty hunter. Self obsessed, drinks too much (could be friends with Nathan) and generally a prick, Kensei is one whacked out white dude.
He does throw a good punch though and knocks out Hiro for interrupting his drink of sake. Good one! Nice punch to the geek!

DEBBIE is the mean head of the cheerleaders. She looks too dumb to have any powers, but who knows kan?

APRIL is the good cheerleader we see in the background when she takes a sympathetic look at Claire being bullied. Wonder if she has powers too. B***hing cheerleaders with powers.. yeah! Good TV

THE BOOGEYMAN is unknown and medium built. He wore a hood when he threw Kaito off the roof so we don't know who he is.The spoiler below reveals where the plot is going and who it is, though if it proves true it means he may have more than one power.
That is - if Molly was dreaming about the killer in the first place, because the boogeyman in her dreams need not necessarily be the killer. Boggles the mind kan?
Why he wants to knock off the elders, we don't know. But we'll definitely find out.

RICKY, I assume his name is based on earlier spoilers is introduced as head of a gang of thieving thugs in Cork, Ireland. Powers? Possibly.. but don't know yet. He however doesn't really flinch at Peter's powers so he may just have it too.

And now for the spoilers. Remember THESE ARE SPOILERS!

These spoilers give away a large chunk of the first four episodes of the eleven they're shooting for Volume Two before the Christmas break (yeap... they're going to go on break midway like last year AGAIN!).
With that said, kalao nak tau gak, what's coming up, use your mouse, highlight the area below and read on the spoilers for the upcoming episodes. If you've seen episode one of Four Months Later, you can tell it's pretty accurate and believable.

Episode One "Four months later"
Mohinder is approached by a strange guy named Bob, who offers him a job with a mysterious company.
Mohinder realises the company is his enemy and trying to penetrate the orginization.Claire nearly gets run over by her new boyfriend West, who she later learns can fly.
She has a run in with head cheerleader Debbie, does a backflip- and breaks a bone, she then uses her powers to heal herself.

Episode Two "Lizards
Peter was captured by Irish criminals in the seasons premiere, has amnesia and has to re-discover his powers.He has a love intrest Caitlin the daughter of Ricky, the leader of a criminal gang.
Hiro's father is killed by being thrown off a rooftop by a stranger who jumps off the roof with him, but disappears before they hit the ground.
Hiro travels back in time and impersonates his hero, Takezoand, and using his power to stop time he disarms 11 bandits.
Hiro falls in love with the swordsmith's daughter but steps aside so his hero Takeo can fufill his destiny.

Episode 3 "Kindred"
Saylar is still alive.. he kills Candice Wilmer who had rescued him, but then to his shock -he loses his powers.
Peter is forced to help the criminals with a robbery and saves the gangsters by levitating an armoured car and hurling it at the guards. He discovers he has powers of shooting electricity from his hands and telekinesis.
Suresh saves the dying Haitian by injecting him with his blood.
Niki joins the evil company.

Episode 4 "The Kindness of Strangers"
A new hero (Dana Davis) has the power to replicate any physical motion.
She foils a stick-up man by snatching his gun and flooring him with a double backflip she once saw during a wrestling show.
American students Derek and Maya find Sylar lying face down in the Mexican desert and rescue him. He tells them his name is Gabriel Gray and seems willing to help them but secretly kills Derek at a gas station.
Molly's "boogeyman" turns out to be the mysterious Bob from the company , who is actually Matt's father.

So.. with that out of the way, looks like it's going to be quite interesting where they're heading as they weave the plot more.I found the first episode a little draggy, butmaybe because I just wanted to find out whowas alive and who was dead.

As expected, everyone is alive, Peter and Nathan (du-uh!). The only guy that seems dead is obviously Dl because Niki and Mikah make their return next week.
Oh well, turst them to kill of the only black guy.

American TV... predictable at times.

Anyway, was it good? You bet your ass it was. Can't wait for next week.