Sunday, September 23, 2007

Do you want to be...on top??? (that sounds nasty!)

Yeay!!! I watched the premiere episode of America's Next Top Model, finally, since it appeared on torrent after it was aired in the US on Thursday, bout noon or so, local time.

What did I think of it? Well, prepare for a long entry.

It doesn't seem as hot as last season's, or even the previous seasons. I don't know, cam tak best lak kali ni. Takde umphhh. To make it worse, I think Tyra's getting so, erm... what's the word... contrived.

Trying too hard kali ni. Like the time when they the shortlisted 33 were on the cruise ship for the casting call (cool location this time, that's for sure). Tyra appeared to them as a wannabe showgirl, erm.. I wouldn't say singing, but kind of breathy and all. Ugh!!!

If that wasn't bad, her so-called 'funny antics' were. guys have to watch to understand the scenes, but I think it drives my point home how hard Tyra is trying this time around to jazz up the program, because somehow the talents this time appear mediocre at best, in comparison to the girls from the other seasons.

Some of the girls were simply intolerable. Sarah for one, is just a waste of time. But her 'sense of humour' must have counted for personality cause she got in.

Here's a shot of her doing the 'straw accordian' act. Eew!!!

And Tyra's reaction? For once... suitable.

This season seems to be the oddball showdown because all of the girls were obviously chosen not for their look but their personalities or characters (or disorders, if you must). Take Heather for one, I kind of like her, but she's a self professed computer geek, with a hunch, and a mild form of autism which makes her behave all awkward in social situations.

Still, as creepy as she can look, I think once groomed, she's one of the real threats to winning the competition. Why does she remind me of Fasha Sandha?

Anyway, check out the swimsuit shot... talk about bad postures.

So here are the girls' portfolios for now. I only missed out on the screenshot of Ebony's because they didn't display it. Which is ok cause Ebony's going to be around too even though she's the super b***h of the competition, though I think that's ok cause Bianca appears as a hootchie c**t!

Apart from Ebony and Heather, I likd Sylvia, but she didn't make the cut, and Chantal, who undoubtedly will be one of the favourties.

Jennifer was ok too, but she didn't make it in either. My afterthoughts were Ambreal, Lisa and Janet, who is the token short haired gal this time about, but I think she's quite Naima-esque.

The other were questionable. Mila looks so pumped with collagen, Victoria is so berangan and so wrong just cause she looks weird and thinks too much of herself, and Sarah, the accordian-straw playing girl was just common. Saleisha has nice proportions but... I don't see anything unqiue about her... and Kimberly??? WHO??? Owh...the porn star lookalike..

Throw in Jenah as well (nama pon cam anak kak Yam). So here's the list of the 13 girls who made in the house and their portfolio so far, minus Eboy again cause I didn't get the screenshot.

So what do I make of it? Too early to tell, but I'm going to be following America's Next Top Model VERY closely. So TV season begins again, and my social life takes a dip for a while, sebab Heroes pun dah nak start.

As for the girls, we'll wait until they go for a makeover and they've had their photoshoots before I make my choice, cause most of them just look extremely plain now.

Oh by the way, something that caught my eye was the opening motage of this season's premiere episode. For those of you who have watched it, watch the start again. Perasan tak apa-apa?

Yeap...look clsoely at the beauty queens in the bottom row, the ones in the swimsuits. Now look at number three from the left.

I don't know what competition this is, Miss World ke Miss Universe ke...or what year it's from, but hey! At least now we can say a Malaysian has been on America's Next Top Model. If only in the montage..I'm outta here....