Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day of rest... not really

Malas nak tulis panjang arini cause spending time off the weekend for myself with Boo Boo. Just wanted to share this picture, which really is kind of ironic... spot the mistake if you can lah...

So did you guys get it? Aku amik pic ni masa kat area KL. Yes, you have four policeman, on their civilian motorcycles. And guess what?

First big mistake, just like how they're parked at the redlight, meka jalan pun sebelah menyebelah... I mean it!

Seriously, isn't that like the first obvious mistake? They're not parked like that only tau, masa jalan pun, side by side, cuma as the pemandu berhemah like I am (yeah right) I didn't take a pic then.

Secondly, two of them takde lampu.. leh? Apa lah. So much for leadership by example etc. I really hope the police force isn't as erm... well. Just another insight into reality.

Ok lar...nak go enjoy myself for tonight.