Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yesterday was another event.... Gawd...there's a string of them this week. And I already have another line of events for next week. Pening siot. Everyday ada jerk.

But bayangkan kalao aku yang keja yang berderet event, camna lah hidup artis time bulan posa nih. Dok kena usung sana sini for event berbuka posa yang neverending for a whole month. ada story sikit. I mentioned ada some projects in work, well actually ada dua.

But here's one of them. And here's the clue...

The Fabulous Cats - ngan pose memacam...

Ahli Fiqir - Tukang Kata lak takde...

Dayang Nurfaizah - finally.... a pose worth it!

And that's the clue. What do The Fabulous Cats, Ahli Fiqir and Dayang Nurfaizah have in common? Well, apart from being at the rakaman Rumah Terbuka Melodi semalam?

Well, it's not confirmed, but these three names are in the list at the moment for a little project I'm helping out with, and tunggu confirmation subject to dates. Not to mention that several more (Adam and Jac perhaps?), kalao jadik. Kalao nak tau kena tunggu lar ek dalam seminggu dua nih tuk aku confirm.

Until then, I am not going to give away much. The second lagik ler rahsia, so can't even give any clues about that.

And by the way Cat, kalao ko read this, about that offer to join up for your project, just buzz me ok and let me know.

Meanwhile, since entry ni akan banyak gambar, let's get on with it.

Antara my two favourite divas - Aishah and Adibah Noor!

The two sisters kick off their shoes for a pic.

Yazer tetap maintain...

Fasha Sandha.. manis nyaaaa (jangan marah ah..Fasha yang nak amik pic ngan aku)

Sweet couples... Khai dan Rosma... dan Sarah dan tunang dia.

Favourite diva Boo Boo... Ziana Zain. Tetap vogue...

Ayu dan manis, Amy Mastura and Nora.


Nita dan Farhan...

Sharifah Zarina... so cute and girlish...comeinya!

Ramai lagik yang hadir semalam tapi aku tak larat nak amik pics bebanyak sangat (dreading pikir nak upload seketul seketul...pening) Lagikpon, dalam seminggu dua nih dah banyak sangat event, kena gi, so there will be a lot more pics and videos from that, cukup ler wat entry nih ek.

Just make sure kalao korang nak amik pics ni nak tempek mana mana, please credit me and add a link to here ok... again it's only fair to respect the source kan?

Semalam was a weird day. My not too distant past haunted me. First someone who was in my life and decided to disappear, decides to reappear and make like everything was alright. Not angry, just confused... what makes someone think they can do that without explaining themselves or apologising?

And the cheek to blame us on being angry for making like nothing happened. Oh well... time will tell.

Then there's this Dia... whose been b****ing about me ton kingdom come. Oh well... entah lah. For me, it's simply obvious now that there are small minded people about, and I can only do my best to tolerate it.

Tengok camna la...ok...popping a Xanax and going to bed with my newest read, Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson (not to be confused with Janice Dickinson).

Until tomorrow...