Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The best things in life...free? Dream on!

Spent a good part of today... doing the inevitable pursuit of free time.


Yes, actually spent the better part of the whole day sleeping. Entah kenapa membadak je keja satu hari. Erm.. could have something to do with the fact that I actually lugged my rear home at 8 in the morning the night before.

Continued with reading Amy Tan's Save Fish From Drowning.. which took up a good part of my daylight waking hours, before I popped out later... much later tuk jenguk Dia yang demam.


Asyik on and off la dia ni tak sihat. Risau lak. Spent some quality time talking, before eventually popping out ngan Dia and some friends.

Have you ever watched a bunch of adults main getah, baling tin dan sebagainya. A sight to watch, and becoming a usual weekend activity, though I'm sorry I can't post pics of my lovely friends making complete asses of themselves. They have their own blogs for that.

Aku tak banyak nak post ari ni, sebab I've been indoors, then it was on to this. But one thing aku leh share is developement aku ngan Dia, which is I think basically not going to work out.

A shame... but I guess it's possibly back to the drawing board. Alas... love continues to elude me! Tengok lar camna. Besides... have a date coming up (you up for it yet? - ala ala lagu Bootylicious... can you handle it....)

You've been keeping track of me all this time, maybe it could just be the start of something. Heh... yeap. As you can see, I have set my mind on just playing the dating game, as much as I am tired of it.

Beats sitting down and moaning anytime kan?