Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Berbuka lagi

Malas nak posting pepanjang sebab banyak gambar. Today ke buka puasa Astro Shaw, which of course includes Tayangan Unggul (holler out to the lovely folks there - Tengku, Gaya, Anita and Co). Ni pics yang sempat aku amik.

Let me kick off with this first pic I absolutely love!

Why do I love it? Aku pernah letak pic Michelle from Melodi on my blog before this. Tapi kali ni aku letak dia ngan Awie. He looks scary at best... tapi dia ni relax gak kalao you know how to speak to him.

But that's not the reason aku letak this pic. the reason is, of late, Melodi banyak kena kutuk for their sensational stories, and Michelle especially is put down by many for her straightforward questions.

People... it's a job. If you really don't like it, don't watch it. Where there's demand there's supply. Simple economics.. du-uh. Kesian lak kekadang tengok Michelle kena bang teruk akibat jalankan tugas.

Oh well, people who can't... b****h. I want to see anyone who dares comment about not doing the job right, or talking about ethics, lasting even a day in the demanding job as an entertainment journalist, especially when you have to be savage to get your stories, and still be human because you ache to cast your personal opinions or beliefs aside.

Taking orders for the sake of professionalism, and getting the job done, is so easily labeled so many things daripada orang tak paham. Michelle, girl... shout at to you. You're doing a good job. If I wanna b****h about my fellow writers, only two names come to mind... but that's a different story altogether.

Now on to the rest of the pics.

Afdlin and Aziz M. Osman (with new hairdo) in an animated discussion.

One of my personal favourite blog readers Mamat Khalid squeezing in for a photo op (abang, aku tak carut ko kali ni ek!) PS - korang patut tengok mohawk abang Mamat... heh!!! Dia segan nak bagi aku amik pic post kat sini.

Raja Farah

Jehan and Jue

Intan Ladyana and Que

One of my fave actresses, Maya Karin.

One of the grossest sounding dishes! (sorry, but aku tak makan lidah.. well.. not unless...)

There's a million more buka puasa events to go sebelum Raya. Mak aih... aku setakat ni tinggal tiga hari dah, tapi whatever it is, I literally feel myself putting on weight. Help!!!