Sunday, September 09, 2007

Anugerah Era - Part 2 - The dress

Ok, part two nih aku nak wat ari nih because tak sempat edit bebanyak benda. It's not really pasal the actual Anugerah Era, but something which caught everyone's attention some seven months ago..

Apa lagik kalao bukan kes baju Linda yang timbul masa dia patutnya host the Oscars. Yesterday, she wore the Jovian Mandagie creation for the first time in public and everyone wanted to know how it looked. And honestly... it didn't look bad at all. As honest as I can be, I think it was a beautiful dress, which was simple, elegant and stunning. Don't know why and can't figure out why they didn't want her in this outfit.

I'm not backing up Linda and saying what she did was right, I'm just saying it was unnecessary drama in most parts over the issue as there was hardly any need for the kekecohan which broke out and generated endless headlines when it happened.

All I can say is, about the dress. It looks good. The other speculation was that Jovian is Indonesian and because of that we can't have our local wearing an outsider's creations.
That I won't bother to go into sebab aku da lama cakap da... that's not even an issue when back home our celebs pakai BCBG and such to the very same event in the Breakfast With The Stars.

So... what's the problem exactly? No freaking idea.

Guess it's just one of life's mysteries which will never ever be answered. Ho-hum. Ni pics Linda masa kat Anugerah Era.

Ni baju kontroversi rekaan Jovian Mandagie

Love the detailing

And this was what they wanted to make her wear. The Radzwan Radzwill creation.

So where lies the problem? Go figure. Small matter blown out of proportion. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. Ok lar... nak tidur dulu. Esok Monday blues again. Will post more when I find the time tomorrow.