Thursday, August 16, 2007

Work work work... surprised?

Today has been about racking my brains. Nak kejar deadline satu hal, pastu couple that with just making sure all my assignments up to date and all. Sejak dua menjak ni rajin lak aku nak pastikan stok story tak bertimbun sampai naik sesawang.

Bukan apa, I just feel rejuvenated at the moment, and very inspired. No no no... bokan sebab tengah dilamun haper.. though perhaps being happy does help.

Ala...biasa la. Lagikpon bukan takde side drama, cuma sebab kurang banding ngan previous experiences, ok ler, kira sap sap suwey gituh nak handle.

Spent the whole of today at home, which is such a better working environment than the office if I have deadlines and not going out for assignments. Konsep work from home katanya... takde lar. Just easier to get things done at an amazing rate.

And my accompaniment? One KFC Zinger burger, a 1.25l bottle of Coke, and a half pack of Marlboro Reds left over from last night. Da cukup nak get my brain working. Yeap caffeine and nicotine make for good friends when you are facing deadlines... though honestly caffeine gives me only minor bursts of energy before which aku ngantuk. Leh?

Unlike most people, I drink a whole pot of coffee, lagik aku tidur nyenyak.

Anyway, along with working out my fingers at my laptop, pick up work related calls, dapat panggilan dari seseorang tuh... aku tambah inspired nak keja because of my musical selection.
For the last two weeks, Samsons' Penantian Hidup has been the album, with every song slowly becoming a favourite.

Honestly, aku rasa album ni is so fab! My fave tracks right now is Seandainya (the first I ever liked), Kisah Tak Sempurna (tuk saat saat rasa nak give up ngan dia sebab takut), Perbedaan (another early fave), Luluh, For You and S.F.W.

Started work with it, and bila da pusing the whole album one round da, ingat nak switch, so reached out for a few CDs I had yang lom dengar.

Next choice was Kris Dayanti's album titled erm...KRISDAYANTI (how creative...merasalah!) It last for a whole half hour on repeats for only one or two songs like Bidadari and I'm Sorry Goodbye, then it was out of my CD player.

Boring sikit this album compared to Cahaya and her previous even. So in went in the next album titled, erm.. 'Sing Along With Melly' which was basically a singalong thing on VCD of Melly Goeslow's greatest hits gituh.

Ni tahan gak sebab ada Jika, Cinta (both versions), Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, Ingin DiCinta dan Mencintai, Tak Tahan Lagi, Apa Artinya Cinta, Tentang Dia, Let's Dance Together... banyak lho!!!! 16 tracks! So it lasted longer.

Last choice masa nak wrap up keja reached for the last CD lom dengar.

Erm... Keunggulan Erra Fazira. Ngan cover a composite of previous pics ala Madonna's GHV1 and GHV2 collection. Erm...all the hits adalah...

But somehow, walaopon recognised most of the songs on it, it never made it into my CD player.

Back to Samsons, wrapped up my work. It's almost 8pm now. Shower, shave and off to dinner with Dia. Our movie got cancelled again this time sebab ada outstation friends baru sampai kena play host.
Takpe... as long as we spend time together. I'm ok with it. More later... gotta run.