Friday, August 17, 2007


Semalam pas jumpa Dia and all, it was weird and without meaning to, talked a lot about what we were going through. Maybe it's too early nak cakap pasal all this at a point in time where we're getting to know one another, tapi yerlah..baik cita awal awal.

There were some things I agreed with, and some I didn't. Key word, compromise.
So am I single and still available? Technically single, yes, available, tak berani cakap!


Not really... but kali pertama kami heart to heart talk sampai empat jam gituh nak luahkan perasaan pelbagai, and we got to hear what each other had to say and we came up with how we would approach things. After all, commitment is never an easy thing.

But at least we're on track and trying, I suppose that counts for something. Tapi sepanjang berapa jam, dari tension, gelihati, gelak, panas... semua emosi ada lah. Heh... aku ni jenis tension camna pon, tetiba, leh wat lawak bodoh nya just to laugh things off. My nature, which sometimes, people just don't think I'm serious enough at times. Yeah right... me and my babbling... sapa pikir tuh memang tak kenal aku kot.

But I'm starting to merapu. Anyways, pas hang out with friends and all, it was 8 am sebelom aku balik rumah. Leh? Akibat nak sort things out, eye bags cam da cam luggage plastic guni yang di bawa pelarian. Aiyo... if I'm not careful I will start to look 31 (berangan kan... cam la muka aku tak moka bapak orang umo 41!)

Tapi time masa we started, kat kedai makan kat Ampang ni, sempat ler ada comic relief ngan this sign.

So... do you feel cannibalistic? Well if you have such tendencies at any rate, I recommend this stall.

Have a bite of man burger!!! Ok ok...lame joke! For those who don't know (we may have outsiders here), Man is actually a name proounced as in 'barn'. But I thought it was funny... man burger!

Well, it was 5am, and I hadn't slept and having a serious discussion. A lot of things seem funnier at that point.

So the next afternoon bangun zombie like la apa lagik. A little bit of work (Fridays are slow), picked up Zaff and went to Vern's place sebab ada keja sikit nak beramai ramai gotong royong.

In other words, cheap.. no make it free labour!

Everyone was going for another round of Muallaf, sebab ada extended scene yang added, and kak Min said she didn't think I could take a third watch of it. Are you crazy, woman???!!! Heh!!!
Looking forward to the added scene, but since also had plans to party out tonight, didn't make it.

Dia sakit ari ni sop tak jumpa for the first time in two weeks. But da agak dia mesti gi clubbing so met up there and spent that little precious time ngan Dia sana.

Yang besh nya, aku passing lagu Samsons punya remix Dengan Nafasmu kat DJ Ivan and he played it twice, so sempat ler joget lambak to Bams and Gang.

Me likey!

Anyhoo, sebab tengah mood gila sikit, I ditched my t shirt and jeans, which I so prefer for clubbing and decided to dress up for once to club. Leh?

Hence a shirt, pin striped skinny pants and a pair of dress shoes I got some time back.
Note to people yang berbadan sihat - even though skinny pants are in right now, please watch your body shape, cause wearing such pants could eventually make you look like kentang yang di cucuk dua batang mancis kat bawah. In other words, it's hardly flattering to your proportions.

Erm.. I didn't look that bad, though I think it's going to be a long time before I wear those pants again as much as I like them.

Yang pentingnya, aku ingat aku gila sebab pakai kasut aku tuh, because they're hardly clubby wear, and then Dia pointed out si Ben pun pakai more or less dress shoes. Tengok tengok Ah Fatt otherwise (matila Kerut Dayanti) pun pakai something similar.

Ada geng!!! Merasalah pose kasut!

Aku punya yang black and white, sesuai ngan tema kaler blog, while the other two went for all white. Si Kerut ni siap pakai shorts while wearing those shoes. Matilah fashonista berangan!
After we finished about 3 in the morning when the club closed its doors, kami ramai ramai gerak for supper. And I mean ramai ok. I think there was close to twenty people in the group (kumpulan sukaneka katanya).

Yang besh si Shida datang, pas malu malu taik kucing ngan si Adi. Dia first jumpa Adi masa aku ajak dia out for a night ngan aku a few weeks ago. The rest they say is history. Problem is dua dua slow mover kan... so hasilnya, lepas berminggu baru jumpa kali kedua. So old fashioned dating kan!

Anyway masa supper, berdua tuh cam inseperable! Makan pon order feeling kongsi satu pinggan gituh! Awwwww... how romantic! Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu kucing korang tuh ek. Heh!

It was a weird night. I mean it began as a totally weird day anyway. So I guess the rollercoaster of emotions was expected. But all in all, an eventful Friday night.

Especially when, tima masa Ivan nak pasang lagu Samsons tu, I spotted someone across the dance floor. Mmm... senyuman dia. Mak aih!

Dia malu malu tapi pandang gak aku. Or at least I think lah. Later when I went out of the club to bak masuk kak Shida yang datang ngan kawan kawan tapi malu malu (always!) nak masuk tanpa kenalan, dia pon turun and came out of the club ngan kengkawan dia.

We looked at each other sebelom dia tegur. Erm... aku rasa muka dia familair. Tapi aku tak sure.
Then we started talking.

Ah.. now I remember. We kept in touch sebab kenal online, and dia takde kat Mesia ni so we kind of lost touch. Dia ada jenguk jenguk blog. Yes, it's you babe I'm talking about.

And hasilnya? I have a date tonight? Erm... how about Dia? Well... I'm still single aren't I?

Gawd... I sound like such a pig kan sebab suka orang tu then nak date orang ni. Well, just remember things aren't always as they seem and nothing is black or white. You have to know the whole story before understanding, before which, you never draw a conclusion.

Assumption, my dear, is the mother of all f**k ups, quote unquote - from Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Ok kiddies, nak shower and shave and out for another night on the town. By the way, tomorrow

is Marcell at Planet Hollywood. Anyone going?

PS - Just starting to finally read Amy Tan's Saving Fish From Drowning. Need to get back to my rading habits.