Saturday, August 25, 2007

Party on!

It was a different week of partying this week, as aku takde lar activity apa pon sangat. Party with a different flavour. Kalau biasa, we spend Friday nights partying like there's no tomorrow, followed by another bout on Saturday, aku had a pleasant surprise where this week, we got to spend together some time with friends.

Sometimes, doing nothing IS everything. The intimacy of being together is enough to make a thousand dates rolled up into one seem utterly insignificant in comparison.

I just hope things continue as they are.

Met a new friend masa Dia takde, who poured out seribu satu masaalah ngan aku, cita memacam masaalah peribadi, relationship related.

Damn... so many people I know going through a rough phase in their life when it comes to matters of the heart (including yours truly).

Got to get back to advising him. Maybe things happen for a reason.

And maybe, sometimes, I just need to see it happn to someone else before I realise that.