Friday, August 31, 2007

My Hero!!!

Just finished hanging out with the four members of the Heroes cast. yeap minus Tim Kring because apparently, he cancelled the trip last week. Somebody from the organising side forgot to tell us (du-uh!)

A little disappointed because wanted to meet the man behind the whole phenomenon, but nevermind... thought he interviews would still be fun. Boy was I wrong!
Of the many stars I've interviewed in my career, this bunch were, erm... berangan to say the least.

Not all of them, but some of them just rubbed everyone the wrong way! First they had a simple welcoming ceremony for the four with the media, which was a bit lame, but then whatever la. Da kehendak tuan rumah, ikut jer lah kan?

The first interview was with Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Mohinder Suresh. Overall, I think his interview was the best because it was informative. Too bad he was dead boring and could have sent you to sleep. Still at least like a good interview, he did very well, being obliging in answering many question which many Heroes fans would love answered. To the best of his ability anyway since a lone member of the cast would hardly be able to know everything about the production.

Things got better... way better after that. The next interview was with Greg Grunberg. I love Greg aka officer Matt Parkman because of the movies he's done, which he always plays this cuddly, almost blur characters, which is really fun with a slight humourous edge to him.
And you know what? What you see i what you get. This is one dude who loves his job big time. I hope Tim keeps him in the series for as long as possible.

Greg, you rock, bro!!! Love you to bits!!!

He obliged to his trademark wacky pose for a solo pic, then hugged me for a pic with me. *swoon* Then since the first pic didn't look too good being blurred, no thanks to some Squidworth taking the pic with a bundle of nerves, he took another shot with me. Aw... how sweet. EVERYONE said he was the sweetest, funniest and total bundle of joy to interview.

The interview with Greg really made my day. He is a dream interview, a star that's down to earth and relaxed and enjoying every moment of his stardom, that's for sure.

And he prepared me from blowing up or throwing up in the next with Ali Larter, or Niki and Jessica Sanders. She was your typical blonde.

Gorgeous, but plastic. Sampai kita semua ngumpat kat luar pasal dia, semua sepakat stuju dia ni plastic ya amat! Talk about bad acting!!! She definitely came across as nothing but fake, fake and fake! Gawd...!!!! I believe she is a nice person, but somehow that Niki persona, the evil side of her came out in the interviews.

Even Nicholas Saputra (dia kan skang Channel [V] punya VJ) stuju kata she was so fake.

The last was someone I thought would be the best to interview. Being a Heroes fan, and an Asian, I was really waiting to meet him.

The result? He came across as boring, uninterested, and just plain cold, though at times he did crack up up with his jokes. Oh well... looks like Matt parkman is going to be my fave person from now on, since his on and off screen persona is humble and honest.

The others are just a bore. Eh, nak gi shopping sat before we head to VivoCity for the meet the fans session with the Heroes. Maybe I'll spend time with Greg! Heh... berangan! Ok lar.. post more later...