Monday, August 13, 2007

Kisah tak sempurna

First of all, being Monday, things were a little hectic. With the Monday blues and all, aku pun malas sebenarnya nak wat apa apa hari ni. Ada ler bebenda main pala aku. I think too much sometimes.

Erm... but I suppose it's better than being brain dead, though like the first bite of the Adam's apple, awareness and the ability to differenciate things for what they are or aren't is just such a bitch.

First, let me get the Ikon pics out of the way cause aku pun baru dapat email tadik, nak touch up pelbagai pics aku tima. Not too many as I didn't want to weigh down my blog.

The Ikon Asean final champions from the solo and group categories from Philippines in Vina Morales and Kjwan. Below, our Malaysian best in Jaclyn Victor and OAG who both put up more than a good fight, and finally, the not quite the best representatives from Indonesia in Judika and Tahta.

Our darling! You did great no matter what, Jac!

So now that's out of the way, here's my Samsons bit. Actually, like the me that you guys pun tau, I'm always on my mood swings. Being happy for over a week, being with that person everywhere, However, like I said, realising things don't happen on their own, my mind is into overdrive and thinking about how it will be, which just totally f**ks me up. Oh well.. biasalah.

The song that's been keeping me company for today is Kisah Tak Sempurna. I know it's not the newest song of the second album... tapi it just fits me in this current mood. Cepat gila kan berubah mood aku...sebelom ni, the whole week was summed up by Dengan Nafasmu from Samsons' first album...oh well. At least music remains teh best lover. Proven.

Erm... dalam melayan perasaan, suddenly I just feel like going down to Johor tomorrow for the Samsons showcase there. Tengok lar kalao aku gila.Mesti aku nitis air mata kalao dengar meka nyanyi Kisah Tak Sempurna lagik sekali live. Ok ok... cukup merapu. Here are the pics. By the way, orang Johor... turun Danga Bay tuh kalao ada amik pics kongsi kongsi ler ok. Send your pics to me kalao korang sempat amik aku publish sini.

At the Samsons press conference, Planet Hollywood Kuala Lumpur.

At the Samsons Live! showcase at Menara PGRM, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Amacam...ok tak. Sorry ler. Walaopon inbox aku banyak pics yang dihantar, malas tol nak letak semua. Hope these are sufficient.

Ok la...nak sambung layan Kisah Tak Sempurna hingga aku dibuai lena kesepian. Merasalah jiwang nak mampos. Heh! Tadi da jumpa camtuh lar kan.

Dia ni...da jadik cam a drug lak. Addictive. Aku kena jumpa dia tiap hari kalao tak... erm... rimas lak kang. Esok jumpa agik. I think we've been inseperable for the past one and a half weeks or so. And I hope it continues.

Apapon, good or bad, nampaknya album Samsons skang yang menjadi teman aku. Penantian

Hidup is a must. Cam album Agnes Monica yang second da where every song just grips you.

Hardcore fan of Samsons katanya. To Bams and gang... hope I can make it down to Johor tomorrow. Would love to see your show again.Be posting again tomorrow...