Monday, August 06, 2007

Isn't it just strange how things work I know I've been whining a lot lately over someone, who by the way dia layan aku, was so hardly worth the misery. Kan?

Well, I guess life goes on... and so I've moved on. Like with the demise of everything, kena la ada masa nak ala ala nak berkabung and all.

But by today... it's finally over. And I've moved on. Or so I hope.

Yes, but if I tell the reason why...mesti aku kena carut.

Last Saturday night, when I went out to party with friends, aku ada jumpa someone masa nak balik.aku ada peluang nak sembang ngan someone yang aku penah admire dari jauh.

Oops...rebound alert!

Nope...dia ni aku kaco kaco usik camtuh jer. Rupanya, si As tuh kenal ngan dia sebab penah ajak couple. Cait...and I thought ko crush on me gila gila As. Gila ke haper.

Anyway we chatted and all...and that was the first time we really talked sebab sebelom ni penah dok semeja makan tapi tak berani nak tegur.

Since then, by concidence, we managed to chat online! Nevermind the details...but kelakar gak.

So we chatted... and found out we were both going through a similar phase. It was nice to talk to someone yang not only claim to be open and insightful, but actually was.

Awal awal memasing da kuar warning, on rebound alert, so stayed away from topics yang involve crush and all.

But since the chat semalam, went out today and had.. our first 'date'...erm... hanging out since we didn't want to call it a date. Just a friend. Really...

So yes, I am officially ok beginning today. The start of a new week and hopefully a rejuvenated me. Apapon...malas nak posting sebenarnya.

Tapi ada benda nak gripe about. Like how last Saturday aku nak take-away kat Pizza Hut kat Bukit Bintang... and the place was SWAMPED with Arab tourists. Seriously kan..meka ni kurang ajar gila!

The way they talk and carry themselves...arrogant abih!

Lantak la ko labu....

Honestly pas memacam cita horror aku dengar oasal Middle East tourists here dan perangai meka from friends in the hotel line... I really pity the Pizza Hut employees, having witnessed cara meka meninggikan suara, make ridiculous demands...and generally treat people like shit.


That cheesed me off a little. Rasa je nak maki meka ni, especially when this oversized hairball cut the line in front of me.

Cuma takut he was strapped with explosives or something (SO RACIST!!! - but maapkan statement hanjeng aku ni sebab tension pikir balik).

Budak Pizza Hut pun roll their eyes and gave me a look cam "forgive these idiots gituh" so aku pun diam. Yang besh nya order aku lagik cepat dari meka.

Lagik la tak puas hati pelancong pelancong kecoh tuh.

But as I sat down to devour my pizza kat kak Ara (lepak sana tapi cuma malas rasanya mau makan nasi), there was this failure of a drag queen yang dok depan aku that almost made me lose my appetite.

Tip for adik-adik feeling cantik.

If you are overweight and have something that's bigger than mere love handles, please jangan overconfident pakai bareback without a bra. Erm... wear a trench coat kalao leh ek cause that was just fugly to see everything hanging out.

Perut yang terkuar dari tepi tuh...erm.. definitely beyond a turn-off.

So I'm not exactly Mr Abs.... but I don't go flauting myself for the world to see. Eew..!!!!

Erm... not quite siri perosak selera but almost there cause I did kind of lose my appetite after that scene.

Thank goodness for meeting and spending that introductory kind of time ngan that person who made me feel good about myself again. Walaopon si As jeles kami rancak sembang, dan aku silap terlepas kata dak tuh cute.... heh... but it was worth every moment of going out to try and cheer myself up.

Yang pentingnya... aku rasa....aku da recovered da.

Still a little depressed over what happened... but not wallowing in misery. So that's an improvement...right?