Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I dream of Armani

Best nya dapat tidur lambat bangun lambat and then tidur lagik sampai bebila, bangun guling guling sikit kat katil. Seronok sekali sekala konsep malas bila cuti ni, walaopon konsep cuti adalah untuk solve my personal matters.

Actually have sorted out one... kind of. A personal thing yang melibatkan Dia.But want to see kalao short term solution ke tidak. Yes, I am officially not involved or seeing anyone (not really...kind of, as I have a date tonight - hey you, leh ke aku cakap camtuh?...heh...jangan marah!)

Yang penting, nak share sikit pasal Sunday. Sebab pening pelbagai, while waiting for Mursyid and pal nak ke Planet Hollywood semalam, I acquired myself my first Giorgio Armani Black Label jacket.

Apa kena mengena? Sebab bosan nunggu, pala sarat ngan memacam benda...so konsep ala berangan retail theraphy lor.

Now, I'm definitely not a designer whore, but when it comes to jackets, it is pretty important that you stick to one (a designer label, not the whore), as the cuts are definitely more flattering.

So anyway, already I have two, erm... more appropriate (and almost not me) formal jackets (too many since I rarely wear them which I love, which is my GAP, which I got 50% off kat 1 Utama sebab ada privilege masa pembukaan which I bought, erm.. I think late last year. Then there was my Ermenegildo Zegna, tweed like jacket.

Those are the labels punya la.

Any my latest addition?

My vintage black Giorgio Armani with soft off white pinstripes. Love it!

Nak sekolahkan sapa tatau pasal the Giorgio Armani label (since meka ni banyak lak label bawah meka ni)

Giorgio Armani is the couture line of Armani. It is known as Giorgio Armani Black Label. A very easy way to tell an authentic Black Label suit is that the manufacturer of the suits and sport coat is Vestimenta S.p.A. (which is indeed same as mine in the white tag inside the wallet/chest pocket on the right side of the suit) which also is printed Made In Italy (guess what... mine has that too!). So yeap, it's a confirmed original!

Kalau ikutkan, the current label is black, which the name Black Label comes from. The label has been changed a few times in the last few years. Currently, it is black label with white letters that reads Giorgio Armani, with the Made in Italy below in very small letters. This has been used since 2005.

Prior labels include the one used in 1999 to 2004 which is black with white letters that says Giorgio Armani Couture, Made in Italy. Mine is old school as hell, which reads Giorgio Armani Milano Borgonuovo 21 which is pre-1999 (or 2000)

So anyhoo, yeap... this is my vintage Giorgio Armani Black Label. Cantik tak? I surfed a bit and found something more or less like mine, and it was something like 125 pounds which is about RM866 for a starting bid. Me likey! American sites have it offered at about US$300 and above, which is nak dekat seribu Ringgit.

How much did I get it for? Way cheaper!

Actually I just chanced about it.... more or less. Was waiting for friends to show up, decided to just walk about aimlessly with memacam thoughts on Dia. Then it happened.

You could practically hear the choir of angels sing their praises as that jacket came into view.

That and the plaid-patterned Valentino.

And despite me being on a budget this month for bloody overspending, like a true shopaholic, aku bargained and finally got an unbelievable price! How much? Not telling! Where? Not telling either!

Yang pentingnya, terus dari tension, terubat hati aku yang lara gituh! Yes, yes... shopping is indeed the best cure almost any ailment.

My Giorgio Armani Black Label. The white label inside proving it's original!

Vintage agik ok! This is the original label for pre-millenium Black Label couture line. Ok tak material dia?

Ok tak? Kang aku pakai aku amik pics tunjuk how I look in it. Yang penting, my message to all shopaholics, shop smart! Don't just waste big bucks. There's always a place to load them up.

Eh...nak rush... ada date... tapi bukan ngan Dia.

Dia camna? Erm... if everything works out, we can still be friends. Tapi tu gantung ngan diri dia. Kata kata memang senang... tunggu je sampai ujung minggu ni tengok what happened?

Me? I'm ok.... an Armani is better than a lover anytime. Leh?