Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fruity dragon!

Since last Friday, aku tak masuk office, being out for assignment that day, and then over the weekened dan Monday and Tuesday aku amik emergency leave.

But bumped into Raden yang tinggalkan a dragonfruit (is that what you call it? what's it in Bahasa Malaysia ek?) on my desk in a cup.

Why? Because she's sweet!

Thanks babe. Tadik siang masuk opis perasan benda tuh, but maybe since it's been a couple of days, the thing just looked dead moldy! Erm... which was really ok with me, since I don't even know how you eat the damn thing!

So aku pass to Chew. She shirked and screamed like a girl at the sight of what I suppose is a damned piece of rotten fruit!

I passed it to Halim. So did he. Matilah ko!

Then I passed the dragonfruit, still in the cup to Dawn. She put it on Halim's desk, and he screamed again. Erm... everyone in my office seems to petrified of rotten fruits.

Anyway, then took the cup back, and started waving it about complaining when.... SPLAT!!!

You guessed it. Benda tuh terpelanting kuar cawan tu, and just splattered all over the office carpeting, leaving a purplish, violet, fuschia hues in quite a funky like pattern.

Everyone burst out giggling, while Dawn stared in horror kerana benda tuh pecah dan hancur kat tempat dia. Now everyone yang mai office is going to end up thinking she had a very bad erm... 'one of those days' or something. She started desperately scraping it up with a piece of paper or something, spreading out the quite sweet smelling gunk across the carpet, making it stain even worse.

After ten minutes, she managed to get it relalively clean, despite the splotchy discoloured still quite visible stain.

Moral of the story? Banyak tuh... firstly never give fruits that can turn nasty within a couple of days, especially on a Friday and especially not to someone who might just not be in the office on a regular basis.

Secondly, when people are passing rotten fruit around, save yourself some time and chuck it masuk tong sampah dulu to save yourself extra work like Dawn.

And lastly... please don't give me dragonfruit... cause honestly (I know this sounds dumb...) but I don't even know what it is for real.

Looks a little like a cross between a miniature pineapple and a mangosteen though.

Heh... I love my office. Ada je comic relief.

Anyways, listed out a few assignments coming up. One that I guess some people will be finding interesting is this invitation card on my desk that I'm assigned to cover.

It's the first wedding anniverary reception celebration by Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.

The event Jumaat ni somewhere kat Damansara area, tapi takleh bagitau lebih sebab tatau how it'll be. But by the look of the invitation, it's quite a big do.

The card is a weird colourful thing, dan bila belek dalam ada lak pic black and white. Erm... retro? Yeap... retro.. that's the theme for the night kang. Alamak!

Matilah nak pakai apa nih konsep retro. Pening sat.

While I dig through my bell bottoms and platform shoes and big collared shirts, this is the invitation card. Who got one... see you kat the event ok.

So anyways, selain dari tu, aku check what other assignments I have in store coming up. Esok aa pra-dengar album Anuar Zain, but malas nak gi tuh, so a colleague gih for that one. I have to go to a Mawi event in the afternoon

In just a week, Ihave the most exciting assignment I've gotten in a long time.

Yeap, aku da cakap pasal benda ni da sebelom ni. It's the Heroes World Tour!

If before this I didn't confirm the list of who I would be meeting and interiewing in Singapore, one of the eleven cities in the world they're touring in just four days, here's the list...


Yeap, I'm going to be meeting... and interviewing Sendhil Ramamurthy, otherwise known as Mohinder Suresh, Ali Larter also known as Jesscia Sanders (or Niki), Greg Grunberg - officer Matt Parkman (so cuddly!) and the biggest Asian star on television in a long time, Masi Oka, or Hiro Nakamura!

Also will be meeting and interviewing creator and executive producer, Tim Kring!

It's going to be so exciting, and I'll be spending three days in Singapore beginning from the 29th of August. Tima kasih Star World! Matilah aku leh credit kat blog sekali kan!

But it's going to be great to be able to talk to them before season two starts in the States in September, so it's like meeting them just before the craze hits the world again. Wonder what's the new tagline now that 'Save The Cheerleader, Save The World' is hardly applicable.

Erm... well... apa pon, it's going to be fun. A few days in Singapore, and back on Merdeka day itself (will make me appreciate it so much more).

Going to be nice time away, as at least aku dapat unwind sana. Yerlah.. ngan everything yang happen ngan Dia and all, I think it's time I kind of gathered my thoughts and moved on.

Doesn't kill me... but it is rather a bother having to rebuild things, after they come crashing down. Almost tiresome, like a house of cards, all flimsy, put together carefully, delicately, but topples down in a blink.

Oh well...

You win some. You lose some. Life goes on, right? After all, I take comfort in karma. What goes around, comes around. Janji kita tau apa kita buat tuh. At least kalao ada kebaikan, si Dia leh berubah da pon ok sikit.