Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Count Sellor

Yes, yes. Semalam aku ngadu tak tido kan? BNayangkan sebenarnya camni. Sunday night, met with my friend. Dia luahkan seribu satu masaalah, kes rumahtangga da hancur ler. And as more often than usual, because orang tu (the other party da fed up with things and nak end it and the raving party tak leh tima)

Both sides ada salah, tapi aku agitated sebab member aku nih takleh tima kenyataan. Strange, tapi kalao aku hold on camtuh ... orang selalu tegur aku. Aku tengok my friend nih semua orang tak nak nasihat.

Did what I could. We started on Sunday night. I did actually sebab first settled masaalah housemate dia. Love triangle and all. You understand. Dia dan aku risau sangat... but everything weas settled amicably. Friendship prevails in the end.

Then it was on to the psycho episode.

It lasted until Monday morning.... yak yak yak... then dia join aku balik satt amik barang (because aku tak berani nak tinggalkan dia sorang diri in case of anything). Showered... went to the office, called Fazura for an interview (did nun jauh tengah cuti) and when it was all over, that's when I got two hours sleep.

Before I was rudely interrupted by his psychosis. Aduh... what do you do when someone's sitting on the bathroom floor bawling their eyes out? It didn't help that the other party had been a total asshole (actually both parties psychotic sikit so I can see why they would make a good couple).
Hauled member aku along ni, jumpa Dia dan housenmate. Lepak, had a good laugh, and thank God, finally... yesterday night I had some sleep.

I hate the way I get myself involved in other people's life, but what can I say. I make no excuses as I've already explained I have long diagnosed that I have OCD... er,... obsessive compulsive disorder (no I am not making it up, and it's not a yucky disease like it sounds...heh!)

I just can't sit down and see things reel out of control. If I feel there is something even so minute I can do, I will... knowing at least I tried to help someone...

Still, I'm staying out of people's affairs for some time from now on. Lack of sleep is not a good thing... especially at 31.