Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Black.. white.. and grey...

First of all, you may have noticed by new blog layout. Kali pertama dalam dua tahun since I changed it. Longer in fact. The themes have always been similar from white and orange to black and orange. So kali ni, I just wanted something simple in black, white and grey.

Kind of like a reflection of life that things are never as they seem, never black and white, though it is occasionally applicable.

Apapon, took me a good three hours to betulkan and all, tapi berbekalkan semangat waja pas kawan aku nih tukau layout blog dia pas first anniversary, I just thought it would be nice to spruce things up a little here too.

Since it took up so much of my time, didn't really leave any for updates. Besok je aku update ok.
Meanwhile,just share with me if you think this is ok.

Apapon, lots of work today sebab nak abihkan keja by noon. Why? Kerana nak tengok movie ngan seseorang. Yeap, while I am still single, I am not sure about the available part, as we're sorting that bit out.

Whatever it is, it's nice to be able to pend some time with someone special... be posting more tomorrow. Nak tidur nih... pasang lagu Samsons sat tuk mimpikan dia...