Friday, August 31, 2007

My Hero!!!

Just finished hanging out with the four members of the Heroes cast. yeap minus Tim Kring because apparently, he cancelled the trip last week. Somebody from the organising side forgot to tell us (du-uh!)

A little disappointed because wanted to meet the man behind the whole phenomenon, but nevermind... thought he interviews would still be fun. Boy was I wrong!
Of the many stars I've interviewed in my career, this bunch were, erm... berangan to say the least.

Not all of them, but some of them just rubbed everyone the wrong way! First they had a simple welcoming ceremony for the four with the media, which was a bit lame, but then whatever la. Da kehendak tuan rumah, ikut jer lah kan?

The first interview was with Sendhil Ramamurthy, who plays Mohinder Suresh. Overall, I think his interview was the best because it was informative. Too bad he was dead boring and could have sent you to sleep. Still at least like a good interview, he did very well, being obliging in answering many question which many Heroes fans would love answered. To the best of his ability anyway since a lone member of the cast would hardly be able to know everything about the production.

Things got better... way better after that. The next interview was with Greg Grunberg. I love Greg aka officer Matt Parkman because of the movies he's done, which he always plays this cuddly, almost blur characters, which is really fun with a slight humourous edge to him.
And you know what? What you see i what you get. This is one dude who loves his job big time. I hope Tim keeps him in the series for as long as possible.

Greg, you rock, bro!!! Love you to bits!!!

He obliged to his trademark wacky pose for a solo pic, then hugged me for a pic with me. *swoon* Then since the first pic didn't look too good being blurred, no thanks to some Squidworth taking the pic with a bundle of nerves, he took another shot with me. Aw... how sweet. EVERYONE said he was the sweetest, funniest and total bundle of joy to interview.

The interview with Greg really made my day. He is a dream interview, a star that's down to earth and relaxed and enjoying every moment of his stardom, that's for sure.

And he prepared me from blowing up or throwing up in the next with Ali Larter, or Niki and Jessica Sanders. She was your typical blonde.

Gorgeous, but plastic. Sampai kita semua ngumpat kat luar pasal dia, semua sepakat stuju dia ni plastic ya amat! Talk about bad acting!!! She definitely came across as nothing but fake, fake and fake! Gawd...!!!! I believe she is a nice person, but somehow that Niki persona, the evil side of her came out in the interviews.

Even Nicholas Saputra (dia kan skang Channel [V] punya VJ) stuju kata she was so fake.

The last was someone I thought would be the best to interview. Being a Heroes fan, and an Asian, I was really waiting to meet him.

The result? He came across as boring, uninterested, and just plain cold, though at times he did crack up up with his jokes. Oh well... looks like Matt parkman is going to be my fave person from now on, since his on and off screen persona is humble and honest.

The others are just a bore. Eh, nak gi shopping sat before we head to VivoCity for the meet the fans session with the Heroes. Maybe I'll spend time with Greg! Heh... berangan! Ok lar.. post more later...

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Angel of God
my Guardian dear,
to whom His love entrusts me here,
ever this day
be at my side,
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

Lord, bless me with the strength to forgive... send your angel to me in the this hour of need to watch over me and guide me in making life worth celebrating again for joy is but a distant memory.

PS - BTTB, I was, I am, and I will be still waiting.... find it in your heart to understand.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

Sedih sebenarnya. Ni la kali pertama ketika sambutan Merdeka aku berada di luar negara. Sib baik hotel ada TV1, TV2 (kali pertama aku syukur ada dua channel yang tak penah aku hargai ni) as well as TV3 and ntv7.

Dapat gak ikut detik detik terakhir sebelom terlaungnya Merdeka!
Happy birthday Malaysia... you're 50, and still going strong. I'm proud to be a Malaysian, no matter whatever flaws you have, I love you.

Sebenarnya, dari pagi tadi masa langkah ke KLIA da sedih, ntah kenapa... but hey, first of all, and most importantly.. it's a nak wat camna.

Anyways, the flight was ok, walaopon turbulence sikit. Bumpy as all hell, with the plane thrown about. Tapi sampai ngan selamat. Things haven't changed much. Sekali kita da touch down about kul 1, we had to hang out about an hour plus before the flight of the four stars from Heroes landed from Hong Kong.

Sebelom apa apa, checked out where they were planning to have the teaser meet the fans event. Simple affair, just a stage with a backdrop and four chairs.
All over Changi, were standees littered all about promoting the event.

Don't you just feel the buzz!!!

One of the promo standees for the event

Wasn't thatg hungry, but because had time to kill, so had a heavy lunch, before we hung out the concourse area dalam lapangan terbang Changi.

Tu dia. Hainanese chicken rice katanya. I know airport food is usually overpriced and yet ranks the other end when it comes to the taste factor, but I think generally it's a description of Singaporean fare. Erm... in total pas conversion, the whole meal cost almost RM40 tuk aku jer, definitely not worth it.

Oh well, a visit to the smoking lounge, and then the mandatory wait at the meet and greet area, and it's time.

Took a while but Masi, Ali, Sendhil and Greg appeared. Ok, kept my cool, but really felt like freaking! It was so exciting. Didn't take so many pics, because tiba tiba ramai lak orang yang joined in, but at least got to speak to Ali. Wow!!! She is HOT HOT HOT in person. Masi was the best sebab dia sorang je nampak yang betul betul genuinely friendly.

Anyway, here are the pics I managed to take. Not much but for any of you who are true blue fans, this one's for you.

Channel [V]'s Joey and Marion kicking off the event.

Greg monkeying about when arriving with Sendhil. Driver lak yang over pose.

Ali and Masi stunned by the crowd's reception.

Ali looks like a damned Barbie doll! She is just gorgeous!

Those are the few pics that were good enough for me to share, but will definitely try and take more tomorrow when I interview them. If I can shut up long enough to take them that is, sebab meeting them and talking to them itself if going to be uber cool!

Anyway, here's the cute pic of the day. Comel tak?

There were several winners of Star World's competition from various Asian countries present at the event, and ni adik I think of one of the winners from Indonesia. Comel gila!!! Camera gedabak tuh dia leh bak sorang lari sana sini amik cam pro, when he couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 years old.

Future paparazzi nih.

So after it was over. Took a while for the buzz to die down as everyone compared notes on who they chatted with and all. Took a while before started to make way out of the airport.

Headed straight to our abode for the next couple of days. The Hilton@Singapore located right smack in the middle of Orchard Road. thanks Naom, Shamil and the rest of the crew at Star World for the excellent spot they put us up in.

Showered and rested an hour or so before gi jalan jalan the immediate are (the heart of Orchard Road to see what discounts I could find. Nothing much... bought a pair of shades at Topshop, at a much cheaper price than in KL (not to mention a better selection). Apart from that, gi cari fragrance tuk Dia sebab aku tau dia suka pakai apa. Couldn't find it, out of stock.

Popped into Toys 'R Us because I'm such a kid, to check out their stock of Transformers toys, check out the sign above the toys.

A controlled item?

How funky is that? But all things considered, even after the exchange rate from Singapore Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit, it was much, much more worth it, so tempted nak ke tak nak beli nih.
Still, managed to restrain myself, so came back to my room with only a pair of sunglasses I bought. Tomorrow is a packed day, but still got time to do some shopping, so ok with me. Heh... there's always time for shopping.

Got back to the room dan call Dia. The fourth time today actually... bukan sebab apa... tapi risaukan keadaan dia. Yeap. OCD acting up. Tapi dia pun paham da ngan aku, which is a good thing, and which is what allows me to act as I do, sebab aku sendiri sedar kekadang au merimaskan sangat playing babysitter.

But what do you do when you love someone... kan? You care for them beyond all things, though of course you make sure it doesn't exceed the healthiness levels of loving them to the point of ignoring it all.

Apapon, nih cita pasal spend time ngan dia on semalam. Heh... we had our first actual date.
Plan? To watch a movie.

Now, remember I didn't have enough sleep for the past few days? We were supposed to watch Ratatouille, but tickets out, so Dia decide we watch another movie. Dia pilih a Thai movie called Train of the Dead. Guess what happened?

I SLEPT throughout the movie! I think I was awake for all three minutes, and that was it. And I snored too!

I was that tired and the movie was that bad!!! Heh... aduh... but nak perli aku tidur, it was such a horrendous movie Dia pun tak salahkan aku. Moral of the story, don't go for a date when you're in a zombie like state after lack of sleep, or at a horrible Thai movie for that (trust me, do NOT check out that movie, it's a waste of money!)

We had a nice meal, though. A thai thingie with some sushi on the side sebab kami dua kebulur.

Ok.. the meal wasn't that great either. Not only was it quite tasteless. Yang sakit hatinya, my so called prawn fried rice whatever it was had only three bloody prawn, which were almost in danger of not being seen for being so kecik!

Horrible date? Not really. Forget me sleeping through the movie, which was horrendously bad, and the lousy food. Not to mention we bumped into housemates Dia pastuh, which meant the date ended then because kita kena hang out together.

It was a good date. Because we got to spend more time together. And at least, being away, even for a few days, made me appreciate the time we had together more.

This is only the second time in a month aku kenal dia we have been apart for more than a day.

Eh, ok lar... nak tidur. Interviews and meet the fans session tomorrow. Just called Dia for the fifth time nih sebelom nak tidur.

Love you honey...take care.

And to everyone waiting for more Heroes pics, keep checking ok. Will update after the events.

Out for now... found this bit from Marianne Williamson from her book, A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles which is one of the most inspiring words on self-appreciation and sel-worth I've heard in a long time.

This is now my motivational push to do better in all things.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I need a hero!

I'm so excited... I could spit!

Erm...maybe not, but tomorrow morning leaving for Singapore. Yeap yeap, it's the Heroes World Tour! The day is finally dawning when I get to see my fave TV show which got me all nuts earlier this year, causing me to lose sleep sebab tunggu US abih tayang jer nak download kat torrent.

Er... forget watching it on Astro three months later than the actual date.

But still, naik psycho siot sebab nak keep up every week. And the suspense. Arghhh!!!! Anyway, as in my previous posting, I will be interviewing Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh, Ali Larter (Jesscia Sanders (or Niki), Greg Grunberg (officer Matt Parkman) and Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura) The best thing is... I am also interviewing creator, and executive producer Tim Kring.. THE man behind the phenomenon of Heroes.

So anyone who's a fan.... eat your hearts out! Erm.. I mean, I get to share some really cool pics with you.

My flight is at noon tomorrow, but the best thing is, the cast of Heroes will be touching down an hour after I do, so we're all going to hang out in the airport to greet them. Makan hati!!!! Checking in at The Hilton (anyone in Singapore SMS me ok!) and then it's rest and relax and tons of shopping... erm I mean rest!

Thank God for my prescription Xanax (yes, druggies, eat your heart out, I have it prescribed to me), so hopefully aku dapat some rest there.

Then the next day is interviews and stuff in the morning at the Four Seasons, and a meet the fan session at VivoCity hosted by Channel [V]. It's going to be AWESOME!

Cuma sayang... jauh dari Dia tuk the longest period sejak kami berkenalan. Oh well... between all this ngan Dia.... I think it's obvious which choice is more important (cam kesial kan statement!)

Am not passing this up. See you guys in Singapore. Will update at the earliest opportunity!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Count Sellor

Yes, yes. Semalam aku ngadu tak tido kan? BNayangkan sebenarnya camni. Sunday night, met with my friend. Dia luahkan seribu satu masaalah, kes rumahtangga da hancur ler. And as more often than usual, because orang tu (the other party da fed up with things and nak end it and the raving party tak leh tima)

Both sides ada salah, tapi aku agitated sebab member aku nih takleh tima kenyataan. Strange, tapi kalao aku hold on camtuh ... orang selalu tegur aku. Aku tengok my friend nih semua orang tak nak nasihat.

Did what I could. We started on Sunday night. I did actually sebab first settled masaalah housemate dia. Love triangle and all. You understand. Dia dan aku risau sangat... but everything weas settled amicably. Friendship prevails in the end.

Then it was on to the psycho episode.

It lasted until Monday morning.... yak yak yak... then dia join aku balik satt amik barang (because aku tak berani nak tinggalkan dia sorang diri in case of anything). Showered... went to the office, called Fazura for an interview (did nun jauh tengah cuti) and when it was all over, that's when I got two hours sleep.

Before I was rudely interrupted by his psychosis. Aduh... what do you do when someone's sitting on the bathroom floor bawling their eyes out? It didn't help that the other party had been a total asshole (actually both parties psychotic sikit so I can see why they would make a good couple).
Hauled member aku along ni, jumpa Dia dan housenmate. Lepak, had a good laugh, and thank God, finally... yesterday night I had some sleep.

I hate the way I get myself involved in other people's life, but what can I say. I make no excuses as I've already explained I have long diagnosed that I have OCD... er,... obsessive compulsive disorder (no I am not making it up, and it's not a yucky disease like it sounds...heh!)

I just can't sit down and see things reel out of control. If I feel there is something even so minute I can do, I will... knowing at least I tried to help someone...

Still, I'm staying out of people's affairs for some time from now on. Lack of sleep is not a good thing... especially at 31.

Monday, August 27, 2007


I am in a zombie like state at the moment, having only two hours sleep int he last 36 hours or so. It's no personal record, as that would be easily three days without any shut eye (pastuh bila dapat tidur, koma dekat sehari setengah!)

The reason? Other people's problems. Oh well.. at least aku wat pon dapat spend time ngan dia. Long story. nanti cita... gotta rest. If it's possible...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Love is in the air - and it stinks!

Wow!!!! Skali tengok pic ni pening! My my my... forget Becks and Posh! Asyraf Sinclair and Bunga Citra Lestari have it made, or so it looks. Got this pic, of the few that were posted on an Indo info-entertainment website called Kapan Lagi.

Erm... oh well. Looks like the paparazzi culture is spreading here, though honestly, I still think there's a limit to invasion of privacy, public figure or not.

But then again... nasib lar kan... da pilih dunia glamour.

Gawd... meeting a friend for some time out. Supposed nak rancang date ngan Dia but a few complications have arisen and it looks like a raincheck is in order.

Lots of things to do,. Post later.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Party on!

It was a different week of partying this week, as aku takde lar activity apa pon sangat. Party with a different flavour. Kalau biasa, we spend Friday nights partying like there's no tomorrow, followed by another bout on Saturday, aku had a pleasant surprise where this week, we got to spend together some time with friends.

Sometimes, doing nothing IS everything. The intimacy of being together is enough to make a thousand dates rolled up into one seem utterly insignificant in comparison.

I just hope things continue as they are.

Met a new friend masa Dia takde, who poured out seribu satu masaalah ngan aku, cita memacam masaalah peribadi, relationship related.

Damn... so many people I know going through a rough phase in their life when it comes to matters of the heart (including yours truly).

Got to get back to advising him. Maybe things happen for a reason.

And maybe, sometimes, I just need to see it happn to someone else before I realise that.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy anniversary Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk Khalid Jiwa

First of all, I have to say, I freaking love Fridays! Sebab time hari Jumaat ni lar I can really afford to take it slow, and get in the mood for the weekend to come. And today was no different.
Laid back, and with things slowly in the process of getting better, though not as I expected them to be, it was one of the best Fridays I've had in some time.

Started the day ngan Azie cancelling our meet for a little event I have in mind. Tak apa, dia janji hari Selasa kang.

The highlight of the day was sambutan ulangtahun pertama perkahwinan Datuk Siti Nurhaliza dan Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa. Sebab aku malas nak redah jam pelbagai (Fridays suck when it comes to traffic), so I made a move early on. I was at the venue by 7.30pm, half an hour before the scheduled 8pm.

Location - One World Hotel kat Bandar Utama kat Damansara. Pening gak mana ada hotel kat Damansara ni yang grand. Seb baik ada member kata yang belakang Sri Pentas. Owh... rupanya....

Cantik gak hotel tuh. Sebab sampai awal... apa lagik. Aku pun snaphappy lar awal awal dalam menunggu sorang sorang sampai. Cam tak betul pun ada, wandering about on my own, ngan masa tu yang kenal semua lom munculkan diri, snapping at whatever caught my fancy.

Ni just some of the pics I took. Not much, as I wanted to enjoy the evening more than just take pics.

The theme of the night was retro, though I didn't see why they needed it, though ada yang made some unkind remarks why. Hish... anyways, it was a simple and yet interesting event.

The lobby area outside the ballroom - cantik! And the inside! Erm.. colourful!

Meja VVIP dan meja tamu tamu yang lain. Setting ngan buahan pelbagai.

The potpurri dan kek lapis Sarawak and stuff inside the goodie bag. Siap print special tuh.

Thank you card attached to the goodie bag.

Kesian Chris tunang Ning dibuli ngan aku.Dia pakai baju warna warni.. which looked like everything else, including the lollipop which was part of the decor on the table (don't know why) which later aku makan gak. Ning picked his shirt. Heh... amik ko! Oh by the way, fashonistas take heed. She's wearing an Alexander McQueen top!

The chanderliers were the most gorgeous I've seen in a long time. Pic lagik satu, the two apples and part of an orange which was part of the table decor yang menjadi alas perut tunggu dinner start.

Antara tamu yang hadir, Fasha Sandha. And the woman at the center of it all, Siti Nurhaliza herself. Fashionista trivia - she's wearing a bernard Chandran matching ngan Datuk Khalid.

Acara potong kek. Nanti aku letak pics lebih jelas.

It was quite interesting walaupun it started only at 9.15pm. Lapar... tahap kebulur da bila it started. But when it got going, makan, minum dan enjoy jer. Seronok meka wat event ala ala informal.

Yerlah.. dalam keja, rilek gak. Erm... bukan nak sangat pergi ek. Walaopon kang ada yang kata tak dijemput pelbagai bak kata orang konon senior tapi rasanya akal kureng bila kata seolah teman satu profession kecoh kata tak dijemput pelbagai terdesak nak gi event camni.

Erm... somehow that person forgets that all of us have a private life. Those passionate about getting their job done, will do it, by all means necessary. Ask anyone who's had news experience and they'll tell you. Ask anyone within the profession abroad, they'll tell you the same.

And you know what... just cause they have no friends, and others do because their work is their life, then really... get a grip. Not everyone is an outcast like you.

Resourcefulness? Cmon... first rule. Being at the scene, or getting first hand info. You don't write second hand info, no matter how much you think you can verify it, and besides, kalau da tulis pas everyone, it just shows how lame you are.

I could go on and on, but I think it's ok. There are always these types in the industry, and some people who think they've spent whatever's left of their lives bitter about being an outcast, will always wallow in it. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. And as for dia ingat dia je betul, and everyone else salah sangat sampai dia sanggup malukan the very profession she talks about - that's hypocrisy on the highest level when she wants to talk about professionalism.

Moving on... kang aku post more pics.

Nak tidur. Party party party...

No fun tanpa Dia though. Oh well... get used to it. Don't want to become a bitter old hag now.

Oops! Takde niat carut sesapa... tapi kalao terasa... bagus lar.

Heh... more pics tomorrow. Kena cover showcase Mila and Friends kat Planet Hollywood esok. Sapa takde info benda tuh, read the previous posting on who's going to be there.

By the way, it's 3pm to 5pm, so see you guys there.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eye spy...with my little eye

Today has been one of those days. Yeap..rushing about and all. Lots of things to sort out, both professionally and personally. No real time to blog, sorry my friends.

Entah kenapa seminggu dua ni semakin sibuk.

Mungkin dengan kehadiran Dia dalam hidup aku, aku kena readjust balik all sorts of things in my life.

No, we're not a couple, but we're really close. And I'd be lying kalao aku katakan aku tak harapkan lebih, though in my my heart, I can honestly say, what aku ada ngan Dia pun dah cukup sebenarnya. Seorang teman yang amik berat about each other, through thick and thin.

I hope we'll be together and grow bersama from strength to strength.

Ari ni satu assignment jer, layan Mawi sign on jadik duta cermin mata. Leh? heh... layan!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fruity dragon!

Since last Friday, aku tak masuk office, being out for assignment that day, and then over the weekened dan Monday and Tuesday aku amik emergency leave.

But bumped into Raden yang tinggalkan a dragonfruit (is that what you call it? what's it in Bahasa Malaysia ek?) on my desk in a cup.

Why? Because she's sweet!

Thanks babe. Tadik siang masuk opis perasan benda tuh, but maybe since it's been a couple of days, the thing just looked dead moldy! Erm... which was really ok with me, since I don't even know how you eat the damn thing!

So aku pass to Chew. She shirked and screamed like a girl at the sight of what I suppose is a damned piece of rotten fruit!

I passed it to Halim. So did he. Matilah ko!

Then I passed the dragonfruit, still in the cup to Dawn. She put it on Halim's desk, and he screamed again. Erm... everyone in my office seems to petrified of rotten fruits.

Anyway, then took the cup back, and started waving it about complaining when.... SPLAT!!!

You guessed it. Benda tuh terpelanting kuar cawan tu, and just splattered all over the office carpeting, leaving a purplish, violet, fuschia hues in quite a funky like pattern.

Everyone burst out giggling, while Dawn stared in horror kerana benda tuh pecah dan hancur kat tempat dia. Now everyone yang mai office is going to end up thinking she had a very bad erm... 'one of those days' or something. She started desperately scraping it up with a piece of paper or something, spreading out the quite sweet smelling gunk across the carpet, making it stain even worse.

After ten minutes, she managed to get it relalively clean, despite the splotchy discoloured still quite visible stain.

Moral of the story? Banyak tuh... firstly never give fruits that can turn nasty within a couple of days, especially on a Friday and especially not to someone who might just not be in the office on a regular basis.

Secondly, when people are passing rotten fruit around, save yourself some time and chuck it masuk tong sampah dulu to save yourself extra work like Dawn.

And lastly... please don't give me dragonfruit... cause honestly (I know this sounds dumb...) but I don't even know what it is for real.

Looks a little like a cross between a miniature pineapple and a mangosteen though.

Heh... I love my office. Ada je comic relief.

Anyways, listed out a few assignments coming up. One that I guess some people will be finding interesting is this invitation card on my desk that I'm assigned to cover.

It's the first wedding anniverary reception celebration by Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.

The event Jumaat ni somewhere kat Damansara area, tapi takleh bagitau lebih sebab tatau how it'll be. But by the look of the invitation, it's quite a big do.

The card is a weird colourful thing, dan bila belek dalam ada lak pic black and white. Erm... retro? Yeap... retro.. that's the theme for the night kang. Alamak!

Matilah nak pakai apa nih konsep retro. Pening sat.

While I dig through my bell bottoms and platform shoes and big collared shirts, this is the invitation card. Who got one... see you kat the event ok.

So anyways, selain dari tu, aku check what other assignments I have in store coming up. Esok aa pra-dengar album Anuar Zain, but malas nak gi tuh, so a colleague gih for that one. I have to go to a Mawi event in the afternoon

In just a week, Ihave the most exciting assignment I've gotten in a long time.

Yeap, aku da cakap pasal benda ni da sebelom ni. It's the Heroes World Tour!

If before this I didn't confirm the list of who I would be meeting and interiewing in Singapore, one of the eleven cities in the world they're touring in just four days, here's the list...


Yeap, I'm going to be meeting... and interviewing Sendhil Ramamurthy, otherwise known as Mohinder Suresh, Ali Larter also known as Jesscia Sanders (or Niki), Greg Grunberg - officer Matt Parkman (so cuddly!) and the biggest Asian star on television in a long time, Masi Oka, or Hiro Nakamura!

Also will be meeting and interviewing creator and executive producer, Tim Kring!

It's going to be so exciting, and I'll be spending three days in Singapore beginning from the 29th of August. Tima kasih Star World! Matilah aku leh credit kat blog sekali kan!

But it's going to be great to be able to talk to them before season two starts in the States in September, so it's like meeting them just before the craze hits the world again. Wonder what's the new tagline now that 'Save The Cheerleader, Save The World' is hardly applicable.

Erm... well... apa pon, it's going to be fun. A few days in Singapore, and back on Merdeka day itself (will make me appreciate it so much more).

Going to be nice time away, as at least aku dapat unwind sana. Yerlah.. ngan everything yang happen ngan Dia and all, I think it's time I kind of gathered my thoughts and moved on.

Doesn't kill me... but it is rather a bother having to rebuild things, after they come crashing down. Almost tiresome, like a house of cards, all flimsy, put together carefully, delicately, but topples down in a blink.

Oh well...

You win some. You lose some. Life goes on, right? After all, I take comfort in karma. What goes around, comes around. Janji kita tau apa kita buat tuh. At least kalao ada kebaikan, si Dia leh berubah da pon ok sikit.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I dream of Armani

Best nya dapat tidur lambat bangun lambat and then tidur lagik sampai bebila, bangun guling guling sikit kat katil. Seronok sekali sekala konsep malas bila cuti ni, walaopon konsep cuti adalah untuk solve my personal matters.

Actually have sorted out one... kind of. A personal thing yang melibatkan Dia.But want to see kalao short term solution ke tidak. Yes, I am officially not involved or seeing anyone (not really...kind of, as I have a date tonight - hey you, leh ke aku cakap camtuh?...heh...jangan marah!)

Yang penting, nak share sikit pasal Sunday. Sebab pening pelbagai, while waiting for Mursyid and pal nak ke Planet Hollywood semalam, I acquired myself my first Giorgio Armani Black Label jacket.

Apa kena mengena? Sebab bosan nunggu, pala sarat ngan memacam konsep ala berangan retail theraphy lor.

Now, I'm definitely not a designer whore, but when it comes to jackets, it is pretty important that you stick to one (a designer label, not the whore), as the cuts are definitely more flattering.

So anyway, already I have two, erm... more appropriate (and almost not me) formal jackets (too many since I rarely wear them which I love, which is my GAP, which I got 50% off kat 1 Utama sebab ada privilege masa pembukaan which I bought, erm.. I think late last year. Then there was my Ermenegildo Zegna, tweed like jacket.

Those are the labels punya la.

Any my latest addition?

My vintage black Giorgio Armani with soft off white pinstripes. Love it!

Nak sekolahkan sapa tatau pasal the Giorgio Armani label (since meka ni banyak lak label bawah meka ni)

Giorgio Armani is the couture line of Armani. It is known as Giorgio Armani Black Label. A very easy way to tell an authentic Black Label suit is that the manufacturer of the suits and sport coat is Vestimenta S.p.A. (which is indeed same as mine in the white tag inside the wallet/chest pocket on the right side of the suit) which also is printed Made In Italy (guess what... mine has that too!). So yeap, it's a confirmed original!

Kalau ikutkan, the current label is black, which the name Black Label comes from. The label has been changed a few times in the last few years. Currently, it is black label with white letters that reads Giorgio Armani, with the Made in Italy below in very small letters. This has been used since 2005.

Prior labels include the one used in 1999 to 2004 which is black with white letters that says Giorgio Armani Couture, Made in Italy. Mine is old school as hell, which reads Giorgio Armani Milano Borgonuovo 21 which is pre-1999 (or 2000)

So anyhoo, yeap... this is my vintage Giorgio Armani Black Label. Cantik tak? I surfed a bit and found something more or less like mine, and it was something like 125 pounds which is about RM866 for a starting bid. Me likey! American sites have it offered at about US$300 and above, which is nak dekat seribu Ringgit.

How much did I get it for? Way cheaper!

Actually I just chanced about it.... more or less. Was waiting for friends to show up, decided to just walk about aimlessly with memacam thoughts on Dia. Then it happened.

You could practically hear the choir of angels sing their praises as that jacket came into view.

That and the plaid-patterned Valentino.

And despite me being on a budget this month for bloody overspending, like a true shopaholic, aku bargained and finally got an unbelievable price! How much? Not telling! Where? Not telling either!

Yang pentingnya, terus dari tension, terubat hati aku yang lara gituh! Yes, yes... shopping is indeed the best cure almost any ailment.

My Giorgio Armani Black Label. The white label inside proving it's original!

Vintage agik ok! This is the original label for pre-millenium Black Label couture line. Ok tak material dia?

Ok tak? Kang aku pakai aku amik pics tunjuk how I look in it. Yang penting, my message to all shopaholics, shop smart! Don't just waste big bucks. There's always a place to load them up.

Eh...nak rush... ada date... tapi bukan ngan Dia.

Dia camna? Erm... if everything works out, we can still be friends. Tapi tu gantung ngan diri dia. Kata kata memang senang... tunggu je sampai ujung minggu ni tengok what happened?

Me? I'm ok.... an Armani is better than a lover anytime. Leh?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Firasat ku kini...

Mai kita start the week with lots of pics of semalam punya performance kat Planet Hollywood ngan Marcell. Guest artist dia Dayang Nurfaizah dan Anuar Zain.

Verdict : Besh gila showcase dia smalam. Walaopon I'm not a Marcell fan, kira impressed ngan showmanship dia yang memang bersahaja but quite witty in whipping up the crowd in a frenzy. Not that he needed to sebab ramai pompuan asik dok menjerit at any possible thing (erm...get a hold on your hormones, ladies!)

Still, for me, bila last and favourite song aku Firasat kuar, aiyo... nak pengsan. Very erm... I dunno. So sesuai ngan aku at the moment kot.

Dayang duet ngan Marcell lagu Hanya Memuji dan Antara Anyer dan Jakarta, while Anur did Mendendam with him. Besh besh besh!!!!

Eh, sat...on with the pics before anything else.

Marcell at Planet Hollywood Kuala Lumpur - together with guest artistes Dayang Nurfaizah and Anuar Zain

Pics ni tuk Dia yang minat sangat Dayang - more close up shots of Dayang and Marcell.

Untuk Dia

Alahai.... what a nice couple they would make kan? Sayang dia married.

Suka sangat pics tuh walaopon banyak tak clear sangat la (pakai handphone je cam tuh la) Anyways, did have fun, did make me forget some things, even if for a while.

More discussions, balik pon da 8 pagi. Tak tidur sampai 1 tengahari kot nak settle isu Dia. Banyak sangat benda nak pikirkan.

Oh by the way, aku off dua hari, Rabu baru kerja.

Eh...lupa nak share satu agik benda. Ni dia...

Tu banners outside of Planet Hollywood. So as you can See. Kalau minatg Jac, show dia pada 2hb September. Sebelom tu on 23 August, ada showcase Mila and Friends. Friends tu termasuk Faizal (erm... at Planet Hollywood?), Mila, Marsha, Ebi dan Candy.

Tapi while Jac punya show malam at 10pm, bebudak kuarga Akademi Fantasia ni punya show at 5pm (very the tea party ala kat Picadilly zaman zaman dulu). Tapi kira ok lar...budak budak pon leh jejak ler gi tengok.

Eh...ok lar....nak end entry nih dulu...