Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why of why...

If you can believe it, because it takes a little stretch of the imagination (no really!!!)... Muallaf might not be shown in th cinemas.

Why? Because from what I've seen, chances are, it just won't.

Tak adalah adengan yang sensitif, atau lucah, atau menghina ataupun mencemar budaya tempatan. Tak ada provokasi, tak ada persoalan, tak ada adengan yang menyakitkan hati (kecuali yang berfikiran sempit).

Cuma... Muallaf invites us into a realistic world where it is possible to have an open mind, to discuss different views on religion, the various things we all go through, but somehow never talk about, the very things that make us feel what we do about the whole instritution religion has become, no matter what faith you embrace.

Semalam, akhirnya, selepas the third invitation, aku finally gi tengok the offline version of Muallaf. Thank you kak Yasmin. the most beautiful woman I know. Beautiful... some might smirk when I say that as they have many words for this woman but that. But she is beautiful, sebab dia tak pernah dengki, benci atau menghina orang lain. No matter what this gutsy lady has been through, she amazes me this time.Like her films, she doesn't bother preaching, but she does invite you to be more open to the idea of forgiveness.

Anyway, semalam gi ngan Sarol, who met up at my office. We headed for the screening venue which was at kak Min's office kat area Jalan Raja Chulan.We were told to be there about 8.15pm, which we reached on time. Took us another ten minutes to get into parking, and go up, delay in which because I forgot what floor the place was on.

Naik je, nampak ramai da berkumpul. There were bloggers, friends from the media and some friends of Yasmin herself, which brough it to about less than 20 people. 'Abang Jason pun ada... heh... Nani....Brian couldn't make it though.

We grabbed a bite, sebab tak sempat dinner, before the movie started.

Make it.. before the experience started.

And what an experience. Aku tanak cita panjang sebab nothing I could say could do justice to the film. It is really Yasmin's best film.

Hope you guys get to see it too... so keep those fingers crossed and pray that some old dud at the Censorship Board lets it through with minimal brutality.

Speechless, dunno what to write lagik pasal Muallaf. It's just beautiful... like you Yasmin for being honest, from the heart and just all too simple in it's message of love and God and religion.
"We're all searching for God... in our oen different way."

By the way, this is probably the LEAST commercial of Yasmin's films. I'm hoping people won't call it an art movie, or say it's too hard to understand or enjoy because it makes you think... because that's as good as calling yourself stupid. Everyone can think... that's what separates you from beasts. So perhaps it's a more insightful movie... but doesn't mean it's not accessible and understandable.

PS - BTTB hope you enjoyed it too. Have a feeling you did, kan?

Note : Correction on the last entry. It should read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... not Hollows. Heh..so excited wrong word in my mind lak. My bad! Thanks Din for pointing that out. And erm... casualy list, add one more name there in the shapeshifter, and the injury was inflicted upon the other twin, not the one who died (oops... did I give away too much?)